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Steve C.

Brooklyn, NY (9 locations)

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  • PTR Certified
  • Years Teaching: 22
  • Years Playing: 40
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches:
  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
Lessons Starting at $75/hr
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About Me

Tennis is a joy to play! I've played since grade school. Discovered (after graduate school/normal life events) that I really love helping people learn tennis and becoming good. I became certified, apprenticed as in any profession, and since then have worked hard to be best coach possible... helping all types of players, ages and situations. I particularly benefited by annually attending tennis teacher conventions during the U.S. Open where world's best coaches come to show their methods. This has become a huge reservoir of knowledge that I can share with my students to help you play your best. Through it I have develop innovative state-of-the art tennis training methods. These make your learning easier, faster and more fun, and ensures that what you are learning mirrors what is happening at the highest levels of tennis. Sadly, while meaning well, may instructors still are stuck in the past. The game has evolved over past 20 yeas becoming faster and more powerful, but with control. Newer techniques have evolved to control that power.

Teaching Style

I emphasize focusing on the ball, natural movement and on building strong fundamentals similar to the strokes you see on TV by the touring pros. I distill these into easy-to-absorb lessons.

Lessons often employ cooperative rallying in which you hit lots of balls inside your comfort zone. There you can learn by doing, getting comfortable with it and owning it. Research shows patient hitting is the fastest and best way to learn. As you absorb an idea, I will introduce the next most important element. Progressively, perhaps without really being aware of it, you will absorb a solid foundation similar to the strokes of top players. Onto this base we will add serve, volley, overheads and drop shots as we expand into point play and game awareness. The key benefit of this approach is that you very quickly learn how to get virtually any ball back and keep it in play. That's how you win games!

Over my 20 years teaching tennis I have developed innovative powerful methods that will quickly raise your level of play.

I am super with kids ages 4 and up and am a QuickStart and 10 & Under early adapter and innovator.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • South Oxford Park Tennis
  • Atlantic Commons & Cummberland Street
  • Brooklyn, NY 11238
  • Chambers Street Tennis Court
  • 200 Chambers Street
  • Manhattan, NY 10007
  • Willing To Travel To A Court
  • Brooklyn, NY 11232
  • Willing To Travel To Court
  • New York, NY 10028
  • William H Seward Park
  • Essex St And Canal St.
  • Ny, NY 10002
  • Fort Green
  • Fort Green Park
  • Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Williamsburg Bridge
  • East River Park
  • New York, NY 10002
  • West Street
  • Pier 40
  • New York, NY 10014
  • Prospect Park Any Court Bk
  • Prospect Park
  • Brooklyn/ Manhatten , NY 11211
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Latest Reviews

I've been practicing with Steve for about 2 months and he's been an amazing coach. As someone who is in their 30s, totally not athletic, and have no sense of hand/eye coordination, surprisingly, he's been able to help me play and play better each time I work with him. Steve has a keen eye on the possibilities of growth and how to coach each person based on their personality and movement, never discriminating against any shortcomings each of us may have. The important thing about playing tennis or any new sport as an adult is to grow more confident with each lesson and practice session while learning brand new skills. Steve is able to shepherd every student to do so and it's a wonderful thing. Highly recommend him to kids and adults of all ages!

Lauren L. (Verified Review)

We had a terrific second lesson with Steve.
Showed us all the techniques forehand and service- exactly as performed in the men's finals at Wimbledon!
We had to re-learn everything, and his points were very valid. A very knowledgeable coach who is a bit of a renaissance person:)
Hopefully, we will be successful in our week of tennis at the Cape.

Lopa M. (Verified Review)

So far, we have only had one lesson- he has not returned texts after the first lesson to set up the next lesson. Steve was a delight and very helpful with basic techniques. We need more than basics because we have played and need to fast-forward to service and backhand- our goals. I hope he contacts us soon so that we can achieve these goals.

Bibhuti (Verified Review)

Steve was really helpful and in breaking down all the basics of a good forehand, backhand and serve. I was very new to tennis when I started and feel that my game improved tremendously with Steve's help. Steve is communicative, easy-going and a great teacher!

Alyssa S. (Verified Review)

Steve is great if you are looking to build skill while having the right amount of fun. I recommend him!

K A. (Verified Review)

Beware, Steven doesn't teach you how to play in the first 6 classes, only drills. I felt like it's a waste of money.

Zhiru W. (Verified Review)

I had only picked up a racquet once before my lessons with Steve and he got me up to speed right away. He teaches techniques in different ways until it resonates with me, which I find really helpful. So far having a great experience.

