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Michael T.

Brandon, FL (0 locations)

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  • PTR Certified
  • Years Teaching: 21
  • Years Playing: 48
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
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About Me

Started by my father at the age of four, I have been actively playing the game of tennis for the majority of my life. Continued to play through college at Old Dominion University. (Division II), where I received a B.S. in Communications. I have been an active Certified Teaching Professional through the Professional Tennis Registry since 2002. With over 40 years playing experience, and 21 years coaching as a primary source of income, I truly love and live tennis. For safety and peace of mind for all involved I utilize a $5,000,000 liability insurance policy that covers all students regardless of teaching location.

Teaching Style

I am Master Level Professional in
Tennis Performance and Development. I try to to offer the latest cutting edge technology in my instruction including practice video taping and analysis, visual themed teaching aids, and the like. I always try to bring a energetic, simple and fun approach to my instruction. My emphasis is on establishing a strong foundation of the basics of tennis, hopefully while having some fun along the way.... Open dialogue is often the key, so comfortable interaction is a must!
I like to find out exactly what each client wants out of the game of tennis, what their goals are, and then custom make a specialized strategy for them to help achieve these goals. My lessons are fun, and my clients are smiling....but most importantly, THEY ARE LEARNING. Its amazing what you can teach someone who is eager to learn and just willing to listen.
I let the client (if they wish) determine what they feel is best to focus on each lesson. I also have structured lessons that I will implement depending on each individual clients need/desires on a case by case basis.

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Student Feedback

Great first lesson for a youth beginner! Coach Michael's communication before the lesson was excellent, he was on time and full of positive energy. He's organized and has lots of great drills ready. My son said he really enjoyed the lesson and is looking forward to the next one.

Ryan B. - February 2, 2021

Michael is a very good coach because he desinged, adjusted the coaching plan according to the situation of the player and other circumstances, making the training interesting, helpful and fun in every minute.

He goes into the details, and can design many little drills to improve my weak areas. Within limited time, I feel I've learned a lot.

Really appreciate his patience and great communication. Enjoyed every single minute on the court with Michael.

Xinmin Y. - December 26, 2019

One of the best coach I've met. He is professional, very attentive to details. I needed to fix my volley and serve and he pointed me out on my mistakes and now I have excellent shots :) Thank you Michael!

Artur - April 3, 2019

Great coach, teaches a variety of shots and how to put them into game situations. Lessons are always fun and you always walk away with something to add to your game.

Joshua T. - March 21, 2019

Michael was so much fun to work with. He was punctual and reliable. He was able to cover a lot in a very short amount of time. Michael is full of knowledge and lots of tennis tips. I really enjoyed my session with him!!

Suzanne A. - March 21, 2019

Michael was a very intuitive instructor with focus on our weakness. In a short time, we demonstrated significant improvement to our game. We enjoyed his lessons very much. We highly recommend Michael as an instructor.

Patty - February 19, 2019

Mike is a great teacher, very patient and easygoing. I would recommend him for sure to anyone looking to improve its game and have some fun!

Gustavo P. - November 25, 2018

High energy instructor, was able to address and improve the areas of my game I needed to work on. No time wasted; used lesson time efficiently. Pleasant and positive. Great lesson overall. Highly recommend him.

Jutta N. - December 31, 2015

Coach Micheal is an amazing person. He encourages his students a lot during the lesson. He made me realize my full potential. In just a couple of weeks, I started to play with other people. I'm really glad that I met him via mtl!

Selin O. - August 4, 2016

Very easy to work with Mike. No push.

Yuri A. - June 25, 2018

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