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Your Rate, Availability, and Locations

Find new students at the rate, schedule, and locations that work for you. No fees involved. We only make money if we get you a client, and you are always guaranteed the hourly rate that you set for each session!

Gain Visibility to an All New Student Base in Your Area

Extend your reach to the hundreds or thousands of people in your area actively searching for an instructor. We use the info you fill out in the application and use it to create your own instructor page which students can view and book sessions directly with you.

Billing, Marketing, and Customer Service

You don't have to worry about marketing, collecting payment or unqualified inquiries with MyTennisLessons.com. Gain committed students that are required to signup for a minimum of 6 sessions, and often commit to as many as 20.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it is not a requirement to be listed as a certified tennis coach, we strongly recommend going through the USPTA or PTR certification process. Not only will you learn new coaching techniques, you’ll appeal to a wider customer base searching for tennis lessons. On average, our certified tennis coaches see a 64% increase in lesson requests.

Using the information you provide in your application, MyTennisLessons creates a unique profile and features it to students in your area. We take care of all the marketing, advertising, and customer bookings on your behalf. By creating the most comprehensive online tennis marketplace, we represent the premier source of prospective tennis students.

We allow you to set your own contracted rate. Keep in mind the lower your contracted rate, the lower the base lesson price. A lower contracted rate increases the volume of students, many of whom become returning clients.

You are paid as an independent contractor. Pay checks are sent bi-weekly to the address provided in your application.

There are many factors that can impact how many students you receive...

  • Your qualifications as an instructor
  • The area where you teach
  • The number of court locations you have and your willingess to travel
  • Your contracted rate (the more reasonable the rate, the more customers you should expect)
  • Expect anwhere between 10-15 hours of lessons a week
  • Once your application is approved, you'll have access to the MyTennisLessons Dashboard, where you can manage bookings and lessons. It is your responsibility as an instructor to schedule and confirm all lessons. Once you confirm a lesson we know to send you a check for that particular pay period. The Instructor Login Guide explains the login, scheduling, and confirmation process in more detail.

    Teaching with MyTennisLessons is non-exclusive, so you are free to work with outside students or clubs. Students acquired through the system, however, cannot be taken on the side. Soliciting students from MyTennisLessons will result in the termination of our services.

    We rely on you to identify local courts to conduct your lessons. Local knowledge is important when inputting court location. Sometimes the most convenient court is also the most crowded at a particular time.