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Paul A.

Magnolia , TX (5 locations)

1178 Completed Lessons |
94 Reviews
  • USPTA Certified
  • PTR Certified
  • Years Teaching: 8
  • Years Playing: 15
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches:
  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
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About Me

Hi, I'm Coach Paul and I'm well qualified for the position of teaching tennis with more than eight years of coaching the sport. I have played in pro-level tournaments including: USA F29 Qualifying, Tennis Express Houston Fall Festival, Coca-Cola Open Houston, The ITF/CAT African Junior Circuit, Davis Cup, CBN Senior Open and Governor’s Cup Lagos. I have always had a great passion for tennis. I enjoy using my skills and training to coach others and help aspiring players perfect their game. I have great communication and interpersonal skills, which is very important when teaching students how to improve their form. I also listen and pay close attention to my students so that I can accurately address any concerns they may have and answer questions that will help them learn proper techniques. I can teach groups or individuals and coach all skill levels. I help determine the goals of each student and put together lesson plans that will help them accomplish these goals. I can also explain specific techniques to my students such as serving form, swing, grip, stance and footwork. I can simultaneously explain areas where students need improving while also providing encouragement and motivating students to reach their fullest potential.

Teaching Style

I train on the importance of being a good person. I will never put tennis ahead of being a good person. If my students become great players, but are lacking character, morals and ethics, then I have failed. Being a person first and a player second is what I tell my students. Whether winning or losing, be first to the net to shake hands. Always have complete respect for the game, the opponent and the people watching. Be the one to set the example in the face of frustration. Once you have the right perspective, then tennis will become easy, fun and addictive! After I have taught students how to use their greatest weapon, the mind, they learn how to refocus and be a mental giant. The student’s mindset will lead to flow, and then zone, the optimal state of mind every athlete wants to experience. My student’s optimal performance is a result of mental mastery. Then students become unstoppable and their opponent is at their mercy. This is why I implement this aspect -- so that my students will reach their full potential. My students receive my undivided attention as I identify problem areas such as footwork, approaching the ball correctly, early preparation, swing path and stroke correction. Each student receives instant analysis, the cause of any faults and then the correction. The speed of this analysis and correction is crucial to the accelerated development of the player. My structure of lessons is as follows: read the bounce of the ball/react to a moving ball/catch a falling ball, learn the names of the different shots, learn the rules of mini tennis/tennis, learn the forehand/ backhand, learn the ready position, learn how to use topspin, read your opponent's shots, learn how to serve with the correct grip, get mentally ready to play, learn how to split step, learn how to move faster, improve shot selection, learn about serve and return of serve, and concentrate on approach and volley. For children, I am demanding but kind. I demonstrate teaching points so that they understand, implement skills learned into match situations, finish with a fun game, and remind them what they have just learned and set homework for the next lesson. I then tell them what they are going to do next lesson, and always make sure the parents hear all this.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Billy Rowe
  • 18626 South Sugar Maple
  • Magnolia, TX 77355
  • Unity Park
  • 19450 Unity Park
  • Magnolia, TX 77355
  • Avalon Park
  • 8585 Grogans Mill Rd
  • The Woodlands, TX 77380
  • Ridgewood Park
  • 4192 Interfaith Way
  • The Woodlands, TX 77381
  • May Valley Park
  • 11598 May Valley Circle
  • Woodlands, TX 77354

Latest Reviews

Coach Paul is an experienced, professional, and excellent teacher. I am a complete beginner learning as an adult and the lessons have taught me skills efficiently and effectively, starting with basics of form, forehand, footing, backhand, and so on. I improve significantly every class. Highly recommend!

Jason H. (Verified Review)

Coach Paul is amazing at teaching tennis. We took beginner tennis lessons and he has been very patient as we learned the basics.

Lekha C. (Verified Review)

I have had several sessions with Coach Paul, and he has been wonderful.

He teaches techniques very well, and he is very enthusiastic about the sport. He observes your form and gives constructive ideas on how to improve.

Additionally, he is very patient and encouraging. He doesn't let you give up and keeps you optimistic about your progress. He's just an upbeat guy, and its contagious! I always look forward to our sessions!

Amit D. (Verified Review)

Coach Paul has been excellent with my children keeping them engaged and having fun all while learning the fundamentals of the game. Definitely one of Houston's best coaches.

Ronald B. (Verified Review)

Coach Paul is a wonderful coach. It was our first lesson and even though there were two of us, he was able to identify each of our strengths and weaknesses. He is knowledgeable and skillful. Tennis seemed daunting to us but we left optimistic that we will be able to participate (skillfully hit the ball back) at realistic timelines.

Glenne (Verified Review)

Patient. Encouraging. Professional. Friendly. Skilled. And the list goes on. Can't recommend Paul enough.