Analia (Verified Review)

Just started lessons with Steve. In our first lesson, he methodically showed me a new way (for me) to hit forehands, and I was immediately playing with more control than ever. Looking forward to really getting my game into good shape with Steve.

David S. (Verified Review)

Steve is a great instructor. My friend and I started taking lessons with him the last few weeks. We're beginners, and he has been super helpful at breaking down the elements of form and technique which has definitely helped us make long strides.

Gabby (Verified Review)

I took lessons with Steve over the summer - I was beginner level when I started, and took roughly 20 lessons with Steve.

Overall, Steve was a great teacher for my level, really breaking down the movements and strokes in multiple ways to drive the concepts home. We did a lot of fundamental exercises that focused on the feel of the varying strokes. As I progressed, Steve introduced hitting partners at a similar level and different drills. Steve helped me build a solid foundation to continue to grow my game.

I would 100% recommend Steve for beginners who are learning about the game because that was my experience. I did not to get to work with Steve a ton before I left NYC at the next level where I am now really craving a high volume of reps, point play, and tweaks to strokes/technique.

Thanks for all your help Steve!

Christopher Y. (Verified Review)

My daughter enjoys classes with Steve! strongly recommend! Barbora

Barbora V. (Verified Review)

My daughter is taking the second round of classes and she is loving it! Highly recommend!

Barbora V. (Verified Review)

Steve has been great to pick up tennis with! I am a total beginner (26 yro) and over the course of three sessions, I already feel myself hitting better. He breaks down the moves and has creative drills for committing them to muscle memory.

Lindsay J. (Verified Review)

Steve is such a dedicated coach with great tips & techniques to help beginners like me

Hanna H. (Verified Review)

Best coach I’ve had to date.

Aaron L. (Verified Review)

Superb. The first lesson I dramatically increased my top spin!

Richard H. (Verified Review)

Steve is great. Very knowledgeable and patient. He's able to explain very well the technique doing multiple exercises that lead you to learn quickly.

Paolo G. (Verified Review)

Excellent instructor. This guy knows how to teach.

Ak (Verified Review)

Fun, flexible, experienced! Steve is a great, passionate coach!

Marion K. (Verified Review)

Steve is fantastic!!! My 15 yo son, Henry started his lessons with him in shortly after he recovered from wrist fracture. He helped to build up his strength and confidence back with each lesson. He’s very passionate tennis player and he was kind enough to take him to the US Open qualifying tournament to see and learn the techniques of the professionals. He also encourages him practice as much as possible and even non practice days he arranged some sessions with another student for him. He’s very friendly and caring. We can’t praise him enough. Thank you so much Steve!

Marico C. (Verified Review)

Steve is the real deal. He's such a clear, patient and creative instructor. He's always thinking of new and innovative ways to teach the fundamentals. I've been studying with him for 5+ months, and I have seen a gradual, seamless improvement in how I approach the game. I always look forward to our lessons together, and can't thank him enough!

Don't think twice about booking him (and before his schedule fills up with other students).

Melissa Y. (Verified Review)

Best lesson in town

Wendy L. (Verified Review)

My two young children have had 5 lessons so far with Steve. I was unsure how things would go given their different ages and skill level, but Steve has managed to keep both of them engaged and I'm seeing improvement in both of them already vs the time it takes to see noticeable improvement from group lessons. He's been very accommodating as to schedule as well. I highly recommend!

Joanna S. (Verified Review)

Steve is an amazing teacher. It's amazing that my strokes were totally wrong my whole life!!! He explains things well, and many different ways to make sure that his students truly 'get it'. He takes teaching very seriously and is passionate about it. I can't imagine a better teacher.

John C. (Verified Review)

Great! Thoughtful lesson plans, flexible, great experience for us.

Ayesha (Verified Review)

The lessons have been GREAT! Steve is prompt, patient, kind and really engages the kids. He is working on helping them understand the basics of the stroke. He mixes up the exercises he does with them nicely. All the kids are enjoying the lessons.

Mary Y. (Verified Review)

Very good coach. Knows how to deal with kids.

Heidi L. (Verified Review)

Steve is an excellent coach. He focused on using the proper technique to help me improve my game.

Carrie W. (Verified Review)

Steve is great! As much as we thought we'd start playing right off the bat, Steve is all about mastering the fundamentals first... and in hindsight we wouldn't want it any other way. I highly recommend Steve for your next lessons!

Steve G. (Verified Review)

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