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Oswaldo C.

Houston , X (7 locations)

  • USPTA Certified
  • PTR Certified
  • Years Teaching: 20
  • Years Playing: 30
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches:
  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
Lessons Starting at $92/hr
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About Me

Accomplished tennis coach with a proven track record of helping players of varying ability to improve their overall game technique and strategy. I am an experienced coach with a passion for coaching others, and watching them climb the ladder of success. Expert in helping others understand and practice the basic fundamentals of tennis, as well as the most up to date game strategies and techniques. Bringing a track record of leading players and teams to championships and personal victories.

Teaching Style

Teaching methodology: the way of communication with the players, trying to maximize the cognitive response of the players, my method of work is tactics without forgetting the technique in tennis.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Tanglewood Park
  • 5801 Woodway
  • Houston, TX 77057
  • Woodlake Oaks
  • 9550 Ella Lee Lane Houston, Tx 77063
  • Houston, TX 77024
  • Bay Land Park
  • 6400 Bissonnet
  • Houston, TX 77074
  • River Oaks Park
  • 3600 Locke Line
  • Houston , TX 77027
  • Moody Park
  • 3725 Fulton St
  • Houston , TX 77009
  • Wright Bembry Park
  • 840 W 23rd St
  • Houston , TX 77008
  • Karl Young Park
  • 7800 Stella Link Rd
  • Houston , TX 77025
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Latest Reviews

Muy buen entrenador con mucha paciencia, 100% recomendado

Fernanda H. (Verified Review)

Oswi teaches you according to your level and pace, perfects your technique and is a very punctual and formal teacher with his classes.

Andrea W. (Verified Review)

Excellent instructor! We love him! Focuses on getting the fundamentals right. Teaches at a digestible pace, so beginners don’t get overwhelmed. Would highly recommend.

Ashley Z. (Verified Review)

Good coach, good prices. Definitely recommend him

Charlie G. (Verified Review)

Oswaldo tailors lessons to the needs of each student.
I arrived with some tennis experience in my youth, but had not played in over a decade. Since beginning, I have seen substantial improvements in my game, including my serve.
I recommend Oswaldo to anyone seeking lessons.

Sean S. (Verified Review)

I highly recommend working with Oswaldo. I am a former competitive player who hasn't played in over 20+ years and I'm just getting back into Tennis. Oswaldo has really helped me overcome some bad habits which were contributing to injury.

Another reason I like working with Oswaldo is that he is bilingual. He will speak to me in Spanish during the lessons so I can learn that too!

Tim W. (Verified Review)

A really good Coach. When I was under his teaching I was able to not only improve on my technique but my enjoyment in the game. Each lesson helped me have not only a stronger swing but a better idea on how to win games. I would 100 percent recommend Coach Oswaldo if you ever want to improve in tennis.


Un entrenador realmente bueno. Cuando estuve bajo su enseñanza, pude no solo mejorar mi técnica, sino también mi disfrute en el juego. Cada lección me ayudó a tener no solo un golpe más fuerte, sino también una mejor idea de cómo ganar partidos. Recomendaría al 100 por ciento al entrenador Oswaldo si alguna vez quieres mejorar en tenis.

Sophia M. (Verified Review)

Oswaldo is a great tennis instructor! I love how he is detail oriented and always finds the right way to motivate me to keep learning this amazing sport!! I highly recommend Oswaldo!!

María R. (Verified Review)

Oswaldo has been an awesome trainer. He’s helped improve my weaknesses and strengthen my strengths. Always on time and uses time efficiently. Would recommend for all levels.

Aaron F. (Verified Review)

Best tennis coach ever

Cristina F. (Verified Review)

Fantastic instructor! He has helped me address a few old habits, thereby truly improving my game and increasing my consistency. He’s fun, reliable, and can pair you with other players at a similar level.

Julie D. (Verified Review)

Oswaldo is a great professor. Takes the time to give you corrections to help you improve. Classes are fun but also physically challenging making it a great workout.

Andreina C. (Verified Review)

Me súper encantan las clases con Oswaldo! Súper detallistas, siempre corrigiendo hasta los detalle más pequeños. Las clases son súper activas, el siempre está con buena actitud y de muy buen humor haciendo que demos lo mejor de nosotros en cada clase y así salimos súper satisfechos y felices del entrenamiento. He visto muchos beneficios gracias a su técnica.

Nakarid M. (Verified Review)

I really enjoy his classes. I have also learned a lot in the last year.

Alma R. (Verified Review)

I have been training with Oswaldo for longer than 6 months already and he is very dedicated and professional. He is super punctual, patient and he is really rooting for your growth.

