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Lawson C.

Royal Palm Beach , FL (6 locations)

549 Completed Lessons |
139 Reviews
  • PTR Certified
  • Years Teaching: 7
  • Years Playing: 19
  • Levels Taught:
  • Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
  • Teaches:
  • Seniors, Adults, Juniors, Kids
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About Me

Hi, my name is Lawson I am PTR (professional Tennis Registry) certified . I am an avid tennis player who likes to teach my lessons so as to get the player in great physical shape. I am from Jamaica where I grew up running track. I ran the 100m, 200m but the 400m is the best race for me be because its a very tactical race where u have to have a plan. I did well at the high school and college level. I obtained a track scholarship to complete my studies . I am very competitive and my love for the sport of tennis started when my wife played for her college and I never stopped playing.

Teaching Style

It is always important to play consistently and aggressively, emphasizing spins and slices. My lessons are structured around fitness, serves, return of serve and footwork

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Okeeheelee Park
  • Forest Hill Boulevard
  • West Palm Beach , FL 33414
  • Village Of Wellington Tennis
  • Wellington Tennis
  • Wellington, FL 33414
  • Oaces Tennis At Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach, FL 33414
  • Greenacres Community Park
  • Jog Road
  • Greenacres, FL 33414
  • Lake Lytal Park
  • 3645 Gun Club Road
  • West Palm Beach , FL 33406
  • Lakeside Challenger Park
  • Challenger Park
  • Royal Palm Beach , FL 33414

Student Feedback

Lawson is a terrific coach who is very knowledgeable. I am amazed at the progress I have made after a couple of lessons.

Vijay P. - October 30, 2017

Lawson is a very competent family man. He understands that it takes agility, coordination, and stamina to play tennis, and he worked on each with my 7 year-old daughter so that she could play a full court game. I was impressed with his work and am very proud of my daughter.

Leisa R. - June 22, 2015

Really good with kids. Very knowledgable.

Dennis - July 30, 2015

Lawson is great! I am a beginner, and he is skilled at showing me the groundwork to enjoy playing and learning.

Dianne - August 7, 2015

Great lessons for the fundamentals of tennis!!

John N. - September 6, 2015

Great with kids!!! Seeing results already!!

John - August 25, 2015

My kids are into the lessons and want to play more and more!!!

John - August 25, 2015

Lawson is a great teacher. He is exceedingly patient and is truly invested in making you a stronger and smarter player. He is so giving with his time and really cares about your progress. Lessons are both fun and informative, and I would definitely recommend him as a teacher.

Niki M. - October 20, 2015

I am a total beginner at tennis I love that he is teaching me important tennis technique but also coaching me to focus on the right things as we play. He is an excellent tennis coach. He really knows his stuff and is also very patient. I definitely recommend him for tennis lessons

Candice L. - January 18, 2016

Lawson has been really great with my daughter, Emma. He's very patient, knowledgeable and pushes her to learn and practice more without putting preassure. Emma enjoys her lessons very much. Will definitely book more with Lawson for the summer!

Milagros G. - February 2, 2016

Lawson is a great teacher. Every lesson is different from the last, and he constantly keeps you on your toes. You learn not just technique, but how to be a skillful and smart player. He really cares about your progress, and he is very encouraging. I would definitely recommend Lawson to tennis students of every level.

Nikita M. - February 6, 2016

Awesome coach. I've been trying to get back into tennis (I'm in my early 20s) and Lawson has been great at helping me understand where my game is lacking and how to improve. Making great progress so far!

Adam M. - February 29, 2016

Great coach for beginner like me who never played before. He is very patient to beginner, give positive feedback, correct if needed right away and not to put too much information once. Very helpful to get great concept how to play tennis for the first time and excited for rest of classes!

Aeran L. - April 1, 2016

Very keen to detail . Very patient , has a passion for tennis that would easily run off you . Great coach couldn't ask for anything more, and certainly do not regret my purchase .

Rochelle D. - May 12, 2016

Mr. Campbell is a great Coach! He is punctual, diligent, experienced and thorough. He is kind, personable, teaches great technique and is very patient with the student.

Ana - June 1, 2016

Arrived early and he was well prepared. Great instructor. As an Adult that learned to play late in life, he was able to evaluate my style and make it work.

Kathy M. - June 13, 2016

This was my very first time ever holding a racquet of any kind. Lawson was very patient with me; he's very knowledgeable and a great instructor! Thank you Lawson for making my initiation into the game of tennis a pleasureable one!

Maria L. - July 18, 2016

Very knowledgeable and has improved my game a lot

Kathy M. - July 20, 2016

Lawson is awesome! I signed up to have someone teach me proper technique, pinpoint areas of focus and improvement, and to push me. Lawson is a naturally competitive and disciplined person, so he did all these things and more, teaching me about the more nuanced complexities of game and strategy. Definitely five star coach.

Avideh M. - August 15, 2016

Nice coach

Judith - September 2, 2016

Lawson is a great tennis instructor and it's obvious that he has a passion for the game. These past six lessons have been my very first time ever holding a racket and as a beginner, he has been very patient while teaching me the fundamentals and as I try to gain the coordination needed to follow through on my front and back hand. The lessons have all been very enjoyable and a great work out. I can now apply the techniques that Lawson has taught me to better my tennis game. Thank you Lawson!

