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San Francisco , CA (8 locations)

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  • PTR Certified
  • USPTA Certified
  • Years Teaching: 11
  • Years Playing: 20
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches:
  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
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About Me

Hi everyone my name is Mahdi. I am a certified physical education teacher and tennis coach. I have played competitive tennis for 8 years. I am passionate about tennis and enjoy coaching students of all ages.

Teaching Style

Depends if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced. And I will ask what my clients wants to achieve and then do an initial prognosis of playing style to determine a good training plan.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Lafayette Park
  • Gough And Sacramento St
  • San Francisco, CA 94109
  • Presidio Of San Francisco
  • 328 Infantry Terrace Street
  • San Francisco, CA 94129
  • City College Of San Francisco
  • 800 Ocean Avenue
  • San Francisco , CA 94112
  • Balboa Park Tennis Courts
  • San Jose Avenue
  • San Francisco, CA 94112
  • South Sunset Play Ground
  • 40 Th Avenue And Vicente
  • San Francisco , CA 94116
  • Helen Wills Playground
  • Brodway And Larkin
  • San Francisco , CA 94109
  • Alta Plaza Park
  • Jackson And Scott
  • San Francisco , CA 94115
  • Grattan Playground
  • 201 Alma St, San Francisco, Ca 94117
  • San Francisco , CA 94117
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Student Feedback

He listened to what I wanted, fast paced, direct, keep me moving, and delivered! I feel like I came 3x faster along in a single lesson with him vs the group lesson I took for months. Highly recommend for other beginners

Lindsay Z. - July 26, 2017

Mahdi was fun, energetic, professional, and a great source of knowledge. Will be taking more lessons with him.

Marc - February 21, 2019

Mahdi is an amazing coach! He helped me with my footwork, and form. He pays attention to every detail. I always have trouble with my backhand but thanks to his help I was able to perfect my grip and actual do a very good return. Thank you so much. Highly recommend!

Youcef A. - October 23, 2018

Mahdi is fantastic! He is patient and punctual at explaining to get down to basics. He finds a way that makes a lesson intuitive and also fun. Great instructor. Highly recommended.

Regina P. - October 23, 2018

I have had the chance to train and play tennis with Mahdi and had a superb experience! I was coming out of a surgery and I was playing to get back to the scene. He helped me warm up and get me back to speed based on my pace.
He is very friendly and professional ! Beside his good technical tennis skills, he has got the talent to know how to train people based on everybody’s needs and goals. Mahdi has got good interpersonal skills that helps him adjust to anybody’s personality and allows him to teach tennis to everyone with great sense of achievement.

Atef - October 23, 2018

He is a very good coach. He is very kind and I had a very good experience training with him he improved my technique for my backhand and also take care of the physical side.

Hissaf A. - October 23, 2018

Amazing session with Mahdi.
I fully recommand.

Amine L. - October 23, 2018

My friend and I had no clue about the world of tennis (or how to play) before we started taking some classes with Mahdi. After the first 9 classes we were able to rally between us and now after few months we are constantly improving our technique whilst having a lot of fun. Mahdi is a terrific teacher he mixes harder exercises with more fun ones and calibrates each class based on our mood, weather conditions and our level of tiredness. He is always understanding of a last minute change of schedule and always available to plan classes on the go. If we became so passionate about tennis it’s absolutely thanks to Mahdi. We highly recommend him!

Maria C. - October 23, 2018

Mahdi has a real skill in observing exactly what my mistakes are, even if I don't know, and drills me on the basics; he is relentless in reminding me what I am doing wrong and praising me on what I am doing right.

He is able to motivate and inspire me. That's why I enjoy his lessons.

I used to be an absolute beginner and now I’m very happy to see that I can actually play at an advanced beginner level. My backhand used to be tragic at first but now I’ve improved and I’m enjoying the game even more. I would definitely recommend Coach Mahdi to anyone.

Ahmed G. - October 24, 2018

I'm really enjoying lessons with Mahdi. I'm an adult student who has played off and on since childhood but never learned proper technique. Mahdi's been teaching me the mechanics of a good swing and even after just 5 sessions he's massively improved how I hit the ball. Lessons are challenging and fun, and we keep moving for the full hour. Looking forward to more training with Mahdi - highly recommended as a coach.

Jeremy - October 24, 2018

It was my first time to find an instructor online. Luckily, I found the right person, Mahdi. I am a beginner and he is very kind, patient, punctual, and professional. I have learned basic skills in 6 hours lessons. I highly recommend him for any levels!

Jay K. - October 26, 2018

I am a beginner and have been taking lessons with Mahdi for about 3 months. He is fantastic - he focuses on good form and gives drills to help with my specific challenges. He’s responsive, always on time, and cares about your improvement. It’s been a lot of fun!

