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Michael M.

Chino Hills, CA (1 location)

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  • USPTA Certified
  • Years Teaching: 30
  • Years Playing: 50
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches:
  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
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About Me

I'm a former certified tennis professional who has been playing and competing for over 40 years. I've been coaching the game since 1988 and I hold an advanced degree and formal training in Psychology. Furthermore, I have spent over ten years as a teacher/professor in secondary and post-secondary (academic) education. This unique combination of training and experience has allowed me great insight into how humans learn and develop new skills at varying stages in life. Moreover, my scientific methodology prevents the development of "bad habits" and addresses every student's unique learning style and idiosyncrasies. -- I use "OnForm," a highly-advanced video coaching app that has the ability to analyze and manually repeat every movement of a tennis stroke, in addition to being able to create side-by-side comparative analysis. It's simply an amazing tool!

My goal is to develop students into stylish and versatile players who have no fear at the net. Therefore, an attacking mentality is highly emphasized along with the skill-set to accompany it. However, just as important is the idea that having fun and staying fit is the overall objective in living the tennis lifestyle.

Indeed, playing tennis is fun and becomes even more fun the better you get. What’s more, you’ll hardly even notice that you’ve given yourself a total and complete body workout everytime you walk off the tennis court!

My recovery from a life altering car crash, and a host of sports injuries has given me a new perspective on life and the game of tennis and coaching. To me, each and every waking day is an opportunity to introduce the wonder of tennis to everybody I meet and to help those who have already been enlightened to be the best that they can be!

Hoping to see you on the court soon!

Teaching Style

I use OnForm , an advanced VIDEO COACHING APP to assess, analyze and show students their strokes which greatly assists in learning and developing proper technique. In addition to fundamentals and STRICT adherence to technique/form, my coaching emphasizes formation of the "attack mentality" and the shots to complement it. I also incorporate ball-throwing machines, which administer continuous repetitions and allow me close proximity to the student to observe the stroke and verbally instruct.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • The Jackson Nielsen Tennis
  • 4306 Heather Circle
  • Chino, CA 91709
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Latest Reviews

Patience, technically superb, skillful, worthy

Allison (Verified Review)

Kudos to Coach Michael. We started with him in the summer of 2022. At the time, it was me (37M), my wife (41F) and our daughter (9F) who took up tennis lessons for the very first time.

Our daughter took interest in tennis out of the blue with the eventual goal of playing competitively. Our goal as parents was to accompany her and also be able to learn the fundamentals and play with each other.

With those goals in mind, Coach Michael taught us with the utmost patience. He started slowly with the basics and ramped us up individually according to our pace and progression.

His lessons cover modern techniques with a really strong emphasis on the correct fundamentals.

He effectively uses video to capture the faster movements and gives accurate details in slowmotion like wrist angle and racket face direction.

I strongly believe that Coach Michael is the best coach for us and would highly recommend him. He has the patience and empathy to effecfively teach tennis skills across different learning styles.

Jordan J. (Verified Review)

Very professional, knows what he’s doing. Looking forward to continuing lessons with him!

Katherine M. (Verified Review)

Michael has provided me with a high level of instruction and my game has improved significantly. Michael is experienced, informed, engaging and has strong communication skills. Though I have had tennis instruction from many other teachers over the past ten years, Michael is by far the best…

Rodney L. (Verified Review)

“It’s difficult for me to describe in words how much Michael has a true passion and is genuinely sincere about helping you. He is gifted in conveying things in a way that’s easy to understand. He is also extremely patient and skilled in the art of teaching.”

Belinda M. (Verified Review)

“Michael has the uncanny ability to tailor his communication style to each individual's needs. Further, he tailors his instruction to challenge you to perform to your personal best, while making it fun, and a great workout at the same time! He gives feedback in a positive way that encourages me to push harder to become better. I’d recommend Michael for any level of player, beginner to advanced. Whether you’re looking for social or recreational fun, or a coach that will develop your skills and make you a competitive player, Michael is the one. I have had many instructors, but Michael truly stands out as my favorite.”

Natalie (Verified Review)

“My son began lessons at age 8 and has been playing for 3 years. he's 11 now and in our first session, Michael pointed out and video-recorded technical flaws in every single stroke. We are currently in the process of fixing several years of bad muscle memory and it’s not easy.... Do yourself a favor and get Michael from the start…”

Mike R. (Verified Review)

"Because of Michael, tennis has become my passion. I am so thankful that I can maintain my weight, and get exercise all while having fun at the same time. I was always fond of the sport, but lacked the skills to really have a good time playing it. As a beginner, Michael welcomed me with whole-hearted enthusiasm. With his guidance my game has improved tremendously. Now I'm eager and excited to play several times a week and I'm truly enjoying a sport I'll be able to play for the rest of my life.”

Jason (Verified Review)

"Michael's believes that working out should be fun and it shows. Every time I get off the court I feel I have really worked and improved in some area of my game. Most importantly, I realize I had a great time doing it!!!

Diane S. (Verified Review)

“I’m so happy to have Michael share his coaching expertise here in the San Gabriel Valley. I used to drive out to the west side to find a decent instructor and now I have the best right in my own backyard. Speaking of backyard, I almost forgot to mention the beautiful backyard settings you'll be playing in."

Rebecca L. (Verified Review)

“As a non-tennis playing parent who is actively involved, I can say that Michael is exactly what I needed. He thoroughly explains things to me so that I’m able to understand what needs to happen during practice. He’s been there anytime of the day to answer any questions and will analyze videos I send him of my son practicing. Most importantly , Michael makes certain that we practice the right way so that he doesn’t build incorrect habits. And yes, Michael assigns homework and expects progress every session…”

Connie C. (Verified Review)

“You will not find a more dedicated coach than Michael, period.”

Nicol B. (Verified Review)

“I’m a single mom and Michael is the perfect coach and male role model for my sons. He’s physically fit, speaks intelligently and maintains a disciplined environment that gains respect. He’s also easy-going and funny. It’s easy to see why the boys want to impress him by excelling at the sport…”

June W. (Verified Review)

Michael has a mastery of both the physical and mental aspects of the sport, and offered a great mix of constructive criticism and encouragement to both effectively get the teaching points across and keep me motivated. After taking the time to understand my specific goals, he worked with me to develop personalized instructions that were tremendously helpful. He offered practical advice on how I could improve each specific shot – the serve, the groundstrokes, the volley, etc. and gave me clear directions on how I can practice on my own time beyond the lessons to incorporate those improvements. Michael’s technical skills and work ethic make him a great tennis instructor, and his ability to inspire the same passion he has for tennis in others makes him a great ambassador for the sport.

Andrew W. (Verified Review)

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