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Lauro G.

Woodbridge, VA (4 locations)

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  • Years Teaching: 23
  • Years Playing: 36
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  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
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About Me

Hi, my name is Lauro, everyone calls me "Coach Larry". I have been a tennis buff since the age of twelve, and was among the first graduates of the prestigious Willie Hernandez Sr. Tennis Academy in Manila. The Academy has produced the top tennis stars of the country, and had great success in the Asian Games, Fed Cup, and Davis Cup since 1979. Under the sponsorship of statesman and philanthropist, Don Manuel Elizalde, the Tennis Academy retained legendary Filipino coaches such as Johnny Jose, celebrity broadcaster Willie Hernandez Sr., and Felicisimo Ampon.

The “Mighty Might” (as he was known during the pre-open era), Felicisimo Ampon is considered the greatest Filipino tennis player having the longest winning streak in Davis Cup history, and reaching the quarterfinals of multiple Major Tennis Grand Slams. Once labeled, “the greatest tennis player in the world pound-for-pound.” Standing only 5-foot tall, Ampon was beating the likes of Ken Rosewall (AUS) , Bill Talbert (USA), and Pancho Gonzales (USA). It was a great honor and privilege for me to learn the game through his tutelage.

I was Head Varsity Boys’ Tennis Coach at Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA until 2016. Prior to that I was Head Coach of the girl's varsity team, and former Head Coach of Maret High School (private) in Washington, D.C. Maret is considered as one of the best selective private schools in D.C. until 2021, I was a Head Coach for USTA Mid-Atlantic's TGA Premier Tennis programs & Private Instructor.

- Under 18 Juniors Single’s Runner-up (ZAT) The Philippine National Games ( 1979, 1980)
- Men’s Singles Champion (5.0 category) Army and Navy Club Open (1982)
- Quarter Finalist World Youth Cup ( now Junior Davis Cup) Team (1984)
- Club Tennis Pro/Coach – US Army and Navy Club / Freelance Instructor Manila Polo Club (1982-84)
- Quarter Finalist – Men’s Singles Philippine National Games (Capitol Region, 1983, 1984)
- Performance Trainer - Jr. Philippine Davis Cup Team (1986, 87)
- TV Producer/Director NCAA, SEA Games, Philippine Open (Tennis) ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. (1992-2002)
- TV Producer/Director ( Philippine Broadcast) Summer Olympics: Seoul '88, Barcelona '92, Sydney 2000.
- Recipient- President’s (Obama) Outstanding Volunteer (Community Service/Sports) 2015
- NOVA Tennis Coaches Association - Member
- VHSL (Virginia High School League) Certified Coach
- DCSAA High School Tennis Coach
- PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) - Member
- USTA (United States Tennis Association) No-Cut High School Tennis Coach- 2014 -2017
- USTA / TGA Premier Tennis Program- Head Coach & Private Instructor - 2017- 2021
- Hank Harris Tennis Academy - Head Coach.

Teaching Style

Enthusiasm and passion breeds success! I can't teach PASSION ; but I can live it, share it, infect people with it!
Lesson Structure (Performance USTA parameters): Dynamic warm up. Racquet warm up. Agility, balance, coordination, and movement drills. Stroke production. Game situation drills. Cool down phase.
My goal is to impart life lessons through the the game of tennis, especially to the youth: to win honorably, lose gracefully, respect authority, work with others and stay out of trouble.

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  • ., VA 22032
  • Wakefield Hs
  • 1325 S Dinwiddie St
  • Arlington, VA 22206
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  • Woodbridge, VA 22191
  • Any Court Near You
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  • South Arlington, VA 22204
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Latest Reviews

I wish I could give Lauro 0 stars. I hired him to give tennis lessons to my 12-year-old daughter and we had a detailed discussion about what I am looking for. I didn’t want her to be in competitive tennis, just wanted a fun workout. He spent the whole first lesson talking about the game of tennis - things we could Google easily - without letting her play at all. She quickly lost interest. He kept saying how I need to buy more packages for her to be good without making any effort for her to start enjoying the sport. And then he finally said he was recovering from Covid and couldn’t run yet and so wanted to talk. Highly unprofessional.

