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Douglas M.

Miami Beach, FL (5 locations)

1712 Completed Lessons |
111 Reviews
  • USPTA Certified
  • Years Teaching: 10
  • Years Playing: 23
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches:
  • Juniors, Adults
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About Me

Hi, my name is Douglas. I'm originally from New York City, and now live in Miami. I have played tennis from a young age, attending tennis academies as a child and competed at the Division I college level, and currently a certified level 2 USPTA tennis professional. Author of tennis book - Boost Your Tennis IQ available through Amazon.

Teaching Style

I teach the modern game. Emphasis is on groundstroke technique, footwork, movement, timing and rhythm. Focus is placed on 4 key components: technical, physical, strategy and mental. The goal is to teach a player to become more efficient, adaptable and explosive on the court. Of course most importantly fun is emphasized! Beginners welcome. I use training aids to facilitate learning. Structure is: warmup, short court, drill patterns, anticipation drills, situation training, rally and warm down.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Palm Island Park
  • 159 Palm Avenue
  • Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Margaret Pace Park
  • 1745 N. Bayshore Drive
  • Miami, FL 33132
  • Miami Beach Gofl Club
  • 2301 Alton Rd
  • Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Any Private Court In Miami
  • Miami Area
  • Miami, FL 33131
  • Morningside Park Tennis Center
  • 750 Ne 55th Ter
  • Miami, F 33137
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Student Feedback

The lessons were ideal, Doug is a very nice gentleman, Doug quickly pointed out some simple adjustments which once I forget my bad habits will bring on some noticeable improvements. Doug suggested some minor technical changes which allowed me to hit cleaner crisper strokes, the improvement was noticeable by lesson three. Doug helped me with shot selection, court positioning and game strategy. Each lesson was a good workout, helped compensate for the Miami nightlife.

Croft A. - April 24, 2014

I can say that he is very professional, he has taught me things which no other tennis coach has told me before (technics) and he is quite reachable and friendly.

Bibiana B. - August 25, 2014

He is very professional and provides excellent insight into the sport, as well as having made key technical corrections that advanced my game. His lessons are a good workout as well as fun!

Danuta M. - May 7, 2015

Great instructor. Teaches the techniques, drills and at the end when playing you realize without effort you are already applying all the things learned in the game in no time!

Syama R. - May 8, 2015

The training methods of Douglas always point something out that would improve the status quo and not overload you to focus on too many things at the same time. After not playing for a long time, he has helped on improving my game tremendously hence making playing tennis more enjoyable again. Great coach.

Arthur Z. - May 11, 2015

I never played tennis before and have taken lessons from Doug for almost a year. He has been great at building my game. He comes to each lesson with new ideas and continually improves my technique. He has never cancelled a lesson and is always on time.

Dalton K. - June 12, 2015

My son really liked his first lesson with Douglas. He really clicked with Doug which was really nice. He loved his lessons.

Kari - July 18, 2015

My daughter Marjorie had never even touched a tennis racquet, and she has been loving tennis from the very first minute she started her tennis lessons with Douglas.
He is polite, very focused, and explains the goals of each exercise and all steps during the tennis lessons very well. Both my daughter and I are very happy with Douglas

Adriana A. - September 28, 2015

Douglas is an excelent coach ! He is very patient and teaches the most modern techniques! He never gives up even when I am doing everything wrong!

Lizandra M. - October 2, 2015

Great coach! He's polite, patient and a great coach. My son has already had a few lessons with him and for sure he's the best tennis coach my son has ever had!

V B. - December 10, 2015

Very professional and knowledgeable.

Yamila V. - February 2, 2016

Douglas is a fantastic coach. I highly recommend him.

Nick J. - June 27, 2016

Half way through my first package and already see a significant improvement. My tennis is more consistent and I am having fun. Douglas observes my playing and allows me to self correct. When unable to resolve my issues he finds easy ways to explain corrections that invariably resolve the problem. He is extremely knowledgable and confident on the court. I am encouraged by my progress.

Stephen P. - March 9, 2017

Douglas have all the abilities and skills to teach to an adult like me who started to play tennis to late in life, I"m amazed how I progressed this winter ! On top of it he's a real gentlemen!

Mario T. - March 10, 2017

Douglas is a very good teacher

Federico A. - May 24, 2017

Excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable and patient. I could feel the improvement in my game after we had worked together. My game has gone to a new level!

Charles F. - September 6, 2018


Adam R. - November 17, 2018

My 5-year old son had a great experience with Douglas. He was very friendly and taught very well, and trained my son on hand-eye coordination and steps essential for tennis. We'd repeat lessons with Douglas when we are back in Miami. Highly recommend!

Julian H. - February 25, 2019

Excellent coach! Very smart and funny coach. Very knowledgeable with details that other coaches were not able to teach me.

