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What’s stopping you from picking up a racquet and starting your tennis journey? It has never been easier to find a tennis coach near you who will be able to turn you from a complete beginner into a tennis player comfortable on the court. If you have a child who has been showing an interest in tennis, we have the perfect coach for you.

No matter your age or the age of your child, a tennis coach's goal is to help their students learn the basics of tennis while also making them feel comfortable on the court. Especially if it’s a first ever lesson. The more lessons you take, the more your coach will be able to curtail lessons to best help your advancement as a tennis player. Trying new things can be intimidating, but with the right tennis coach, you can go from complete beginner to proficient tennis player at times and dates most convenient for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the structure of a beginner tennis lesson?

Over the course of your first few beginner tennis lessons there are a few key skills and techniques you will cover. From proper stance and grips to the basics of serve and swing path of groundstrokes, you will get a crash course in tennis in a time and manner that suits you as a student best.


Do I need to have any prior experience or knowledge of tennis to take beginner tennis lessons?

No, of course not! If you have only ever played tennis once or twice or never picked up a racquet, there is a coach out there for you. As long as you have a willingness to learn and commit to getting better, anyone can take lessons. Remember, everyone progresses at different rates so be patient and have communication with your coach if you find you are at all frustrated during lessons.


Does every tennis coach work with beginners?

No, not every coach does. Some coaches will work only with more advanced players, like juniors or aspiring pros, and others prefer not to work with kids who are often beginners. You should always look at reviews and preferences on a coaches online profile to ensure you are signing up with a coach that is interested in working with beginners. In general, most coaches are willing to and there are a select few who do not.


Are there opportunities for beginner players to practice and play with others of a similar skill level?

If you would feel more comfortable playing with someone of a similar skill level, you can always have a friend or two of the same skill level join a lesson with you. If they are of the same skill level then the lesson can still be curtailed to beginners without losing that hands on approach from your coach. Also, if you advance past beginner level, you can always sign up for a local league in your area like the Tennis League Network.


Will I have to change coaches once I've gained some experience?

In most cases, no. A coach who is able to work with beginners will also be adept at working with intermediate players as well. Most coaches will have the awareness to adjust lessons accordingly, but if you feel like you want to try more advanced drills, be sure to have a discussion with your coach about making a change.

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