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Timothy J.

Arvada, CO (5 locations)

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  • Years Playing: 9
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About Me

Hello my name is Tim and I'm a native to Colorado. I have a passion for tennis and I play on a regular basis. I grew up playing tennis and then I thought I was more interested in other things so I took a break from it. It's a sport that came back to me in my college years and my adult years and I can supremely say it's here to stay! There is just so much that I love about tennis. I joined the USTA in 2020 but due to COVID-19, I haven't actually been rated. I consistently play with 3.5 and 4.0 players and I can hold my own in these divisions and I feel I'm quite competitive. I'm married with 4 children and we reside in Arvada, CO. For my day job, I'm a Financial Advisor and it's been a great profession. It's been challenging but very rewarding, kind of like tennis. I enjoy a good bike ride, spending time with my family and traveling when time permits.

Teaching Style

The way I like to structure my lesson is to talk about the students goals. They can tell me I felt weak on the baseline or my overheads weren't consistent or my net play was lacking on the backhand side. We would for sure pin point these areas and focus on them and really let my students get the proper reps to feel more comfortable in their weaker areas. I like to incorporate some conditioning in my lessons because fitness and movement is so important in tennis. Also, I like to make my lessons fun and high spirited. This can be a game or some kind of competition that helps the student feel engaged . I'm really big on repetition and working on isolated drills to learn all the different components of tennis. I help my students get a depiction of where they are and a vision of where they would like to go.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Broomfield Swim And Tennis
  • 250 Main Street
  • Broomfield, CO 80027
  • Fairview High School Tennis
  • 1515 Greenbriar Blvd
  • Boulder, CO 80305
  • Whisper Creek
  • 1399 W 102nd Pl
  • Arvada, CO 80005
  • Moon Gulch Park
  • 13501 W 72nd Ave
  • Arvada, CO 80004
  • Westwoods Park
  • 16415 W 70th Ave
  • Arvada, CO 80007
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Student Feedback

My twin grandchildren (11 years old next week, a boy and girl) and myself, 79 years old, chose Tim Jensen for six lessons. He also allowed their mother to participate in the lessons as well when she was available. We are all "beginners" so we experienced same instruction and practice which helped us all retain and practice the information and practice the footwork and strokes.

His language is very supportive and polite with his critiques and provides praise where it is warranted.

The subjects included pre-lesson exercise and foot work; forehand, backhand and 2-handed backhand strokes; net play; high strokes (mid-air and one-bounce); serving; stroke accuracy drills.

At the end of each lesson he asked each student, "what did you learn today?"

I found this a very useful technique to check on the effectiveness of the learning process.

I would recommend to anyone that they invite Tim to be their Tennis coach and see how his style and the student's style fit together.

Pat M. - October 16, 2020

Tim arrived 10 minutes early and did some stretching, a good first lesson for us students. Then he drilled us with a series of foot work. Next he demonstrated the grips and critiqued our "version" of the grips ... we all needed to adjust our versions. He then began a series of all of us hitting to see our mechanics. Then he demonstrated proper forms for forehand, and backhand (1 handed and 2). We drilled on these for a long period. He would hit the ball over the net to us and we "returned" the ball with our "new" (hopefully improving) swings. He added proper footwork for our forehand and backhand. and we continued to repeat and adjust our strokes. He was always positive and supportive of our efforts.
We completed the lesson and look forward to the coming Monday for lesson #2.

Pat M. - October 3, 2020

I just recently started training with Tim. As a frequent traveler and avid tennis player, I have had the opportunity to take tennis lessons at many clubs in North America and in Europe and have been taught by dozens of professionals. I find Tim to have many qualities of a great tennis teacher. He carries his personal passion for tennis into each lesson and invests that passion toward improving each student's game. He is attentive, observant, and focused, when teaching, and a good listener. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to start playing tennis, and, all the way up to advanced players, anyone who wants to improve their game. His coaching for my serve, gave me significant improvement and numerous kudos from fellow players.

Gary Tucker
A-West Girls Tennis, Volunteer Assistant Coach for 21 years and USTA 3.5 player

Gary T. - September 13, 2020

I have learned much from the time I have been on the tennis court with Tim. I appreciate his ability to notice areas of my game that need specific attention and then teach me how to improve on those. Once when I was struggling with my serve, he had the patience to let me try a serving drill with him that I dreamed up, which showed me that he has listening skills. I have also learned from him through observation when we play actual games together. I get to see his tennis skills in action which makes it easier to incorporate them into how I play. I recommend Tim to anyone who is looking to learn from someone who is friendly, competitive and passionate about the game.

Darrin H. - August 9, 2020

I was very satisfied with my tennis lessons from Tim. I loved how he set goals for me during the lessons and tried to teach me the basics, as well as taking time to do drills so my footwork and technique could improve. Would recommend!!

Mackenzie H. - August 10, 2020

My son and I are taking lessons from Tim. It is mostly for my son and he has been balancing that request. He is very easy going and easy to get along with. He explains everything well and I like that he asks what we learned. My son doesn't get along with many people and he likes Tim because he's firm and "chill". He's been very supportive and encouraging.

Beth H. - August 8, 2020

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