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Travis M.

Lake Forest, CA (1 location)

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  • Years Teaching: 5
  • Years Playing: 13
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  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
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About Me

Hi my name is Travis. I have been playing tennis for over 13 years. I played open level tournaments as a junior as well a small amount low level pro tournaments called futures. During that time I was homeschooled to play over five hours of tennis a day. After that, I went into high school my junior Year and play #1 singles on varsity at El Toro high school tell I graduated. After high school, I went to Saddleback college where I played two years there as #2, #3 singles and #2 and #1 doubles where I am currently training to go travel on the low level pro tour in about a year.

Teaching Style

I have previously had group coaching jobs in Laguna beach, Rancho Niguel, etc. I have taught private lessons with four year olds to sixty years olds with all with various skill levels. I enjoy the challenge each skill level presents. With beginners, teaching them how to play is fun because there you can really see the improvement from week to week. I also enjoy working with middle or junior level players, because they can really experience the true competition of the game, which is match play. Continued match play leads to tournament play which I believe tennis is truly all about. With a player of an advanced level teaching mechanics of the strokes is not necessarily the main focus of each lessons since their strokes are mostly polished. I believe that I am suited to teaching advanced players because of my own extensive training and preparation for tournaments.

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  • El Toro High School
  • 25255 Toledo Way
  • Lake Forest, CA 92630

Latest Reviews

Travis is a great coach! We have taken 4 classes with him and would love to continue our learning journey with him. Highly recommend for people living near Lake forest.

Yutong (Verified Review)

Really enjoyed taking lessons with Travis. He is very patient and makes it a fun time. Appreciate his laid back approach. You can't go wrong with Travis!

Katie T. (Verified Review)

Coach Travis is very thorough in teaching, adjusting the lessons specific to that individual student. He is great with communication, very quick and prompt in responding to questions or concerns we may have. He’s also accommodating and flexible with scheduling when needed. He even gave us tips where to get rackets and exercises on how to get better after getting hurt at my son’s school practice match. We’re glad we found Coach Travis and highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn or improve their tennis skills.

Jay C. (Verified Review)

It’s my son’s first time with tennis and Travis was patient and thorough with the lessons. He’s quick at responding to texts/emails/calls. Travis was professional and encouraging.

Jay C. (Verified Review)

He always tries to teach me and my friend new techniques and skills based on what we can do at the moment or what we should do next.
Even though we’re over 40, and we often forget or are not able to do right away what we’ve learnt, he tries to stress and make us focus on it.

Tami M. (Verified Review)

Excellent with the kids

Steve (Verified Review)

My son has taken 3 lessons with Travis so far - all have been great. My son had no experience and I think Travis is really helping him learn the basics of the game. Travis has made the experience very enjoyable. My son is even thinking about trying out for the high school team next year! I highly recommend Travis.

Stephen H. (Verified Review)

I've had 4 lessons with Travis and plan to continue. He's knowledgeable, patient and kind...and funny too! He knows how to teach not just do. I'm a beginner, never played tennis until this summer. I'm close to retirement and fit so tennis appeals to me. We've been focused on the backhand and serve, and I see much improvement. I'm very grateful for and Travis .

Chris D. (Verified Review)

My son (15) really enjoy the lessons with Travis.
He is a lazy boy, but now he never wants to skip any occasion.
Travis is a very quite and helpful guy.

Maria V. (Verified Review)

It has been great experience to play with Travis. He has improved my game
in several sessions that we had . I had been playing for over ten years and wanted to improve my game so after playing with travis he has made several adjustments that has made a big difference in my games. He is good as a beginner coach and also coaching for players who has been playing for many years.

Kasha (Verified Review)

Travis is a southern California native I first met in Irvine when I signed up for a lesson with him. I didn't know what to expect when I first signed up with him. I quickly found out that Travis knew his tennis! He was a good coach and a good player. I consider myself a 4.5 to about 5.0 (5.0 on a good day). I especially wanted to hit for a few hours at a high intensity. Travis did not disappoint me. If you want a coach who can rally with you for a long period of time and give you tips on how to better your strokes, Travis is your man! Good hitter from both wings and a consistent hitter. He is very pleasant and enjoyable to play with. Definitely should give him a try. Good coach and good player.

Joe K. (Verified Review)

Travis has been from day one an amazing teacher. In the four lessons we have had together, I have learned a great deal and my skills have improved. He is kind, knowledgeable, and patient and would be perfect for any age and level. I highly recommend Travis.

Gaya R. (Verified Review)

Travis is great, I learned a ton!

Gaya L. (Verified Review)

Travis is very patient. He came on time which was really important since I need to be
somewhere soon after. He is very knowledgeable and nice and has an easy going fun nature. I liked how patient he was when asking me what my tennis goals were and he was friendly and challenging without being chatty. I learned so much and one can see his expertise with his attention to detail. Thanks

Gaya L. (Verified Review)

Travis was great. My son learned a lot and had fun in his lessons with Travis. We miss him since we moved out of state. Thanks, Travis!

Janet C. (Verified Review)

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