Urmi C. (Verified Review)

His teaching style is very pinpointing and fundamental. Every lesson so far, I have had mind-blowing moments that changed my tennis to whole new one. He's also kind and friendly too. Very generous about lesson hours as well. Overall, I feel like he is all-rounded quality coach.

Byungsoo J. (Verified Review)

Lauro has been a great instructor for my son. He clearly has a love for the game of tennis and shares that with his students. He is very patient and also good at explaining things in a relatable way. He really does a good job of keeping my son motivated. Lauro is very reliable, always came for lessons on time and responds quickly to messages. I highly recommend him!

Tracy P. (Verified Review)

Coach Lauro knows his stuff! He is great at explaining concepts, is very patient and observant and has the best drills to help you understand exactly how you can improve. He's also extremely responsive and flexible when it comes to scheduling. It's clear that he is passionate about both the sport as well as his role as a coach. I highly recommend Coach Lauro to students of all levels.

Gahee L. (Verified Review)

Coach Lauro is so kind amd patient with my 11 year old beginner. My son is not the easiest to teach sometimes but coach lauro is consistent in his teachings...would highly recommend ...5 plus all around!!!!!!

Donna R. (Verified Review)

Coach Lauro provides excellent tennis instruction! As a beginner, his breakdown of each of the strokes and direct feedback as we were playing was very helpful. I've really enjoyed the few lessons I've had so far, and he makes good use of the time reviewing past skills and covering all of the basics.

Alessandra S. (Verified Review)

Love working with Coach Larry! He is methodical and makes sure his students pay attention to the small details they might not normally notice. I am an amateur player with no experience with formal tennis lessons and I came into lessons with Coach Larry with some bad habits. He is patient and and encouraging but his training also provides a challenge for those who are really looking to improve their game! I highly recommend Coach Larry.

Lucian D. (Verified Review)

Coach Lauro is patient, knowledgeable, and works extremely well with children. We are so happy that we found him!

Danielle (Verified Review)

Larry has been the coach of my 9-years old twin boys (who are beginners). They did a cycle of 12 hours with him. I am very happy to have had Larry as my kids' coach. Larry is very experienced, proficient, and knowledgeable. He is terrific with kids; he is patient and keeps them engaged and interested. He explains the techniques and goals for each lesson clearly, and also takes the time to explain the reasons why things are done a certain way. I really like his comprehensive approach; he teaches techniques but also teaches how to be a good well-rounded player, with endurance and a positive spirit. My kids learned tremendously and had fun at the same time. They always look forward to their tennis practice with Larry! They had little experience with tennis prior to the lessons, and now they can play with one another, and enjoy it!

Larry is very organized and easy to work with. He has always responded to messages promptly and is always on time. I highly recommend him!

Carlotta D. (Verified Review)

I was so nervous starting my lessons because I don’t think I’m that athletic and tennis is not an easy sport when you’re learning technique. I did not feel rushed in learning anything and Coach Lauro really helped boost my confidence. I was actually better than I would have assumed. He was never late and often beat me to my own lessons and when time allowed would let me get extra practice in (especially if I was doing well). I’ve really enjoyed taking lessons with him and look forward to continuing.

Sharifa (Verified Review)

Lauro did a great job coaching me and my husband - both beginners. He was very flexible with scheduling lessons. We had a great time playing with him and would definitely recommend to others.

Meghan R. (Verified Review)

Coach Larry was great with our five-year-old! He was friendly and approachable but never talked down to our son . Coach Larry teaches in a way that shows the sport can be fun while being taken seriously. Our son was engaged for the full hour-and-a-half and came away excited for the next one. Thanks!

Lindsay B. (Verified Review)

Lauro is always on time, explains things well, and is easy to learn from.

Ron H. (Verified Review)

Larry's a great couch and works on developing your individual tennis skills in order to improve as a player as a whole! Would highly recommend.

Camille V. (Verified Review)

Lauro is very flexible to find a time that works for you. I have improved my groundstrokes significantly thanks to Lauro. I would recommend him to anybody looking for classes in the NoVa area.

Javier P. (Verified Review)

Coach Larry was great with the kids, both beginners. Very kind and clear as he made his assessment and began teaching them. They are looking forward to going back for more tennis lessons.

Rachel (Verified Review)

Larry is very patient and great to work with, especially for a beginner. He is very technical and really helped explain to me why the racket needs to be held a certain way and how to change the angle of my swing to achieve the best results. I felt a vast improvement after my first session with him and I look forward to continuing more lessons with him.

