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Rhonda G.

Pleasanton, CA (1 location)

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  • USPTA Certified
  • Years Teaching: 33
  • Years Playing: 33
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  • Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
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  • Seniors, Adults, Juniors, Kids
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About Me

I had the privilege of having my own tennis court in my backyard, while growing up in PA. My father owned his own asphalt paving company, so he built me a basketball and a tennis court. I later played two years of basketball and two years of tennis for the University of Pittsburgh. I started playing tournaments and teaching lessons. My motto has always been, "Have racket, will travel." I have taught at tennis clubs, park and recreation departments and have ran my own tennis camps and tennis academy. I find great joy in watching my students go from not being able to hit the ball to being able to hit topspin in a matter of minutes. I am the Executive Director of R. L. G. Sports/Ministries where I run a Home School Physical Education Program in Northern California. I teach more than 100 students during each school year tennis is seven locations. I also work at local tennis club will I train students to play on their high school tennis teams. I partner with the United States Tennis Association and ran programs for them. I enjoy teaching on all levels from 3 to 93 because I see results! A tennis lesson is not just playing tennis. I see my teaching as "tennis as a life lesson." There are so many things in tennis that can teach a person how to be in life itself. The principles of sportsmanship, being honest, creating better listening skills, and the point of discipline are just a few aspect a student receives from taking a lesson with me. Will you be my next student?

Teaching Style

I structure my lessons by have a warm-up, stretching, and then we work a lot on proper technique in the various strokes. I emphasize the importance of topspin on forehands and backhands, catching the volleys early to increase the pace, and hitting a professional serve using the whole body, not just the arms. I love the Serbian style of tennis. The students come early, work hard and stay late to master their game. They do not have more than four people on a court. They teach everyone how to hit like a professional. They are not constantly changing grips and forms on how to hit a ball. They do not play games but they play out points. Whether a person wants to play recreational or professional tennis, I try to help all of my students reach their fullest potential. The better a player becomes the more they enjoy the game.

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  • Emerald Glen Park
  • 4201 Central Park Way
  • Dublin , CA 94568
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Student Feedback

I am a complete beginner with poor hand to eye coordination. Rhonda is so patient and has an individual approach which helped me learn good technique. I feel much more confident now! Highly recommend Rhonda for a fun, customized, intuitive way to learn the technique!

Olga V. - April 29, 2018

That's how you do it!

Richard M. - May 5, 2021

I have completed two hour-long lessons with Coach Rhonda G. I am an "advanced beginner", looking to improve my skills so I can start playing games with other players.

I have learned so much in two short lessons. Rhonda is positive and very encouraging, and also helps me to see the areas where I need to improve. She is good at spotting what part of my technique needs to change and describing as well as showing how to make the change. Rhonda does appropriate drills but moves on to the next learning phase so that each lesson is full of new skills learned by the end.

Rhonda is always prompt, and a good communicator. I am glad I found such a good tennis coach quickly!

Savanna A. - July 3, 2021

A great tennis coach for beginners! Highly recommend :)

Lauren C. - December 19, 2021

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