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Roland O.

Watertown, MA (1 location)

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  • Years Teaching: 10
  • Years Playing: 16
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches:
  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
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About Me

My name is Roland

I started playing tennis at 16! In spite of a late start, I played all through college. It wasn't easy. I wasn't a natural, but perseverance and a willingness to learn helped me win.

By 2015, I was ranked as high as #3 in New England!

My Teaching Style - I am laid back. I love playing tennis and I believe that anyone who wants to play enough to get training must love it too. My lesson plans include lots of work on technique and hitting to build consistency.

Like I said above, I had to work for my ranking. I can show you how to use the same grit and determination to get to where you want to be in the tennis world.

It starts with the basics: you have to have a proper grip control and swings in order to move forward. The very best players are consistent with their grips, their backswings, and their swings.

As students progress, we begin to train on footwork, strategy, and match play.

My Students - I have taught students from 7 to 70 years old. From absolute beginners to advanced 4.5 players. One of my students went from a beginner with me to ranking in the Top 20 in New England.

Perfection - One of the skills that my students value most is that I am able to spot and correct those tiny mistakes that they make consistently. Any problems that need correcting, we can do together.

Teaching Style

Developing perfect form is the key to success in tennis. Whether you are working to tournament play, to go pro, or just for fun, form is the key to reducing injury, increasing power, and consistent accuracy.

The game of tennis is all about great footwork. I can show you how to move to always be there for the ball and to avoid injury. From gameplay to exercises, I can teach you to have feet with wings!

Power is important. Footwork is vital. But it's strategy that wins matches and trophies. Strategy is knowing when to attack and when to defend, when to hit hard and when play softly. I can teach you champion-level strategy.

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  • Lexington, MA 01731

Latest Reviews

Roland is an excellent coach! He is very patient and explains the strategies step by step clearly. He also tells me or shows me the reason why when I miss a ball or hit a ball in the wrong way. I strongly recommend Roland if you want to learn to play tennis or improve your tennis skills.

Ye G. (Verified Review)

Roland does a great job teaching the game. I have taken many lessons in the past and saw very limited results. He is a very passionate about the game and is a pleasure to work with. A lot of other guys i worked with, always had some sort of attitude. Roland has been such a pleasure to work with and my game has improved a lot since I started working with him. I had a tough time just hitting a few shots into the court when we started. After 6 months of lessons with him, I am able to now routinely hit 7 8 balls in a row on the run. I went from a struggling 3.0 to competing with 4.0 players relatively quickly. I would highly recommend him.

Roman A. (Verified Review)

Roland did wonders with my overall game. I had worked with him for the past year and my skills improved dramatically. I was a beginner when I first met him and now I am able to hold my own against advanced players. He worked a lot on the grips, footwork, and technique. He makes the lessons easy and simple. That makes learning alot easier.

Dmitry (Verified Review)

Excellent instructor. He's very affable, patient, communicative and insightful. Great at pinpointing what you need to do to improve upon whatever aspect of the game you're struggling with. Highly recommended.

Eric K. (Verified Review)

Roland has been teaching my sons since last summer and has been a great coach. He patiently corrects fundamental mistakes and stresses consistency. He will also sometimes give strategy tips; or when there is a disturbance, like the wind, he will give tips as well. If nothing else works, he may devise creative solutions to help fix the problem. Both kids have improved their form and technique.

Julia X. (Verified Review)

Roland is coaching both of my kids (10 and 6 years old) and they like him. He is patient with kids, yet at the same time very professional. Both kids become more interested in playing tennis. He is also very responsive and provides good advice when I have questions.

Wei Y. (Verified Review)

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