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Kim K.

Deerfield, IL (4 locations)

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  • USPTA Certified
  • PTR Certified
  • Years Teaching: 20
  • Years Playing: 40
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches:
  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
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About Me

Hi, my name is Kim Kehl. I'm the Head Pro and Tennis Director at JCYS Highland Park Max Davidson Courts. I'm certified as an MTMCA Professional, MTI Professional, USPTR Professional Junior Development, USPTR 11-17 Professional, USPTR Performance Certified, USPTA Professional, USTA QuickStart, Cardio Tennis, TRX Cardio Tennis Licensed Trainer, and I work with PTR/PTA Kidz Tennis/Little Tennis. I graduated from Western Illinois University with an MS in Exercise Physiology (PhysX) and a BS in Physical Education with a minor in science from Colorado State University. Tennis has been thought to be, for more than a century, a difficult sport to learn. Primarily because the complex teaching methods used today only serve to aggravate what now can be taught in a more natural method that requires very few requirements like footwork, body position, and complicated strike zones. I want you to experience for yourself how tennis can be less complicated and more fun than you thought possible! I also teach groups, clinics, seniors, and have been stringing racquets for over 15 years.

Teaching Style

Tennis must be natural and intuitive. My goal is to teach and train the natural and simple concepts that all start with ONE Thing! There is a court load of legacy tennis still being taught out there - find out how to play tennis the way you will wish you had been playing all along. It is never to late to learn this ONE Thing. Furthermore, I want to tap into the emotional and spiritual development that is possible to achieve through tennis. Specialties include: Cardio Tennis, TRX Cardio Tennis, starting new tennis programs, developing top junior talent, adult tennis drills and classes, senior tennis, QuickStart Tennis, and a full variety of creative games that take tennis to the top as a lifetime sport.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Jcys Max Davidson Tennis
  • 1195 Half Day Road
  • Highland Park, IL 60035
  • Balzer Park Tennis Courts
  • 20 Windsor Drive
  • Lincolnshire, IL 60069
  • Glenview Outdoor Courts
  • 2598 West Lake Avenue
  • Glenview, IL 60026
  • Deerfield High School
  • Waukegan Rd
  • Deerfield, IL 60115

Latest Reviews

Coach Kim has been wonderful working with our 2 kids. He’s knowledgeable and passionate about the sport and engaging-making the lessons both fun and productive for the kids. Highly recommend Coach Kim!

Anand P. (Verified Review)

Kim is an excellent coach! we all like him. He is very experienced, friendly, and patient. This is my first time playing tennis and I feel lucky to find him as my coach! He teaches you the correct way to play tennis and enjoy the tennis. Not every coach can do this.

Annalise S. (Verified Review)

Coach Kim is superb! Full of insight, patience, and positivity -- he's helped me a great deal this summer in working to correct decades of bad habits. Very highly recommended.

Kevin F. (Verified Review)

Coach Kim is not only knowledgeable about the sport, but he is also enthusiastic about working with his students. He emphasizes proper technique which is so important especially with my son who is at a beginner level. I highly recommend this Coach!

Cari L. (Verified Review)

Coach Kim is not only knowledgeable about the sport, but he is also enthusiastic about working with his students. He emphasizes proper technique which is so important especially with my son who is at a beginner level. I highly recommend this Coach!

Cari L. (Verified Review)

Coach Kim was great. Lots of energy, knows his stuff. Punctual, and on top of the lesson. Looking forward to our next session.

Jeff (Verified Review)

Kim is the best! Highly recommend

Brandon L. (Verified Review)

We absolutely love coach Kim. Our son is a newbie and coach Kim has been tirelessly working on teaching him real tennis from the alpha. His great personal approach and high professional skills make him an unbelievable coach. We could not be happier . Thank you, coach Kim!

Irene (Verified Review)

Seriously, if you want to really understand what you're doing on the court and use it to get better and improve confidence in your strokes, Kim is your coach. I needed to retool my ground strokes to create more topspin and consistency. They're still a work in progress, but they're miles better than where I was, and I now know what I'm doing, even when I do it wrong. If you're serious about getting better, go with Kim.

Larry K. (Verified Review)

Awesome is the word to describe my sessions with Kim. He maintains an atmosphere of fun while providing clear and understandable instruction.

I recommend Kim without hesitation.

Phil G. (Verified Review)

Kim is a great coach! I've taken 6 lesson with him and am feeling much more confident now. The modern tennis technique that he teaches makes tennis feel natural and fast to learn. I'm having a lot of fun playing tennis now.

Gopi V. (Verified Review)

Kim is a passionate, energetic and experienced instructor. For the past 18 months I have participated in a weekly 2 hour cardio tennis drill that Kim leads. It is a terrific drill that has strengthened my tennis skills and helped my improve my fitness. Kim's approach is a great combination of skilled coaching and an enthusiastic approach to get his players moving on the court. I highly recommend Kim as an instructor/coach.

