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Personal Trainer

$99 /hr


Los Angeles, CA

During my lesson you play points and learn how to win over all styles of players. This is a perfect preparation for your next match or tournament. Read more.

4 Reviews
USPTA Certified
35 Years Experience
128 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer

$108 /hr


Los Angeles, CA

I've been coaching tennis since I was a student-athlete in college. I have my own teaching philosophy, although every student has to be approached ... Read more.

5 Reviews
USPTA Certified PTR Certified
24 Years Experience
67 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer

$122 /hr


Los Angeles, CA

Technique, Consistency, Foot Work. Read more.

7 Reviews
16 Years Experience
4 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer

$99 /hr


Los Angeles, CA

All according to what the client(s) wants to get out of tennis! I have taught tennis in Oregon, California, Idaho, Washington! Read more.

7 Reviews
30 Years Experience
18 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer

$115 /hr


Los Angeles, CA

Encouraging strength, positivity, and laughter. I believe when someone finds enjoyment out of something the outcome is always better. Read more.

3 Reviews
12 Years Experience
0 Hours Completed
Personal Trainer

$92 /hr


Los Angeles, CA

Train to compete and play to enjoy. Read more.

10 Reviews
PTR Certified
12 Years Experience
5 Hours Completed

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What makes the tennis scene in Los Angeles, CA so unique?

Los Angeles has an optimism and hopefulness that makes it a city unlike any other. People from all walks of life with varying ambitions come to Los Angeles looking to make it big. MyTennisLessons brings the same lofty ambitions and expectations to LA, providing locals with the best tennis coaches and lessons. Tennis in Los Angeles has a longstanding tradition. The city’s famous and affluent residents don’t hesitate to build private tennis courts, while the general public can take advantage of one of the many tennis courts located in the greater Los Angeles area. So what are you waiting for? Browse through the tennis coaches above, review their various qualifications and book directly online. Upon booking, you will be put in contact with your coach to finalize lesson details such as your goals, preferred court location, and schedule.

Ever since tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams, from Compton CA, burst onto the scene, Los Angeles tennis has grown in popularity. Los Angeles’ tennis tradition goes back as far as the 1920’s when the Los Angeles Open was first played, which unfortunately folded in 2012. Fortunately, the Los Angeles Tennis Center is available to the general public the rest of the year, allowing you to hit hit or play tennis leagues on the same courts as past champions such as Arthur Ashe, Jimmy Connors, and Pete Sampras. Leave your stamp on the LA tennis scene with tennis lessons from MyTennisLessons. With over 70 tennis coaches in the Los Angeles metro area we're confident we'll match you with the perfect tennis coach.

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The cost of private tennis lessons can vary depending on factors such as location, level of instruction, and the coach's experience. On average, private tennis lessons are between $45-$65/hr but again, there are many factors when it comes to prices in your area. Package deals and discount codes will also help in reducing the hourly cost of private lessons. It's a good idea to research and compare prices of coaches in your area before committing to lessons.

Depending on what you want to get out of your tennis lessons, should inform your decision on how often to get out on the court. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn tennis quickly or you are a more advanced player getting ready for a tournament, buying more lessons up front for less per hour might be best. If you just want to try out tennis lessons a smaller lesson package will allow you to try out lessons once or twice a week before committing to more.

Private tennis lessons are the best way to up your game as a tennis player because you have the chance to get 1-on-1 instruction from a qualified tennis coach. A private tennis lesson is a chance to soak up valuable information, get as many reps as possible, and form a relationship with a coach fully invested in your improvement. A group lesson can help you to learn some basics, spend time with friends, and allow you to get a feel for the game of tennis but often does not replicate private lessons from a development standpoint.

It is never too late to start tennis lessons! No matter what age you are, tennis is accessible for anyone. Tennis can be great for kids, former athletes looking to get into something new, someone who is trying to get more active, or anyone in between. Tennis lessons allow you to make mistakes and feel comfortable as a first time tennis player, no matter your age.

You can start tennis lessons at any age or skill level. If you are looking to get your child into tennis most coaches will say if they are able to hold a racquet it is early enough for tennis lessons. Like with most activities, the earlier a child starts playing tennis, the better they will become if they choose to play competitively. But players start playing tennis at various ages and age is no barrier to entry to becoming a solid, or even great, tennis player.

