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Jonny M.

Brookhaven, GA (3 locations)

90 Completed Lessons |
6 Reviews
  • Years Teaching: 11
  • Years Playing: 35
  • Levels Taught:
  • Intermediate, Beginner
  • Teaches:
  • Seniors, Adults, Juniors, Kids
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About Me

Hi, my name is Jonny, and I am a tennis enthusiast. I love to play the game, watch the game and teach the game, so that others can learn to enjoy it too. I enjoy coaching teams and individuals of all ages and levels.

Teaching Style

I like to emphasize footwork, shot preparation, form and placement of the ball. I customize the approach based on your goals and skills.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Briarwood Park Tennis Courts
  • 2235 Briarwood Way Ne
  • Brookhaven, GA 30319
  • Ashford Park Tennis Courts
  • 2980 Redding Rd Ne
  • Brookhaven, GA 30319
  • Lynwood Park
  • 3360 Osborne Rd Ne
  • Brookhaven, GA 30319

Latest Reviews

Coach Jonny is as good as they get! I hadn’t played tennis in years and he took the time to observe where I was at and teach me valuable skills in all areas. In just a few lessons, my skills improved a TON. He was always on time and made the lessons fun and enjoyable. He even remembered things I had told him that I was doing in the week and remembered to ask about it the next time we met for a lesson. I really liked how he didn’t just teach the skills, but helped you understand the game of tennis and why even if something was a good hit, it may not have been in for a point while actually playing. He is very encouraging and good at providing feedback and how to improve. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough for any level player!

Cayley O. (Verified Review)

Jonny is an excellent coach and helped me get back into the game after not playing for 7 years. I was previously a 4.0 player, but given my absence I fell to the 2.5 level. Through Jonny's coaching, I was able to get back to my original level of play after 6 months. He is very patient and offers great feedback and tips and I can tell he is passionate about both teaching and tennis.

Matt T. (Verified Review)

My experience with Jon was outstanding. Jon provided both outstanding guidance on technique as well as the patience and encouragement I needed to keep my game moving forward.

I hadn't played tennis in many years and was very rusty. Moreover, since I had never had much formal instruction, my technique for hitting had some major flaws. Jon did a great job of analyzing my game, working through drills to address my weaknesses, and then incorporated just the right amount of time to simply hit and practice what I had learned. After about ten lessons with Jon I was able to execute groundstrokes with better form, and to serve with more consistency. With his help I am now able to begin to play confidently in more structured league play.

Lastly, Jon is just a super-good guy. No matter how I did in a specific lesson I always felt positive about each experience - he's encouraging, thoughtful, and very knowledgeable. I wholeheartedly recommend Jon to be your next coach!

Jay M. (Verified Review)

My partner and I have been taking weekly lessons with Jonny for about 6 months. When we initially started our tennis journey, we did not know much about tennis, its rules, and techniques. Over the past 6 months, Johny has taken us from the starter level to a place that we can play games. He is a very patient and motivational trainer. He truly observes your mistakes over time as you practice more and more with him and teaches you techniques to address your mistakes. He is also very on time and never wastes your time. We truly enjoyed working with him and highly recommend him.

Bahador S. (Verified Review)

Jonny is very knowledgeable, patient and effective. Rates are attractive relative to other coaches in the area. Would definitely recommend.

Ian C. (Verified Review)

I have been taking tennis lessons with Jonny for 13 months and he has been great! We meet once a week in Brookhaven, Georgia where he patiently coaches me on improving my serves and building consistency in my games. I used to play tennis many years ago and decided to take up the sport again to get myself to exercise. My serves and forehands were my weakest links in the past and Jonny has helped me make those two skills my strengths. I highly recommend Jonny!

Manisha M. (Verified Review)

Jon has proven to be an excellent coach (6 lessons taken). He is patient, good spirited, knowledgeable, and very flexible when it comes to scheduling. His analysis is consistent and well formulated, and he is very efficient when it comes to providing the most prudent advice in the moment.

We often begin with stretching, and work on the short game to master minute controls. Accuracy and form are checked, and we then move to the base line for more long range practice. At the end of the lesson, we scrimmage to simulate game scenarios.

Lessons are reviewed and connected, and I feel significant progress is made in each meeting. Jon clearly enjoys the game, and enjoys teaching. I would highly recommend Jonny Moor to anyone who might consider taking lessons.

Jared S. (Verified Review)

I have been very impressed with Coach Jonny and his ability to coach everyone in my family who are all different levels. He has been great with my 9 year-old daughter, my husband and myself. He's great with kids, and my 9 year-old only wants to play tennis if she can play with Jonny. He's patient yet demands that they do their best. I highly recommend Coach Jonny regardless of what level you are!

L M. (Verified Review)

Johnny is a great coach. I started last summer and he helped me quickly learn the basics of tennis. He goes at your own pace and also encourages you. We moved through basics and advanced to more complicated aspects of tennis. He is friendly and makes the lesson enjoyable. He also has been teaching my 11 year-old son to play tennis. He is extremely patient with him and has helped build his self confidence. I highly recommend Coach Johnny for an adult or a kid's coach.

Paula C. (Verified Review)

John has been my coach/trainer for the last 1 1/2 years. Having played tennis ever since I was a kid, I hadn't played in the past ten years. At 65 I decided to give it a go. With patience and and a mix of challenges to bring back my endurance and form..John has succeeded. I love and look forward to the hour we work out. John is my "keep the old girl in shape" addiction. He is an excellent teacher and takes pride in what he does.

Janice W. (Verified Review)

Johnny is a great coach with a relaxed approach. He clearly has a passion for the game and its nuances. He knows the fundamentals and the "rules," but he is flexible enough to let you find your own game in and around the standards. He is more of an encourager rather than a drill-sergeant type. He is patient and gives you space to work and improve. I prefer this style to a more rigid format, as one's tennis game takes shape in both the inner and outer player. An overemphasis on the minutiae can be overwhelming for the novice.

He is also punctual, reliable, and a great communicator. And he is a really nice fellow!

Jason B. (Verified Review)

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