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Carl L.

Dallas, TX (9 locations)

2524 Completed Lessons |
460 Reviews
  • USPTA Certified
  • Years Teaching: 22
  • Years Playing: 20
  • Levels Taught:
  • Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
  • Teaches:
  • Seniors, Adults, Juniors, Kids
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About Me

Hi, my name is Carl and I am from Accra, Ghana and now live in the Dallas, Texas area. I have participated in International Tennis Federation Clinics (Training), School Tennis In-Service Training USTA, Recreational Coach Workshop- Memorial Park Tennis Center Houston, Texas USTA, and completed the USTA 10 and Under Tennis Workshop. I was contracted as a pro at La Beach Hotel Accra, Ghana for 11 years and traveled with teams all over Africa and the UK. One of my coaching highlights was taking a junior player to the senior level to play ITF tournaments and to also play in the Ghana Davis Cup.

Teaching Style

10 and under I toss the balls if its a group lesson, private lesson toss and hit. beginners class toss and hit, adults toss and hit. Work on forehand and backhand. Emphasize on the contact point and work on all the strokes.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Shepton High School Tennis
  • 5505 W Plano Pkwy
  • Plano, TX 75093
  • Plano West High School
  • 5601 W. Parker Road
  • Plano, TX 75093
  • Collin College
  • 2800 E Spring Creek Pkwy
  • Plano, TX 75074
  • Schimelpfenig Middle School
  • 2400 Maumelle Dr
  • Plano, TX 75025
  • Valley Parkway Tennis Courts
  • 801 Valley Parkway
  • Lewisville, TX 75067
  • Gussie Field Waterworth Park
  • 3939 Valley View Lane
  • Farmers Branch, TX 75244
  • Bentwood Park
  • 6098 Bentwood Trail
  • Dallas, TX 75252
  • Vines H.S.
  • Plano, TX 75025
  • Vines H.S.
  • 1425 Highedge Drive
  • Plano, TX 75075

Latest Reviews

Exceptional professional tennis coach - highly recommended!! My husband and I have been having regular tennis lessons with coach Carl over the last a few weeks. The sessions have been super effective and not even a min is wasted. Coach Carl is very skillful, nice and patient that he kept correcting our gestures and movement, allowing us to see our progress after every single lesson. We are so grateful and would love to recommend coach Carl to everyone who is seeking for a effective and fun tennis learning journey!!

Penny (Verified Review)

Our 14yo son picked up a racket for the first time about a month ago and seemed really comfortable on the court. He's entering HS in a few months and I knew he had a lot to learn if he wants to make the team. We had our first lesson with Coach Carl yesterday and watching him teach our son the principles of the sport both logically, emotionally and physically was incredible. Looking forward to many more sessions. Think this is the start of a long and wonderful journey!

Danielle C. (Verified Review)

It’s our 4th lesson with Coach Carl and it has been a great experience ! He knows what he is doing.He is great with kids!! My 9 year old look forward to the lesson every week. It even motivated me and husband to play tennis. He is fun and firm at the same time a good balance to have with kids. We look forward to do more lessons with coach Carl.

Deep (Verified Review)


Aziza J. (Verified Review)

Carl is such an amazing instructor to my 6 year old daughter!! She loves her lessons with him and he takes his time to really teach her whole having fun as well. He has been so instrumental in her love of tennis and I’ve seen incredible progression in her technique all thanks to Carl’s instruction and attention to detail. He always has a smile but also shows serious results and keeps it interesting for her. I can’t say enough about how great his teaching style works!!

Nikki D. (Verified Review)

I had to leave another glowing review for Carl. My daughter is in 7th grade and was a complete beginner. After only 7 lessons with Carl, she tried out for the middle school tennis team and made it! Carl was patient and understood the correct pace so she could begin to master a great technique. He used coaching methods and exercises in a kid-friendly language that enabled her to remember how to correctly execute her swings and serves. Cannot recommend Carl enough!