Susan E. (Verified Review)

Kim makes tennis fun. It is a great way to play the game in a relaxed environment for different player levels. This is not specific instruction but general tips and help in position, skill drills and just having fun with the sport.

Kim K. (Verified Review)

Kim uses innovative drills to help clients improve their fitness and test their skills in different situations. He makes our drills fun, urges participants to socialize and get to know each other. He provides instruction when the situation warrants. I've been participating in his drills for 3 years and find them valuable for improving my game.

Dan P. (Verified Review)

I attended Tennis fit classes with Kim. He is an excellent and creative instructor, and provides valuable feedback even in the format of a non-stop class. Highly recommend.

Larissa R. (Verified Review)


Ronald S. (Verified Review)

Kim is an incredible coach. He's very knowledgeable about the game and physiology. He also is a great communicator. He taught me the modern tennis technique and a kick serve in our first six lessons. This method has not only improved my performance but also prevented me from aggravating a knee injury, which, as Kim explained, was caused by the traditional way of playing tennis with a closed side stance. I haven't played with a knee brace since starting lessons with Kim and my love for the game had been renewed. Highly recommend Kim!

Rachel D. (Verified Review)

Coach Kim is great at assessing the level of the player and quickly making small but significant improvements in technique that let me improve my game tremendously.

Gopal V. (Verified Review)

Great instructor!!!

Irina M. (Verified Review)

Love the technique and the games we played!

Madhure K. (Verified Review)

Had so much fun and learned a lot during the 6 week session. Coach Kim is absolutely the best!

Hyewon Y. (Verified Review)

It was great time and more practice ever I have in one hour lesson. Thank you so much.

Tetyana L. (Verified Review)

As a beginner who has never held a tennis racket before, I loved his patience and attention to detail when he teaches. He makes sure you understand the technique. The best part of my classes were his innovative games we played - each one focusing on a particular aspect of the game. Would love to come back to his classes in the future if I'm in the area.

Aishwarya L. (Verified Review)

Coach Kim was great in teaching this newbie the basics!

David G. (Verified Review)

I am so glad to have the lessons with him. He tremendously helped me to learn out the modern tennis. I am highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their tennis skills.

Dongkun L. (Verified Review)

I have just had my first lesson with Kim.
Even the first lesson, i have a feeling that he will take my game to a different level and help me to learn modern tennis.
He is an excellent instructor.

Dongkkun L. (Verified Review)

I'm a 50 year-old advanced beginner, and Coach Kim helped introduce me to the modern forehand. Coach Kim has given me a solid foundation on which to improve my game through various drills and lots of practice. Utilizing the modern forehand will help me play and improve my tennis for decades to come.

Rob S. (Verified Review)

Coach Kim is awesome!! He has improved our daughter's skills and game so much in such a small amount of time! He has also helped build her confidence in herself as well as her game. He is definitely the best coach ever!

Christina W. (Verified Review)

I'm not the best tennis player, but Kim was patient with me and showed me how to track and move with the ball. I used to turn sideways and swing big, but now I track and lift the ball. I now can rally as many as 20 balls in a row! For me, that is awesome. Thank you Coach Kim. If you are a beginner or you want to improve, look no further.

Don M. (Verified Review)

He is very funny and knows a lot about tennis. He is meticulous in explaining and demonstrating. My game has never been better.

Jennifer S. (Verified Review)

I have sent my two kids to Coach Kim, and he has done an amazing job teaching them the fundamentals while emphasizing fun. My kids are now excited every time they get a chance to play tennis with Coach Kim. My kid's birthday party will be with Coach Kim.

Michael F. (Verified Review)

I have been "playing" tennis since the age of 10, but never felt the level of confidence and skill until Coach Kim. I have been taking lessons with Coach Kim for about 5 years now. His approach is exciting, focused and just plain makes sense! On the court, he always keeps me thinking and processing the "hows" and "whys" of the what we are doing. It keeps me motivated to come to drills and lessons weekly and wanting more even at the end of every lesson! I find myself identifying my own mistakes even before he does as he has helped me become a better tennis player every day! My confidence playing with others and not just rallying in drills, with an instructor or with others has grown tremendously! I am constantly looking for ways to improve and build each individual part of my game as he has taught me. It has become apparent that tennis really is a life long sport which is something I have truly come to appreciate an adult! I cannot express enough the exuberance that Coach Kim brings to the court that makes every lesson with him so positive and fun and truly worthwhile!

Danielle M. (Verified Review)

Kim is a fantastic, enthusiastic, tennis coach. He worked with my daughter, Victoria, and helped her to accomplish goals of contributing to 3 state team championships in Lake Forest as well as playing D-1 tennis at Army West Pointa

Phillip F. (Verified Review)

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