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If your son or daughter is interested in learning how to play tennis or wants to take their game to the next level, then it might be time to sign up for private tennis lessons. Private tennis lessons offer kids an opportunity to build on the fundamentals, develop their strokes, or prepare for competitive play. With one-on-one coaching, children are far more likely to improve quicker than they would if they were in a tennis clinic or camp where a coach's focus is often elsewhere. Tennis coaches featured on MyTennisLessons are qualified to not only teach kids the basics but also build up competitive players.

Group classes, camps, and clinics aren’t always the best way to learn or improve, so be sure to take stock of the tennis coaches near you who specialize in teaching private tennis lessons. Taking private lessons with a friend or two may also be a good choice for your kid and your wallet. They will still get that personal attention from a private coach and may be more at ease playing beside kids they know. We guarantee MyTennisLessons can find the right tennis coach for child.

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Frequently Asked Questions


At what age should a child start tennis lessons?

Every child is different and developing coordination and motor skills is never linear. Even if a younger child is showing they are athletically inclined, usually a 5 or 6-years-old is old enough to have the attention span required for a tennis lesson. Simple things like getting used to folding a racquet and very basic techniques can be taught to a child, no matter how young, if they show an aptitude and interest. Ultimately, many of these decisions are at the discretion of the parent.


How long are the typical tennis lessons for kids?

Lessons are typically 1 hour long, but for younger kids most coaches will conduct 30 minute lessons. If you prefer different increments of time be sure to discuss that with your coach upon introduction. Advanced kids/junior players may also want hour and a half or two hour lessons.


What equipment does my child need for tennis lessons? Do coaches provide it?

If your child is planning to take up tennis, you should purchase a tennis racquet. If you don’t have one yet, the coach will be able to lend you a racquet for the first lesson. Be sure to check with him or her prior to the lesson. Your coach will also be able to recommend the right racquet once they determine your skill level. Your child should always wear proper footwear and athletic clothing they are okay sweating in.


How much do children's tennis lessons cost, and are there any additional fees?

On average, child tennis lessons are cheaper than intermediate or advanced tennis lessons. Most coaches are able to teach a child the fundamentals of the game so your options for coaches at different price points goes up. Prices always depend on the area of the country you live in, but typically they will cost between $40-$55/hr. If you wish to take lessons at a private facility, fees may apply but the coach usually includes that in the final hourly cost.


Can parents watch the lessons?

Most coaches will allow parents to stay and watch their child’s tennis lessons. Be sure to discuss it with the coach prior to doing so.  


Do you offer a trial or introductory lesson to see if my child enjoys tennis?

Coaches don’t typically offer trial lessons but of course sometimes a coach is just not the right fit. Coaches like to work with committed students so one-off lessons are exceptions, not the norm. If you purchase a lesson package you can then switch that package to another coach in your area.


Can you provide references or testimonials from other parents and students?

It is always smart to read reviews and testimonials from a coach’s profile prior to signing up with them. Former and current students leave written testimonials that will help you decide if they are good at working with children. Most reviewers will mention if it was for them or for their child.


Can I sign my child up for lessons for a particular season?

Yes, coaches are open to working with kids in a particular season that works best for them. If you would prefer to work with a private coach during the summer months as opposed to a camp, that is an option. If you would like to work with a private coach indoors during the colder months as opposed to one-off clinics, that is often an option as well. Always be sure to discuss with your coach how many lessons and how long you intend for your kids to take lessons.

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