Christy S. (Verified Review)

Carl is prompt, professional and a fantastic coach for my 12 year old daughter. He pushes her the correct amount, continues at the right pace and is very encouraging. Highly recommend!!

Christy S. (Verified Review)

We love Coach Carl! He has been so kind and patient with my two sons since our very first lesson. Carl always corrects them and encourages them in a way that pushes them to their potential, but also fosters a safe, trusting environment. Thank you, Coach!

Liz M. (Verified Review)

Coach Carl is always addressing any technique issues my daughter has and has pushed her to increase her ability. We have seen a huge improvement in her playing since starting the lessons.
I would recommend Carl to anyone needing improvement as he is always encouraging and identifies the mistakes as they are made by the player.

Selena (Verified Review)

Carl has been great with our kids! They are 5 and 6 and new to tennis, and activities in the heat. Carl has been patient and has taught them a lot since he started with them. They are improving rapidly thanks to Carl.

I would definitely recommend Carl! He is great with the kids and reading what the lesson will be (based on attention span) every time!

Megan W. (Verified Review)

Carl is truly an exceptional tennis instructor. He is very patient, methodical, and provides clear instructions. My son has learned so much in just a few classes that he's had so far with Carl - it's an amazing improvement in his tennis. Furthermore, my son feels motivated to try harder and do better, which is a big achievement in itself, not to mention in this crazy Texas heat. We picked Carl as the instructor based on the previous reviews, and we can't be happier with our selection. Thank you, coach Carl, you are a super star!

Vesna K. (Verified Review)

Coach Carl is superb! He pays attention to all details and helps you to strengthen your weak areas.

Gopala K. (Verified Review)

Coach Carl has been training both my 9 and 10 year old daughters for over a year. They had no understanding of tennis and only excitement initially was having their own tennis racket. BIG SMILE.

They have learned the basics that is too much to note as well as moved from training balls to regular tennis ball. He is encouraging and firm at the same time and works well with young children. I am looking to free up time to get lessons from Coach Carl too. I must point out that his openness to be flexible with our time has been a major plus. We have and will continue to tell others about Coach Carl.

Smith F. (Verified Review)

We love him! Great coach!

Leslie K. (Verified Review)

We've been working with Carl for about two years now and he's really helped my two children (and myself) grow to be better tennis players. His coaching is positive, fun and encouraging. We always look forward to our lessons with Coach Carl.

Hilltop E. (Verified Review)

Carl was a wonderful coach.

Leslie K. (Verified Review)

From Day 1, Carl has been an awesome coach. He really broke down each stroke for me in a way that I could understand, better than any other coach I’ve had. The mistakes I made over and over again over the years are now corrected under Carl’s tutelage! He’s super nice but firm, too, so every lesson is enjoyable and effective.

Renae V. (Verified Review)

I was teaching my kids for months. The things that he taught my twin boys by an hour, I couldn't teach them for months. He knows how to teach children.

Keep up the good work.

Mohammed M. (Verified Review)

Coach Carl Lokko is very knowledgeable on the court, easy to work with, provide clear instructions, very focused on my strengths and weaknesses, and used time efficiently. Played tennis for almost a decade now and I’ve notice a significant improvement overall especially with my backhand and forehand. Thoroughly enjoy training with Coach Carl, best tennis coach I’ve ever had!!! Highly recommend Coach Carl!

Nick L. (Verified Review)

I am a senior+, and long ago was a half way decent player. We are 3 lessons into my relearning skills that have deteriorated over the past 20 years of not playing. Carl has been masterful in detecting and gently correcting my bad habits with his drills. I have rediscovered the fun of playing and rediscovering muscle memory.

Terence V. (Verified Review)

I have 2 children and both at different levels of learning and applying instructions. Coach Carl does a great job of attending to each equally but specific to the need. I enjoy that he is always there waiting and gives his plans for progressing my girls beyond just an hour lesson? I am looking forward to freeing up my schedule to take lessons from Coach Carl as well.

Smith F. (Verified Review)

I hadn't played in quite a while, but he helped me quickly recover my form and was flexible enough to work within my schedule. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking to start playing tennis.

