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Larry L.

Riverside, CA (1 location)

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  • USPTA Certified
  • Years Teaching: 40
  • Years Playing: 40
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  • Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
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  • Seniors, Adults, Juniors, Kids
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About Me

Hi – My name is Larry and I live in Riverside, California. I am originally from Denver, Colorado. I am a USPTA Elite Professional. I was director of tennis at the Denver Tennis Club for twenty years and at Andulka Park Tennis Center, in Riverside, for seven years. I was named USPTA California Divisional “Pro of the Year” in 2010 and “Player of the Year” in 2012. I was selected to be a Coach of the Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA) 14 & Under Zonals Team in 2016, 2014, 2013 and 2012. I have taught and coached adult and junior tennis players, of all ages and abilities, in groups, camps and individually, at both private and public tennis facilities. I personally taught and coached more state, sectional and nationally ranked players, including several national champions, than, perhaps, any other tennis professional in Colorado. I now teach, coach and train juniors and adults in the Inland Empire, giving private and semi-private lessons to players ages 6 - 86. I am currently giving lessons at a private residence in Riverside.

I was the top-ranked Intermountain junior, and in high school, I was undefeated all three years, winning the Colorado State High School #1 Singles Championship 3 straight years. I was the captain and #1 player at the University of Pennsylvania, earning All Ivy-League and All-Eastern Conference honors. I was the top ranked player in Colorado in Men’s Open and played the ATP circuit, earning a career ranking of #310. I won two bronze medals at the 1977 World Maccabiah Games in Israel, and won the USPTA Men’s Open National Championships in 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984. I am consistently one of the top senior players in the United States, and was ranked #1 in the U.S. Men’s 40 Singles in 1992. More recently, I was ranked #1 in Southern California Men’s 60 Singles in 2013 and 2014.

Teaching Style

I teach everything - strokes, footwork, tactics, strategy, singles, doubles, the mental game, conditioning, how to compete and how to win. I want my students to love the sport as much as I do and to achieve their tennis goals - and I make tennis fun! And I'll make you laugh with my great jokes!!

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  • Private Court
  • Arlington Ave And Victoria Ave
  • Riverside, CA 92506

Latest Reviews

Great communication, great instructor. Really enjoyed our lesson. Looking forward to the next. Thanks Larry.

Troy M. (Verified Review)

I can not recommend Larry highly enough. He is not only a skilled tennis player himself with lots of experiences, but also a great coach who can really help others to improve. Larry’s instructions are always clear and effective. I started as a beginner and after only a couple of lessons, I have learned many new techniques and how to play a tennis game. I really appreciate that he made me become much more confident in playing tennis.

Shan (Verified Review)

My grandaughter really enjoyed her first lesson. The instruction and coaching help improve her ground strokes. She’s really looking forward to her next lesson.

Jesus (Verified Review)

Best tennis lessons I have ever taken. Larry is an excellent teacher. He is very good at tips to improve your strokes.
Been taking lesson for a few year. Lots of improvement to my game. Larry usually starts a lesson by asking how you have been playing for the past week and what would you like to work on today.
Highly recommend.

Janet G. (Verified Review)

I have taken a few private tennis lessons with Larry Loeb and several 6 week sessions of group clinics. Larry gave me very useful advice to improve my tennis game. The hour private lessons pack helpful advice on stroke production and the clinics have been more focused on doubles strategy. Larry is very capable at finding the areas in your tennis game that need changing. In my case I needed help on my backhand volley, my backhand ground stroke (to keep the ball from popping up) and most critically my service toss. His instruction on how to make the changes are easy to understand. I think Larry's approach really is unique and strong due to an analysis of the mechanics of your shots. In the end if you practice the methods Larry teaches you will be a more successful tennis player.

Sara A. (Verified Review)

I took tennis lessons with Larry for at least a year. I found him to be reasonably priced and very professional and easy to receive instruction from. He has taught adults and juniors of all ages. I definitely improved my serve and ground strokes. I would highly recommend Larry Loeb to anyone who wishes to learn tennis for the first time or to improve their existing game. Jim Judge

Jim J. (Verified Review)

Larry has really helped my game. I especially appreciated how he adapted his approach to my way of learning and told me the "why", in addition to the "how". I'm still working on the flat serve, though.

Ed G. (Verified Review)

Larry is the BEST EVER! He is very professional and has a great work ethic. He gives the proper skills and techniques needed to be successful on the court. If you have a certain game style, he caters to your style and doesn't make you change to a new style. The practices are high quality, with lots of hitting. I leave practice knowing how to correct my mistakes, while also being able to apply new techniques on the court during each match. I love being able to talk to him about situational issues and having them resolved by the end of the practice. Larry began teaching me how to serve a few years ago, and now he has taken my whole game to new heights! I wouldn't trust any other person with my tennis game! He is highly recommended!