Guilherme L. - March 21, 2019

I really enjoyed taking classes with Douglas. He was very patient in correcting me and teaching me the techniques in different and creative ways. I would highly recommend him.

Bibiana A. - September 26, 2019

Douglas is a wonderful instructor, excellent tips that change your strokes and make it easy to learn. I highly recommend him as your instructor!

Aura M. - October 31, 2019

Douglas is an excellent instructor. He knows a lot about the sport, is very patient and looks to understand how best you learn so he can be a more effective teacher.

Gabriel J. - October 24, 2019

Doug was the best instructor I could've asked for. He is kind, patient and is ready to make you a better overall player. Not only did my hitting game improve but Doug showed me a more strategic/mental approach to the game that I never thought of. My whole game improved after my six lessons with Doug including my backhand, volley, and especially my service game! I felt very comfortable with Doug which is so important as you're trying to learn. I'd recommend Doug to anyone, any day! He helped me achieve the growth I was looking for in my game.

Taylor V. - February 28, 2020

Doug has been the best coach! He is patient & knows the game of tennis inside and out. Would highly recommend!

Kellie S. - July 14, 2020

Excellent and patient. 100% recommend Coach Douglas.

Belkenia C. - August 12, 2020

Great coach! Has a lot of technical knowledge and is very personable. I would recommend him for any skill level.

Valeria K. - October 4, 2020

Well experienced coach. I found him to be friendly and patient as I am a beginner/intermediate level. He made a few adjustments to my technique and I am now enjoying playing tennis much more!

Maria C. - November 29, 2020

I can't recommend Douglas enough. He is professional, knowledgeable, skilled, and importantly really understands how to utilize all of this to be an effective instructor. As a rec player beginning to take the game more seriously, I can confidently say Douglas helped improve all areas of my game and probably advanced my game to a degree that would have taken me years on my own.

Zack P. - February 11, 2021

Great experience, looking forward to future lessons and vast improvement in my game.

Richard F. - February 21, 2021

I was a relative beginner when is started lessons with Douglas. We worked on my forehand, which now has a nice arc and topspin. My backhand went from being weak and inconsistent to a shot that I feel confident hitting. I had a great time with Douglas and would recommend him.

Zack G. - May 15, 2021

Douglas is an amazing coach! Extremely patient and with a wealth of knowledge. He keeps the lessons fun and active while always focusing on improving technique. I look forward to and enjoy each of our sessions!

Monica L. - July 16, 2021

Punctual, knowledgeable, and professional. He gives custom and effective insights to quickly improve your game while being supportive and inspiring. Highly recommend.

Alexandra M. - January 29, 2022

Excellent coach! Knowledgeable, friendly and has a good sense of humor. My tennis game has definitely improved!

Dana S. - December 27, 2021

Great instructor, highly recommend!

Ian D. - February 6, 2022

Douglas is a great coach. My tennis game has improved drastically just in few sessions. He also has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend Douglas.

Sepehr S. - June 20, 2022

Douglas is a great teacher. He gives actionable tips to help me improve my game, and makes each lesson fun and something to look forward to.

Josephine - November 14, 2022

Great Trainer. Very nice and help me to improve a lot. Definitely recommend.

Rafael - August 3, 2022

I hadn't played tennis in 20 years and Douglas had tremendous patience with me! His drills were challenging but helpful; he's very observant, which helps his training be very specific to you. Thank you for reigniting my love for tennis! Can't wait to continue this game!

Isabella G. - August 23, 2022

We thoroughly enjoy and appreciate Douglas's coaching of my partner and me. Douglas did an excellent job of articulating the technical aspects of tennis playing. He ensures you are well warmed up before the lesson and always helps to identify and solve any physical issues or challenges. What is most remarkable is that Douglas has a passion and deep love for tennis that reflects in his coaching. He always set up small competitions or challenges between my partner and me to communicate the game's enjoyment. It is enjoyable to learn from and play tennis with Douglas.

Yiqing B. - November 11, 2022

Doug is patient when it comes to working on reinforcing proper technique. Within the first three lessons I have seen tremendous improvement. I will continue to take lessons with him.

Isolda I. - January 28, 2023

Douglas is using my tennis lesson credits without actually training me. He cautious with this crook!

Michael B. - February 13, 2023

I've only had 2 lessons with Douglas, so it is too early talk about improvements in my game. I can say, however, that he is very patient, a good listener and will provide you with positive feedback. I feel very comfortable suggesting some of the things I would like to work on and again, he's very responsive.

I don't know that 6 lessons will be enough to get my game to another level but I am encouraged and believe I will see some good results. Recommend him highly for being very professional and easy to work with.

Xavier R. - February 27, 2023

Douglas is fantastic. He helps me in areas where I am weak. He teaches me new techniques every time we have a lesson, and most importantly, he is patient.

Erica U. - June 8, 2023

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