Maria L. - September 5, 2016

Lawson is Awesome.
He is a great guy and an amazing instructor. He has a high tennis IQ and most importantly knows how to teach others very well. He helps you build on your game with each passing lesson and kind of works off of feel in terms of where to go with the current lesson. Although I consider myself to be a slow learner most of the times, I find it amazing how quickly I am learning to play tennis thanks to his techniques, methods, and advice. I would definitely recommend Lawson to anyone. From the first day I search for an instructor I had a good feeling about Lawson and I am so glad I made the right choice. Thank you Lawson.

Luis R. - September 27, 2016

Very nice person and an excelent teacher for my little girl.

María E. - August 29, 2017

Great with the kids. Always prompt. Extremely knowledgeable. Lawson makes the sport fun while learning key skills. He’s a born teacher. Worth every penny!

Keri L. - February 3, 2018

I'm a former athlete now in my late 40's, have had all kinds of lessons throughout my life and can say with confidence that Lawson is one of the best teachers I have ever connected with. No other tennis instructor has been able to help me as much as Lawson did in just one lesson. I'm grateful and looking forward to lesson #2.

Lili - February 13, 2018

Lawson was a great coach - very patient and encouraging. My husband and I took lessons with him during our vacation in Florida and were very pleased with the results. We will definitely contact him for more lessons next time we are back.

Domenique R. - February 26, 2018

Lawson is a natural coach. He is very easy to talk to and is very straight forward in how he shows you what to do. We had some good laughs and he showed me some very simple things I can do to improve my game. He is very patient and is helping me to rebuild my forehand from the 1960's - 1970's up to the current style of play. He made one simple suggestion about where I toss the ball on my serve. As a result, my serve is 100% better immediately. It goes in with a little bit of power every time. I highly recommend Lawson to beginners, intermediate players and even advanced players that need a good pair of eyes to give them that little something extra to improve their game.

John T. - May 3, 2018

I've had several lessons with Lawson and he is amazing. I've learned a lot from just a few lessons with him. Hes really nice, he shows up on time, and you can tell that he really appreciates the game. Part of Lawson's technique is showing you how to train and how to reach a level of fitness that would make you really good at tennis. For example, we've worked heavily on serves, forehand, and backhand shots, but we've also done specific exercises that help with tennis. One of the main goals of doing this was to lose body weight and i've already done that in just a few lessons. Im definitely thinking of renewing the lessons.

Josh W. - January 24, 2019

Lawson is great! He is very committed to his teaching. As a beginner I really appreciated his patience and commitment to finding the right technique to convey his instruction. The lessons were technical, informative but also really fun. I had no instruction prior to my lessons with him but after just a few lessons I was playing tennis and having a great time! I always had things to practice in between our lessons and I felt I improved after every one. He’s also a very nice guy and I highly recommend him! You will not be disappointed.

Kim M. - April 8, 2019

My son was a beginner, and a few lessons later he was able to play tennis. The way Mr. Campbell coach tennis, he made it seemed easy to learn and enjoyable. We look foward to the next lessons.

Thank you Mr. Campbell!

Nadine - July 6, 2019

Mr. Campbell has a gift of teaching tennis. He has a unique approach explaining peculiarities of this amazing sport and correct mishaps in an easily understandable way. I am very impressed with my first lesson and look forward to every one to come. 10/10

Olga F. - August 4, 2019

Coach Lawson is a very good coach. He is teaching my daughter the right techniques and moves in Tennis. He encourages her and is a very experienced coach. We will continue taking lessons with him.

Rania H. - June 12, 2020

Coach Lawson is a great tennis coach, he goes the extra mile to teach my kid the drills, moves in playing tennis. My daughter has a great time in her lessons with him. And he helped her to improve fast. I would definitely recommend him.

Rania H. - June 16, 2020

Lawson is very patient and knowledgeable tennis coach. Currently rated a 4.0 USTA player and playing for over 20 years Lawson gave me some tips that improved my game significantly. Highly recommend!

Ed V. - January 8, 2021

It was a pleasure to get my first lesson
Understand why i need more lesson with him
Despite having play on by my self so many years
If you are ready to improve at your pace
No pressure
He is the one
Before spending $ with other coach
Having him as your teacher
When you are good as he is ( in years ) you may choose an other one

Philippec L. - March 19, 2021

Always a pleasure to learn from Lawson

Philippe C. - May 23, 2021

Lawson is wonderful ! Kind, friendly and we'll be back !

Elle - June 12, 2021

This review is LONG overdue. Lawson was my tennis coach a few years ago and he was phenomenal. I can't say enough good things about him, though I was so sad to lose him when he moved. Thank you Lawson!

Lois An G. - February 6, 2023

Lawson makes the experience rewarding, FUN, and filled with so much information that is just the right amount, not overwhelming.
Patience is also an attribute Lawson has in abundance. He makes sure that YOU. as the one who is learning, really is LEARNING.
Along with patience, Lawson is an athlete who is passionate, committed and breaks the nuances of tennis down into manageable techniques. Hands down I recommend anyone to work with Lawson as he will ultimately bring your technique and understanding to a whole new level.
Thank you, Lawson!!!!!

Michelle S. - August 24, 2023

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