Bev H. (Verified Review)

Larry is an absolutely outstanding tennis coach. I have been working with him off and on for the past three years, and he has really done an outstanding job with respect to fine-tuning my strokes and my game overall. He has done a particularly great job fixing my serve (which was a mess). If you want to learn tennis the right way, and have a ton of fun while you are doing so, then Larry is the best coach for you.

Greg S. (Verified Review)

My son has been taking tennis lessons for a few years and Larry is by far the best coach he has had. Larry is extremely knowlegeable and focuses on fundamentals and technique (as opposed to some instructors who just teach kids silly "games"). He is also kind and patient. I have also observed him teaching adults and was impressed, as well. Overall, I would highly recommend him.

K. K. (Verified Review)

Larry has taught my son, age 6 1/2, for just over a year, and he has been great with him. He understands what a young child can and cannot do and knows how to explain things very simply so my son understands. My son has improved dramatically since he started lessons with Larry and he now really loves to play. I enthusiastically recommend Larry as a tennis instructor for your children.

Dana C. (Verified Review)

I’ve been taking lessons from Larry for several years. I’ve taken both group and individual lessons. Larry is patient and knowledgeable. Larry is a teacher and a player. He’s a ranked tournament player. Not only can he teach you how to hit a tennis ball, he can teach you how to play tennis. So, if you want to improve your strokes, improve your play or both, Larry can guide you...

I currently take individual lessons from him. That’s actually the highest compliment that I can give him. And the strongest recommendation I can give you…

Tyrone R. (Verified Review)

I am an adult tennis player and I have taken lessons from Larry for several years now. What I value the most in Larry is his ability not just to assess what you are doing wrong, but also that he identifies the one or two corrections that will lead most quickly to improved strokes. And then each time I take the next lesson, Larry adds the next one or two changes that advance me even further. Larry emphasizes fundamentally sound tennis and he himself continues to be a top ranked open player, so he can teach effectively from beginners to top players. I recommend him in the highest terms! Kevin, Riverside, CA

Kevin E. (Verified Review)

Larry is the best coach I have ever had. Extremely patient, very experienced as a teacher, and a very great player himself. He can teach everything including technique, footwork, point construction, etc. He also teachers all levels and all ages and really cares about his players improving! 5 star coach

Sarah S. (Verified Review)

I took individual and group lessons from Larry for the past 5 years on a regular basis. Group lessons usually averaged two to three hours and individual lessons usually for one hour and a half. We usually work on different strokes each session and I always enjoyed our sessions.
Larry always asked if there is a particular stroke I want to work on before the session and we worked on improving a particular stroke through repetition and adjustments. He is always energetic and will rally the balls rather than just feeding the balls from the basket. I played competitive tennis in national senior tournaments in my age group and after working with Larry over the years I made great gains in rankings and won many more matches.
Larry always summarize the things we work on at the end of the session as an reinforcement. He will follow up on the next session to see if I had a chance to implement the changes in matches or practice. He is also very helpful in terms of giving strategic advice for playing against different type of players. I would recommend Larry highly if you want to improve your game.

Mary F. (Verified Review)

I was incredibly fortunate to have met Larry at a time when I was starting to take tennis more seriously and was looking to take my game to the next level. Larry did a great job picking apart the bad habits I had developed in my game, and made my game much more technically sound. He does a great job simplifying the game, appearing to have it down to a science. Whether strategic or psychological, his coaching on the mental side of tennis drastically improved my game. Often Larry watched me play points, and would talk me through what mindset I had during the points. Larry has had great success as a tennis player (he has experience on the pro tour and is currently ranked in the top 10 in his age group), so getting his insight on what to think about during matches was tremendously helpful. I took lessons from Larry for 5-6 years, and during this time my ranking improved tremendously. Larry is a high-performance coach who can get the best out of any student at any level. Easily the best coach I have ever had!

Ethan W. (Verified Review)

I had a series of private lessons with Larry to correct my net game. To improve at every level proper evaluation and technique development is essential. Larry was able to point out my technical errors and develop drills to improve my volleys. Within the next ratings year I was bumped from a 4.0 to a 4.5.

I currently work with Larry twice a month in a semi group environment to reinforce proper strokes and develop new skills for game improvement .

From beginner to advanced , every person will benefit from proper instruction and Larry has proven himself to myself and a great number of other players to be an exceptional professional.

Dan (Verified Review)

I have been taking lessons and clinics with Larry for awhile now. He has really improved my game and I think he is awesome.

Kristy G. (Verified Review)

I started taking lessons with Larry a few months ago. I guess I would consider myself a high beginner. Larry has been a great guide and I feel like all of my strokes and my serve have improved. He observes what I'm doing wrong and provides great tips and makes sure that I get lots of practice so I can 'master' whatever it is that I'm working on. I would highly recommend him.

Sherry M. (Verified Review)

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