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Mike H.

San Francisco, CA (2 locations)

1208 Completed Lessons |
183 Reviews
  • USPTA Certified
  • PTR Certified
  • Years Teaching: 10
  • Years Playing: 30
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches:
  • Seniors, Adults, Juniors, Kids
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About Me

I've been playing tennis for over 30 years, I've played junior tournaments and also played professional and college tennis. I've been all around the world playing tennis I have many years of experience on the tennis court.

Teaching Style

In teaching I try to develop the most out of a player that I can. I structure my lessons around their skill level.

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  • Marina Park
  • 1890 Chestnut Street
  • San Francisco, CA 94123
  • Ella Hill Hutch
  • 1100 Golden Gate St.
  • San Francisco, CA 94192
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Student Feedback

Mike was great! Great speed for teaching and matched my skill level. Provided feedback and jumped right into play.

Peter M. - February 20, 2021

First class with Michael was an amazing workout. We hit so many balls working on ground strokes. Get great to be back and Michael gave me helpful tips that immediately helped my game. We couldn’t work too closely together because of COVID but I loved my first training with him.

He’s a pro so it feels good to learn from the best.

Theodore N. - December 2, 2020

Mike's a great teacher!

Matt M. - August 14, 2020

I like how Michael and I can both work together to gradually identify swings that need improvement and he coaches me into correcting them. Great amount of repetitions we get in too!

William C. - February 7, 2020

My 7 year old son has really enjoyed playing with Mike. They hit a lot of balls together and he has definitely helped improved his game.

James K. - October 20, 2019

I learned a lot with Mike in the 6 months we worked together. We touched a bit on technical aspects of the game, but not nearly enough.

I definitely became a better tennis player after our time together, but need more technical guidance.

Chi Chi - September 3, 2019

Mike is awesome! He’s a great coach.

Alicia B. - July 18, 2019

My husband and I are about 3 lessons in with Mike and so far it's been excellent! We have a ton of fun every time and Mike has always been knowledgeable, accommodating, and encouraging. I highly recommend him to anyone at any level!

Lily - June 24, 2019

Mike brings chill to the court -- I get so caught up with points that I forget to breathe and play, and Mike is a coach that emphasizes taking it one stroke at a time. I enjoyed every lesson and can't wait to start competing again.

Sanchita S. - October 3, 2018

Mike is a great teacher. He understands what your weaknesses are and pushes you to overcome them. It's not easy learning, but it's effective. He will not go easy on you but the opposite, he'll make you play hard and become the best tennis player you can be. My experience with him has been very rewarding, and I would recommended it to anyone who's looking to start playing in tournaments.

Mauricio B. - May 8, 2015

Mike was an incredible coach for me as a beginner. He focused on really making sure I knew the fundamentals. After 6 lessons, I felt comfortable enough to play tennis with my husband.

Travis B. - September 8, 2015

Mike is great! I got a great work out today. Lots more action than talk which I appreciated. When he did give pointers they were on point. I felt that I improved my power today. Thanks Mike!

Lane M. - November 30, 2015

Mike was great, he did everything I was hoping for! Will work together again soon!

Gera M. - January 14, 2016

I received 6 lessons with Mike as a birthday gift from my husband and it is by far one of my most favorite gifts. I had never played tennis but wanted to learn and Mike did a fantastic job. He was patient and instructive in a manner that worked well for me as a beginner, taking time to hone in on fundamentals like my forehand and backhand shots given the short amount of time I had with him. Obviously I'm not a pro after 6 hours of lessons, but I am more confident in my play and built a love for the sport, all thanks to Mike! I would absolutely reccomend booking with Mike, he makes it fun while tailoring each lesson to your needs and building off your progress.

Alex B. - March 11, 2016

Great teacher, always with great attitude and willing to help you improve your game!

Ileana G. - April 19, 2016

Mike was there ahead of time to meet us and started us off quickly hitting balls and telling us small improvements. He was very friendly and helpful and we can't wait for our next lesson!

Benjamin M. - September 7, 2016

Mike is a fantastic coach. He is a great teacher and is very passionate about tennis. I will definitely be continuing lessons!

Nadia H. - December 4, 2016

Mike has been great for me, a total beginner. He keep the lessons moving so I see lots of balls and get a lot of actual playing time during our sessions. He is really great at giving small tips over time so you can string them all together to improve.
Would totally reccomend him!

Jessica - April 19, 2017

Get ready to hit a lot!!! He doesn’t give a lot of feedback which is actually ok so I can focus on a few things. I learned by hitting (did I mention a lot) and what worked and didn’t. He also encouraged me. Really nice guy.

Debra R. - January 17, 2018

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