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Oscar L.

Lake Elsinore, CA (1 location)

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  • USPTA Certified
  • Years Teaching: 7
  • Years Playing: 25
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  • Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
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  • Seniors, Adults, Juniors, Kids
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About Me

Hi,my name is Oscar. I teach at Upland Tennis Club at Upland, California. I am USPTA Professional and Etcheberry Certified Strength, Conditioning and Movement Coach for Tennis with an Elite Certification. I attend six or more High Performance Seminars per year to improve my knowledge of the latest training methods about teaching tennis at a high level, where the speakers are USPTA Master Pros or Professional tour Coaches. Tennis is a game that you never stop learning, I have the privilege of been train by a Master Pro Don Henson one of the top Master Pros in the country and by Legendary Pat Etcheberry, trainer of Pete Sampras, Jim Courier, Justine Henin, just to name a few, basically most of his players no. 1 in the world at one time with a combine of more than 110 grand slams and Olympics medals. I apply all the knowledge that I have learn from my education from the USPTA seminars and the complete library of DVD'S from the USPTA with the top Master Pros teaching techniques, stragedy and drills on my lessons, I also incorporate cardiovascular activity, I use agility ladder, rubber band for resistance to build the legs, cones, hurdles, sweet spotter, etchswing to develop racket speed, medicine ball and a lot of other training equipment as need it base on the level of the tennis player. I also train six days a week in body building; I am currently training with a professional body builder Ben Pakulski that took 10th place in the 2013 Mr. Olympia, plus I do two hours per week of spin cycle in La Fitness. I believe that the more fit you are, the better tennis player you will be, plus it is very important to know how the muscles work and how to train with weights because professional players train with weights. When Gil Reyes started to work Andre Agassi with weights, Agassi improved and came back to be a top player.

Teaching Style

My teaching style is very technical, I learned from master pro Don Henson that technique is the foundation of tennis, I use Dart Fish to film my students to show them in frame-by-frame motion their technique and make the proper adjustments to their stroke, plus I show the technique of an advanced player so they can see the proper stroke. I use some specialty equipment for tennis so the player feels how to produce topspin or underspin from their first stroke on the ball. I start to work on footwork as soon as the player stars to hit the balls with proper technique. I specialize in several areas, technique on all strokes, movement, strength, conditioning. I'd love to start working with younger kids that dream to be professional some day. I have trained Raquel Pedraza, she just played in the Australian Open for juniors, some of my past players got a tennis scholarship to Notre Dame , Texas Tech, Pepperdine, Azusa Pacific, University of Portland, BYU, UC San Diego, with my advanced players I mainly work on hard-intensity workouts, conditioning, tactics, court positioning, etc. With my tournament players I work on eight ways to produce an error, 1. consistency 2. direction 3. depth, which is the most important. 4. height 5. spin 6. power 7. court position 8. time. After that, we do eight serve locations, where to place your first serve to finish the point with one more stroke, eight serve factors, second serves, where you place your second serve to avoid being attack, where to return a first serve, how to neutralized the serve, where to return a second serve, how to build a point, where to hit the first ball, the second ball, how to approach the net, where to serve when serving and volley. I focus on tactics that the top players, Nadal, Murray, Federer and Djokovic are using to win their matches.I have specific drills that my advance players and tournament player must practice to learn how to win tournaments. I also train the mental game; you don't play one match, you play two. What you need to do during the point, between points, weakness between point, strength between point, all this are very important factors, strong mentally, a clear mind focused on the opponent and the game plan. Strong emotionally, be prepare to deal with adversity and defeat it. Always be better than your opponent between the points, no matter what the score. you may be worse during the point but you can always be better between the points. Must have a routine. Review last point. Go to your strings. Determination. Relaxation. Plan next point.

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= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Upland Tennis Club
  • 1525 W. 15 Th St
  • Upland , CA 91786

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