Jessica J. - October 27, 2018

Reaching out to Mahdi for lessons has been one of the best decisions I made. He responds to messages timely and is flexible with different locations in the city. Our first class started with Mahdi watching and analyzing my stroke style. He was able to quickly tell what was wrong, and we've been working towards fixing and improving my stroke since then. We're about 5-6 lessons in now, and I can already see huge improvements, both technically and mentally—I also tell when I'm starting to retreat back to bad habits, and am starting to be so much more aware of getting into the correct position and stroke when we're rallying.

Definite recommend.

Andy T. - November 4, 2018

Mahdi is a great tennis coach. My wife and I have been taking lessons with him for a couple of weeks. Mahdi starts the lessons with a warm-up, and then gives us specific drills to help us improve in specific areas. The lessons are a lot of fun, we look forward to them. Mahdi is always on-time and it's easy to communicate with him to reschedule a lesson if necessary. Highly recommended!

Razvan - November 8, 2018

Mahdi helped me control the game and focus on strategies. He also helped improve my serve and forehand.

Stephen - December 17, 2018

Mahdi is an amazing coach, I’m a beginner and three lessons in I could already rally, would recommend!

Anh P. - December 15, 2018

Mahdi is great! He is my kids' first teacher and he is making them love tennis. He has a great manner with them - firm but patient. He has tons of different drills that are fun and at their level, to teach them the skills they need. We highly recommend Mahdi!

Stephanie W. - March 14, 2019

My husband and I had been wanting to do tennis lessons for quite some time, both complete beginners. It was a slow start due to our work schedules and the heavy rain season this year. Mahdi has been exceptionally patient with us! As for instruction, we've been over the top happy to have found him. Always focused on technique, drills, and ensuring that we move forward in learning new skills. Super positive, punctual and enjoyable to be around. He's also great at recognizing areas that need more focus and catering to our different strengths so that we both get a full experience. Whether you're new or seasoned in the sport, we highly recommend bringing Mahdi on as your instructor!

Jaime W. - May 17, 2019

I made tremendous progress with my tennis skills with my 6 classes with him. He is extremely proficient with teaching and explaining the basics. He also quickly notices mistakes - incorrect posture, racquet position and gives feedback on every shot I made which helped me quickly improve my game. I have taken classes from a couple of different coaches but his technique and methodology are far superior!

Swati G. - June 16, 2019

Mahdi is a great instructor. He always comes up with ways to keep the kids entertained as well as learning at the same time. He spots the weakness in each student and tries to find ways to correct and improve. A good instructor is hard to come by we are glad we can have him as a instructor for our kids.

Sharon X. - November 15, 2019

I hadn't hit a ball in over 30 years, and only recently picked up a racket in the last year, "playing" less than 10 times. (The ball would go over the fence often). Mahdi was able to teach me fundamentals in lesson 1, in a way that my process-oriented mind can remember. He's also patient. I saw dramatic improvements in lesson 1. Looking forward to continuing. Watch out, Williams sisters!

Liz K. - June 12, 2020

This dude is awesome he played to my pace 10/10

Sohrab - June 26, 2020

Mahdi is very experienced in breaking down a complicated move into digestible pieces. He also addresses training your mind and eyes to coordinate into a swing with adequate timing and space. I started from not knowing how to swing forehand before the class, and Ended up hitting forehand in full stroke in an hour. He’s also very approachable and professional as a teacher.

Kang W. - July 13, 2020

I played with Mahdi for two years and really improved my swings and stamina. I moved out of the city but will miss his coaching dearly!

Kathy C. - September 6, 2020

Great tennis who has a keen eye on correcting your form and will make you work hard to become a better tennis player.... not to mention he has a positive energy.

Anne E. - October 1, 2020

I've been very impressed so far with Madhi's teaching ability. I'm new to tennis and prior to lessons with Madhi had only taken a handful of lessons. Madhi is great at breaking down moves and explaining what you are doing right / wrong. I had tried out a cheaper tennis instructor in the area, but realized I needed someone more technical given I'm still trying to learn the basics. I think Madhi is worth the price, and plan on purchasing more lessons once my initial lessons are used up.

Highly recommend!

Beth L. - October 29, 2020

Mahdi is a kind, patient, and experienced coach and I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn or improve tennis skills. He is my daughter's first tennis coach, and knows how to balance skill development with enjoyment of the sport by coming up with fun drills and games to keep her engaged. My daughter loves him and always looks forward to the next lesson. I couldn't be happier to have found him.

Hanna - February 24, 2021

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