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Waco, TX Tennis Lessons

Who would have thought Waco, an underratedly charming city in the heartland of Texas, possessed such a tradition of tennis dominance. The Baylor university men’s and women’s tennis teams have been perennial contenders for over a decade and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. With 18 Conference Championships between them in the last decade, we’d suggest that “tennis” and “Waco” may soon become synonymous with one another. We at MyTennisLessons are trying to do our part in facilitating the growth of tennis in your community by offering tennis lessons in Waco. Our job is to make it as simple and affordable as possible for you to locate a tennis instructor and schedule tennis lessons at your earliest convenience.

Though we don’t expect to be as big as Dr. Pepper (It’s so cool that there’s a whole museum dedicated to this amazing drink), we expect that if you are a Waco resident who is into, or is looking to get into tennis, we’ll turn out to be quite a big deal. You have the ability to review tennis instructors that reside in or around Waco, book a tennis lesson directly online, and take said lessons at a local tennis court. No matter what type of tennis lesson in Waco you are looking for, we are always looking to accommodate each unique customer. That is why we offer phone and email support to any and all prospective students. Give us a call we’d be extremely excited to help you get set up with tennis lessons in Waco today! Follow @MyTennisLessons


Of course we do! It is important to partake in lessons when you are just picking up tennis. We teach lessons to intermediate and advanced tennis players as well. No matter what your age or skill level, we will find the right coach for you and make improvements to your tennis game, guaranteed.

When first signing up with coach, you won't be charged until after your first lesson. If you are not 100% satisfied after the first lesson, we will refund your entire lesson purchase for that coach and work with you to find a replacement.

Either on the home page, the header, or at the top of this page you can input a zip code, city, or town to view the available coaches in that area. By clicking on a particular profile you can view a coaches' teaching qualifications, availability, as well as specific teaching locations to ensure that you are selecting the correct coach for your tennis lessons.

After finding a coach that you feel comfortable booking lessons with, you can setup a payment plan through the "Schedule Online" button. You can also setup lessons over the phone with our customer service department at (866)-454-2747. We're around 9 AM - 6 PM to answer any questions and help you find the perfect coach.

Contact information will be sent to you via email after you have setup a payment plan. Your coach will be contacting you, via either email or phone, within 48 hours of your booking to introduce themself and confirm the first lesson. You will be able to contact your coach with questions regarding time change, location, or just to say you are excited about your lesson! Feel free to call our offices at (866)-454-2747 if have questions regarding your coach.

We offer Private, Semi-Private lessons (2 people), and Group lessons (3 or more). We do not have any set “group clinics” that you can join, but feel free to book lessons with as many people as you want. Each person you add to a lesson package purchase is only an additional $10 dollars. So taking a lesson with a friend will not only allow you, especially if you are a beginner, to find your comfort zone if you have a friend by your side, but you will also save on your hourly lesson rate.

Lessons are typically 1 hour long. However your lesson package is flexible and the hours purchased can be used to schedule for a variety of lengths.

All you need to bring is a tennis racket, a bottle of water, tennis shoes, and a towel (if you sweat a lot). We provide all other necessities, such as tennis balls.

Once you have signed up with us at MyTennisLessons, you can contact your coach to reschedule. To give our coaches enough time to reschedule, we request this to be done 24 hours in advance. Regarding more permanent changes such as a new location, time of day, or package plan, you can either email or call directly at 866-454-2747 and we will be more than happy to find a time and location that works best for you. If you are unable to take a lesson because of the weather we will reschedule the lesson at a time most convenient for you and your coach. Of course you will not be responsible to pay for any lesson missed due to the weather.

Our tennis lessons are taught by coaches who have been thoroughly screened by our hiring team. The same can’t be said for coaches not going through our system. Not only have our tennis coaches been confirmed as qualified but they have also passed a criminal background check ensuring a quality lesson that is also safe.

Customer Reviews

Excellent class - learned about proper hitting technique, elements of tennis strategy in a fun experience with good workout.

- Mohit K.

Chris does everything with a smile and is always ready to answer questions from the group. He is very knowledgeable about all the proper techniques to hit the ball properly and move around the court.

- Roger M.

tennis lesson is very good.

- Oscar D.

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