Beginner tennis players will be set up for success as long as they have tennis shoes, athletic wear, and a water bottle. If you do not have a tennis racquet you can discuss your options of borrowing one with your coach but eventually it is best that you purchase a beginner tennis racquet right for you. You will want one not only at lessons but so you can play tennis outside of your lessons. Eventually, once you know you will be playing a lot of tennis you will want a tennis bag with various gear but it is not necessary as a beginner tennis player.

  • Athletic shoes you know are comfortable for running around in
  • Athletic clothing you are comfortable running around and sweating in
  • Your tennis racquet
  • A filled water bottle
  • A hat depending on how sunny it is and any other weather specific clothes, ie a sweatshirt or leggings for chillier weather
  • Not required, but many players will bring a towel or sweatbands to wipe sweat
Knowing your tennis lesson goals prior to selecting a coach is very important. You may not need to work with the former pro with 20 years of teaching experience if you are just trying to learn the basics but you may if you are trying out for your college tennis team. Besides knowing a tennis coach's experience, their schedule, location, and price point is important to look at when deciding on the right tennis coach for you.
Your first tennis lesson will vary greatly depending on yours or your child's skill level. A beginner tennis player can expect to learn a lot of the basics of tennis that include proper stance, swing path, and different types of racquet grips. In your first lesson, there may not be too much hitting of the tennis ball but you will be set up for success. More experienced players will want to speak with their coach before the first lesson so the proper drills are put in place and skills are focused on.
To get the most out of your tennis lesson, it’s important to come prepared, take charge when focus strays, up your intensity, and ask for more challenges. Scheduling your lesson for a time of day when you know you will have the most energy, taking the lesson in the direction you want it to go, and leaving your phone in your bag are all ways to maximize your time on the court. Signing up with local qualified MTL coach will set you on the right path, but ultimately, the success of your tennis lesson is up to you. Read this article about getting the most out of your lessons to learn more.
MyTennisLessons allows you to compare coaches in your area who have varying degrees of experience and teaching specializations. Many coaches carry USPTA and PTR qualifications establishing off the bat their credibility. Also knowing the highest level that your coach has played will give you an indication of their suitability for your skill level aspirations. Besides their tennis teaching qualifications, you want someone who you feel comfortable with and communicate well with.
Sometimes you know right away your tennis coach isn’t a great fit or after dozens of lessons you may want to try a new coach to take your game to the next level. Either way, you shouldn’t be shy about switching to a new coach if you aren’t a perfect match when it comes to tennis or personality. You can always email us [email protected] if you would like help getting set up with a new tennis coach.
As a tennis player, you or your child's focus can shift and you may be ready for new challenges on the court. With MyTennisLessons you can easily find a new coach to accomplish that goal. If you have used up your tennis lesson package you can do another search in your area, compare coaches, and sign up for another tennis lesson package directly on a coaches profile. If you still have lessons left, you can always email us [email protected] if you would like help getting set up with a new coach.
As a tennis player it is always important to ask yourself a question when you are signing up for tennis lessons. What am I hoping to get out of my tennis lessons? If you are looking to level up your game or go from a complete beginner to an intermediate player, private tennis lessons are probably right for you. 1-on-1 instruction from a qualified tennis coach allows you to get as much time on the court as possible and form a relationship with a coach. If you are looking for a more social setting where you can learn some basics or get a workout or tuneup in, then a group tennis lesson may be best for you or your child.
When you create a MyTennisLessons account you will receive emails with deals on tennis lesson packages. There are various coupon codes that can be used at checkout to receive a percentage off your tennis lessons. Also, when you purchase more tennis lessons upfront then you will pay less per hour.
Like many things, the more you play the better you will get. When it comes to private tennis lessons if you take multiple tennis lessons a week with a qualified tennis coach there is no reason you should not see improvements in your game. Players of all ages and skill levels progress at different rates but if you have the willingness to improve, 1-on-1 tennis lessons multiple times a week, with the right coach will set you on the right path for success on the court.

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