Cristina A. (Verified Review)

I am a tennis newbie - just learning the game. Oswaldo’s attention to detail on proper form has been so helpful in giving me a great start - both in play and love of the game. He kindly corrects me when needed to establish good habits but also constantly reinforces me when my form and play is good. He’s kind, relaxed, and knows his stuff. I highly recommend him!!

Karen H. (Verified Review)

Keeps it easy to learn and positive through out.

Grant H. (Verified Review)

Best tennis coach I’ve had. Oswaldo is very responsible and dedicated.I like how patient he is to make sure I learn the form and technique right! Highly recommended!

Carla G. (Verified Review)

Oswaldo has made my tennis experience great. He is patient and very helpful in every way. He explains each movement and the importance of form very well, which has helped me build my skills little by little. When he sees me do something wrong, he stops me to make sure that I am learning from my mistakes. He celebrates me when I’m doing well and always provides helpful feedback.

Victoria B. (Verified Review)

Both my daughter and I take lessons from Coach Oswaldo. He is a great coach and is very skilled. He makes sure we are learning but also makes sure we are having fun while learning. I highly recommend him!

Priya J. (Verified Review)

Yo estoy aprendiendo con Oswaldo, este es mi primera vez entrenando tennis, el tiene experiencia y paciencia. Me enseña las posiciones para la raqueta y como debo realizar los pasos y movimientos. Poco a poco voy mejorando con su supervision.

Yosbel R. (Verified Review)

My wife and I are taking lessons together with Oswaldo. To begin with Oswaldo works on mechanics and form basics of forehand and backhand and gradually works in volleys and serving. My wife is not so athletic but Oswaldo is patient with her and she’s improving every session. We started with one lesson a week but we enjoyed it so much we increased to twice a week. Our lessons are weeknights but I know he does weekend sessions too. I would definitely recommend Oswaldo to anyone wanting to start tennis. Sessions are fun, light-hearted and great exercise.

Craig L. (Verified Review)

Oswaldo is a really experienced coach. He makes a plan for each athlete and helps his athletes improve individually.
I really recommend his services as a tennis coach! Super professional.

Patricia C. (Verified Review)

Oswaldo is the best! My tennis has improved 100% since I started with him about one year ago. Highly recommended!!

Maria (Verified Review)

Oswaldo is an excellent coach. I started my sessions with cero previous training and now I feel so much more confident playing tennis! I can control the ball and will be able to play matches really soon. He is also very responsible, reliable, patient, respectful, and accommodating. I highly recommend that you try his lessons :)

Adriana C. (Verified Review)

Very professional and we really enjoy the tennis lessons. Looking forward to learning more!

Jia Y. (Verified Review)

Great tennis instructor! My 10 and 9 y.o. daughters really enjoy their tennis classes and I can see great improvements. We have been in other clubs in the past and Oswaldo is the best! I highly recommend him.

Ana C. (Verified Review)

Awesome teacher and coach

Sophia Z. (Verified Review)

I highly recommend Oswaldo - his intuitive sense for tennis instruction has done a lot for my game. He’s clearly stoked to play every single day, and it’s infectious as a student. He guides without over-instructing, and he has a great sense for tailoring the pace to your level of fitness. Most lessons feel more like a fun hitting session than a clinic, but with observant feedback to nudge you towards how the stroke is supposed to feel.

Oswaldo mainly speaks Spanish, but also has quite a few students who only speak English (like me when I first started). I’ve had no issues understanding the technique adjustments, and have actually learned a lot of spanish as a bonus.

Stephen B. (Verified Review)

Great coach. Very experienced and passionate. I saw an incredible improvement on my two girls (10 and 9 y.o) in just one semester. I really recommend him!

Ana C. (Verified Review)

I’ve been taking classes with Oswaldo for over a year, and I’ve improved more in that year than the 10 years I’ve been playing tennis. He can teach you from basic theory and rudiments to how to strategize your advanced game. He’s a good observer and listener and will provide that detailed feedback you need to improve your game, he’s not just throwing balls for you to hit and call it a day, he’ll work with you to keep perfecting your game.

I highly recommend Oswaldo, he’s a great person and a great coach.

Alex A. (Verified Review)

Fantastic instruction by a very talented instructor. I highly recommend!

Ernesto S. (Verified Review)

I have been taking group classes with Oswaldo for almost one year. He is a great professor who emphasizes on technique to help your game improve. Sometimes I get frustrated in class because I don’t see improvements, but every time I play a match I surprise myself of how well I am playing. Definitely worth training with him. I appreciate his flexibility, and commitment.

Clarissa F. (Verified Review)

Great coach

Sandra B. (Verified Review)

Oswaldo really cares that you are improving and is always challenging you to do better with different exercises. He is very knowledgeable, but also kind and relatable.

Ines S. (Verified Review)

He knows a lot, professional, always on time and in a good mood. He really likes what he does!

Mariely M. (Verified Review)