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John J.

Woburn, MA (1 location)

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  • USPTA Certified
  • PTR Certified
  • Years Teaching: 32
  • Years Playing: 47
  • Levels Taught:
  • Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
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  • Seniors, Adults, Juniors, Kids
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About Me

As an experienced high school teacher, certified tennis instructor and former boy's varsity tennis coach, I have had the pleasure of helping those interested in tennis to not only learn the finer points of the game, but just as importantly, have fun and share commonality with individuals and groups in a social and semi-competitive tennis environment. I often tell my students, who range in age from 8-80, that the game of tennis is something you can play throughout your entire life and have fun doing it.

Teaching Style

My teaching style is very structured, especially at the beginning. A typical hour lesson will cover the basics beginning with an introduction of grip styles (IE, eastern or shake-hands grip, continental, semi-western and western grips). In explaining the grips, I find it important to show my students the bevels on the racket handle and how the inner knuckle of the index finger should be placed on a particular bevel. This technique helps the student remember by associating hand to grip. Active lesson will begin with net-play volley's, which serves as a good warm-up with the emphasis throughout all drills being on footwork and placement After net-volleys, Forehand and backhand is introduced going through all phases of movement from beginning to end. The emphasis in this drill is on proper footwork, squaring off to the opponent and proper follow-through. I will use cue words such as "ear to ear". For example, a right-handed player will be taught to start their racket parallel to their right ear and then follow through parallel to their left ear. Cue word, "show me your elbow" coincides with this activity. We will then work on serves, paying particular attention to placement of the feet, squaring off to the serving box, grip, toss and contact. For many beginners we will start-out by using what is called the back-scratch approach. In serving, an emphasis is put on ball placement and the how the lead foot, or out-step of the little toe can gauge the serve to where one wants the ball to land. The slice serve, using a continental grip, is also reviewed and of course the kick-serve using the away from body ball-toss and contact using the 8 o,clock to 2 o'clock contact technique is demonstrated. A simulated game will be played at the end with an emphasis on keeping score and proper positioning for singles play.

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  • Jack Cornell
  • 4 Roman Road
  • Woburn, MA 01801

Latest Reviews

John is an excellent coach. I had no experience of playing tennis. John is very patient with me and I am very confident to play tennis after my first session with John. I love John's teaching style!

Ye G. (Verified Review)

John is a great instructor/coach. Very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. He helped us improve our technique in a way we didn’t think we could. He also has a lot of experience teaching, what totally makes a difference!

Cibelly A. (Verified Review)

John is very knowledgeable and a dedicated instructor. He clearly explains what is needed to improve your game.

Pamela F. (Verified Review)

I had the opportunity to observe John teaching a family, a mom with 2 young children prior to my lesson. John is very affable and patient, especially with young beginners.

He was able to show me a very effective sliced backhand stroke which I have been trying to develop. John has his own home court so there is no waiting and I found the lesson enjoyable and informative. He gave me some techniques which I will be able to implement right away.

Ian (Verified Review)

Wonderful working with our kids! He made the lesson fun, engaging, and productive. He was great at making the material appropriate for their age and ability. The kids are looking forward to working with him again!

Suzanna P. (Verified Review)

Jack is absolutely incredible coach. Jack observes my moves very carefully and Gives specific constructive feedback in encouraging way

Haval C. (Verified Review)

He is a very experienced coach. He has his own tennis court in front of his house, so easily making appointment. Very good!!

Eddy K. (Verified Review)

My family, me, my wife and two sons (10, 13) have taken 20-30 lessons with Jack and absolutely enjoyed it! I particularly appreciate how Jack works with my sons. It had been difficult to encourage them to take tennis lessons before. Not with Jack! My sons are waiting for lessons with Jack! Their skills have improved markedly

Vladimir M. (Verified Review)

John is a passionate, knowledgable, and motivating tennis instructor. His patient and encouraging teaching style works well for me; and he is able to draw on much playing, coaching, and teaching experience. I gained a lot from his constructive feedback. Also, John's backyard tennis facility made for clear, uninterrupted instruction; and scheduling time to meet was a cinch. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🎾

Ethan M. (Verified Review)

My 12 year-old kid had a series of lessons with Coach Jack. He has been very flexible and very responsive regarding lesson time and availability. He taught my kid at the intermediate level and my kid made very good progress correcting some habits and coach used encouraging approach. We like him very much and recommend him highly.

Tony I. (Verified Review)

My 11-year-old daughter loved John, and she is a hard critic. Great balance of praise and motivation, verbal instruction and practice. She had fun and can't wait for the next lesson!

Kasia M. (Verified Review)

With lessons, he is great about helping you with anything, and he teaches you how to do it, but he also lets you do it your own way if it works for you. He knows how to help with anything you need and is always nice.

Malachi R. (Verified Review)

John is a highly skilled instructor who is patient, kind, funny and well versed in customizing lessons for his students. I gave him 5 stars and would highly recommend him! He has provided lessons for both of my children and tailored the lessons to their individual needs.

Christina C. (Verified Review)

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