Katherine C. (Verified Review)

I've only recently started to work with Lauro but am already seeing the difference. I've had other coaches who are set in their ways about the "best" way to serve, the "best" way to hit - etc. But Lauro, with his extensive experience, is committed to finding YOUR "best" way. I've left each lesson noticing real improvement and I'm excited to keep on improving!

Molly G. (Verified Review)

Lauro (Larry) spent the first lesson with my 13 year old daughter covering the basics of the game. Racket and grip, ready position, how to move to the ball, swing, terminology, etc.

His years of coaching juniors showed. He has a patient voice, polite demeanor and a teacher's persistence. I have the feeling he has high standards as the players learn the game.

Tom A. (Verified Review)

I've had a few lessons with Lauro (Larry) and he has been excellent. Lauro has given me valuable tips/techniques already on hitting my forehand, backhand, serve, and net volleys. I am an intermediate player and have had lessons in the past. But Lauro has been the best and he's taught me these tips/techniques in a positive way, which should help my game once I keep practicing them. He is very easy to talk with and will also adjust his lesson if I want to do some other drill. I would highly recommend him!

Mitro R. (Verified Review)

My son quite enjoyed the class, and also seemed to be interested in tennis.

Katsuto H. (Verified Review)

Larry takes the time to explain the proper techniques and is good at demonstrating how to achieve them. With Larry you learn the importance of correct form, repetition, rythym, endurance, and the mental aspects of the game.

Jeff L. (Verified Review)

Today was lesson #1 of 6. I appreciated the fact the Lauro (Larry) started me with the foundational concepts from warming up to the proper way to position your feet, the racket, grip, etc. We worked on the techniques to hit consistent shots and to be intentional about where you want to hit the ball. I didn't hit full shots until the very end where I had to consistently hit intermediate, soft shots to certain spots. Only then was I able to hit full shots. I look forward to the next lessons to keep building on what I have learned today.

Marvin F. (Verified Review)

Excellent lessons. Mr. Lauro is very specific when giving instructions. Couldn’t be more satisfied.

Luan N. (Verified Review)

Larry was very friendly and knowledgeable. He takes his time to explain techniques. I would definitely recommend him.

Golam S. (Verified Review)

He's really good and he has patience

Elizabeth (Verified Review)

Coach Larry is a great instructor! He loves what he's doing and it shows! Very patient and very informative! I Highly recommend him as a tennis instructor.

Dania S. (Verified Review)

Coach Gonzalez was my first ever private tennis coach and a very helpful one at that! He was extremely patient and responsive to my text messages. Coach helped me with my groundstrokes and serves and I've improved after only 3 lessons! I'm very grateful for the amount of generosity and time he's spent with me. I'm definitely going to apply again in the future!

Aarshiya K. (Verified Review)

Larry is great to work with! He has been very responsive to our calls, texts, and questions. Although he coaches much higher level students, he has made us feel at ease as beginners. The lesson was informative and challenging. We have been very happy and look forward to continued training.

Brian (Verified Review)

Larry has been great to work with. Answers our questions and texts, shows up early, very knowledgeable and experienced, and even helped customize our racket. Very positive experience!

Brian (Verified Review)

Good job teaching serve and need for footwork and need for light grip

Wayne S. (Verified Review)

Very thoughtful and very focused.

Larry has carefully identified the areas in which I need work and has targeted those areas in our lessons. He is a pleasure to work with.

Wayne S. (Verified Review)

I absolutely loved my first lesson with Lauro. He was very patient with me. He was very encouraging as well. I can't wait for my next lesson

Alana R. (Verified Review)

Me and my son are extremely happy with coach Larry , he was very kind and patient with son Jonah
We can't wait to have next lesson .
Beyond expectations.

Thank you so much !!


Jung L. (Verified Review)

Larry is a great Coach. I have been "off the racket" for a few years and Coach Larry made it so easy to pick it back up again. He provided amazing tips and helped me to improve my form and technique (and in only one lesson!). It was a great work out as well. I plan to continue to work with Coach Larry in the future. If you are looking for someone with a lot of experience who is willing to be patient and work to improve all areas of your game, then Coach Larry is the one!

Emily K. (Verified Review)

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