Cole (Verified Review)

My teen daughter who’s never once picked up a racquet left the court after her first lesson with the following statement: “I’m a better tennis player after 1 hour of tennis than I was a basketball player after 1 year of basketball.”

Lori E. (Verified Review)

Working with Coach Paul has been amazing! We’ve had two lessons so far and I feel like I’ve already learned so much about the sport. He’s very encouraging, but also pushes you at the same time which I really appreciate. Looking forward to continuing this tennis journey with him.

Alisha W. (Verified Review)

Just had our first lesson with coach Paul and it was extremely enjoyable, he made us feel comfortable as we were both beginners while making it fun and passing on his obvious excitement for the game onto us. We are eagerly looking forward to our next lesson this up coming Saturday!

Amir A. (Verified Review)

Coach Paul is an excellent teacher, I had fun and learnt a lot during my 5 sessions with him and look forward to my last session. He is always on time, patient and knowledgeable in breaking down the basics of tennis.

Funmi (Verified Review)

Coach Paul is the best coach. Not only is he skilled, knowledgeable and professional, he is so upbeat, friendly and keeps every lesson fun and engaging! I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking tennis lessons at any level. Thank you Coach Paul!

Tessa T. (Verified Review)

Coach Paul is an excellent teacher. He is very knowledgeable, patient, ponctual and very dedicated. This is assessmtent so far after only two days of coaching my girls.

Carine A. (Verified Review)

Great coach. Paid attention to details and explained minor changes in form which led to big changes in play style. Enjoyed my training with him! I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve.

Imran (Verified Review)

Brings alot of energy to the session. Great at identifying players strength and weakness. Does a good job of providing feedback needed to make an improvement.

Bayo T. (Verified Review)

Paul is a wonderful instructor, very upbeat and encouraging. He is able to quickly figure out the weaknesses in your game and correct them efficiently. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improve their game at any level!

Kristen R. (Verified Review)

Just finished my third lesson with Coach Paul. He is fantastic. Upbeat, full of energy, and points out the errors in my form as he notices them. I've improved on my forehand and backhand and learned how to serve and volley.

Eric L. (Verified Review)

Coach Paul is amazing! Our 7 year old daughter learned so much about form and correct position in just the first lesson. She also had fun and Coach Paul inspired her. We really look forward to continuing lessons with him!

Amber S. (Verified Review)

Had a great experience with Paul- he was friendly, broke down the basics for me, and kept it fun.

Lylia B. (Verified Review)

Paul has helped me a great deal in three lessons. Haven't played in ten years and was having trouble with my strokes. Excellent progress thus far. In addition, Paul is consistently positive and spots the key issues I need to address.

Pat D. (Verified Review)

Coach Paul was always on time and came to the lessons with a lot of energy. This energy helped me stay competitive and not lose focus. Tennis lessons were my first interaction in the current pandemic world we currently live and Coach Paul respected the social distance guidelines and was able to still coach footwork, racket swing patterns, and strategy efficiently. I like how vocal and clear he was from the other side of the net and the intensity he brought. A very big thanks to Coach Paul.

Edward R. (Verified Review)

Paul is an amazing coach and I’m glad I took a chance for my 10-year-old. You can tell from the get go that he is a good coach and very patient. My son loves him and has drastically improved with only 3 lessons so far. He is very detailed and works well with the weak spots. I highly recommend him

Ashish (Verified Review)

We love lessons with Coach Paul! He makes it fun and exciting. He is very encouraging and even my shy daughter is coming out of her shell for tennis because she enjoys her lessons. Definitely recommend Coach Paul!

Taryn C. (Verified Review)

Paul is wonderful with our son. He is upbeat, encouraging, and patient. He responds to my texts quickly and has been very accommodating when we’ve had to reschedule.

Paige B. (Verified Review)

Paul is the coach I always wanted for my son to be introduced to tennis.
We decided to take lessons with my husband too so we will be able to play with our son.
He is very good explaining skills and patient with children.My son adores him.
Very enthusiastic and has great skills.Great communication and always on time just another plus.We will continue to have lessons with coach Paul.

Gabriela P. (Verified Review)

Paul is good fun and has taught me a lot in a very short time. Noticing improvement.

Andy (Verified Review)

We had a very enjoyable time. I will stick with Paul for the full set of 6 lessons.

Leopoldine P. (Verified Review)

Paul knows tennis and how to coach, he's easy going, easy to talk to and actually enjoy learning to play.

Cynthi (Verified Review)

Very good tennis teacher for kids to all different levels. Paul is always upbeat and very flexible regarding tennis schedule appointments. Would recommend him anytime to any levels. He was playing very competitively several years ago.

Eric G. (Verified Review)

Paul is one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Besides being respectable and having high manners, his knowledge of the game is beyond words. His teaching skills, communication and reliability are excellent. From the first lesson, I became a much better player and would not hesitate to recommend him to all my buddies.

John S. (Verified Review)

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