Mason D. (Verified Review)

Coach Carl was great. Very patient and knowledgeable with my son. Thanks!

Shazeeda (Verified Review)

Carl is very experienced and does his job professionally with patience. He is an Ideal coach for fresh starters.

Mithun (Verified Review)

Carl gives my children excellent coaching and lots of fun while they learn. They're more confident, stronger and better tennis players each time they have a lesson. Carl does a really nice job refocusing my nine-year-old and encouraging my eleven-year-old. He's helping to build a strong tennis foundation and the kids enjoy learning from him.

Ashley C. (Verified Review)

Coach Carl was excellent.

Jia L. (Verified Review)

This has been my fourth lesson with Carl and I could say that his coaching style suits me. My forehand and backhand strokes have improved and my serve which was something I didn't do well is a lot better. He explains to me the mechanics of how to do a shot and shows me how to execute what he just explained. He tells me what I am doing wrong so I can immediately correct it and get my body to build a good muscle memory of the right way to hit the ball.

He's a chill person, very likeable and he knows his craft really well. I'd highly recommend him to my friends.

Kat U. (Verified Review)

Working with her in teaching were to put the ball where she want to
Developing her speed in movement!! Her forehand is great, thanks to coach!!! She is ready for her first tournament!!! Thank you!!

Daisy (Verified Review)

Today was helping her to do better serve and working in her backhand and the improve was amazing!!! He use the technique of video that help my daughter understand better and improve right away, she was very happy with her lesson today!!
Thanks, coach

Daisy (Verified Review)

Carl is a excellent coach and she improving more and more👍🏼thank you Coach Carl

Daisy F. (Verified Review)

He is the best coach. He has the knowledge of teaching, a skill every pro needs.
In one lesson the improvement was amazing!!
The best coach ever my daughter say!!!!
We are going to be with him for years to come!!!

Daisy (Verified Review)

Since having gone through lessons with Carl, I have purchased even more lessons!! He knows his stuff!! I have also told 3 friends about him because i have learned easily and quickly from his expertise. I would definitely recommend Coach Carl!! He is also patient and makes sure that you understand his teaching thoroughly before he progresses to higher tennis skills.

Lindsey C. (Verified Review)

Carl is very easy to work with and a great coach for a beginner like my 12 year old. He is patient and after 13 lessons now we have seen some great improvements.

Carl's always responsive in terms of schedule and very accommodating. Highly Recommend.

Ray (Verified Review)

Carl has been given tennis lessons to my 3 kids (10, 8 and 6 year old) lately and I was very happy with the tennis lessons they got from him and with his very kind and supportive approach with the kids ! I have seen them improving in just 2 - 3 lessons ! I certainly recommend him as a coach !

Daphné V. (Verified Review)

Coach Carl was a pleasure to work with. He is patient with kids and my daughter enjoyed training with him.

Ash K. (Verified Review)

I have been using Carl for a year now and he has helped me re-learn playing tennis after a long hiatus. What he does really well is ensure that you have sound fundamentals and then gradually helps you to play the game to your strengths and how to attack your opponents by opening up the court. When I previously played tennis as a kid and a teenager, my serve was always very bad. Now as an adult, Coach Carl has helped me improve what was arguably the worst part of my game. I definitely recommend him to adults who are wanting to learn to play or improve their game. I also recommend him to children, as my child is considering playing tennis, and Coach Carl will be the first person I go to for teaching her how to play.

Rama V. (Verified Review)

I learned to play tennis back when I was a kid and am trying to get back into playing again. Coach Carl is a an excellent teacher. He is very patient and works on making sure your form is good. Provides excellent feedback, and if you are a bit out of shape works with you to relax and rest for a minute before getting back into practice. I've only done 3 classes with him, but I have seen remarkable improvement thanks to his teaching style and encouragement. I recommend him to anyone either new to tennis or trying to get back into playing again. Lastly, he works with your schedule and location which is an added plus for the busy person.

Rama V. (Verified Review)

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