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David S.

Roselle Park, NJ (3 locations)

702 Completed Lessons |
115 Reviews
  • Years Teaching: 15
  • Years Playing: 30
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner
  • Teaches:
  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
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About Me

I am an all around athletic person who enjoys practicing many sports and running every day. I am passionate about tennis which I have been playing most of my life. I have taught many people and my greatest teaching accomplishment was teaching my daughter, who was a state sectional champion. I take great pride in what I do, am a very committed and patient person, and have a flexible teaching schedule to accommodate different needs.

Teaching Style

With beginners, I focus on teaching the basics and building confidence in each individual player. I place emphasis on mastering the basic skills such as forehands/backhands, volleys and serves in order to help build a player's confidence on the court to rally. With children, I create a comfortable and fun environment on the court through games and drills that help developing their playing skills.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Arthur L. Johnson High School
  • Westfield Ave
  • Clark, NJ 07066
  • Roselle Park High School
  • West Lincoln Ave
  • Roselle Park, NJ 07204
  • Hillside Avenue School
  • Corner Of Hillside Ave And Centennial Ave
  • Cranford, NJ

Latest Reviews

I am beginner, with no experience and David has been a great coach with an immense amount of quality experience. He has been very patient with me, has excellent communication, and flexibility to fit my schedule. Overall, He has given me a new found love and understanding of the sport.

Shawn C. (Verified Review)

David was kind and helpful. He broke down skills for us and helped a pair of beginners really enjoy their first taste of tennis! He was very communicative and flexible when it came to scheduling and had a positive attitude. We are going to spend a few weeks practicing on our own and hopefully see him for some more lessons soon! Highly recommend if you want to learn a lot in a short period of time with a non-judgemental Instructor. Have fun!

Gaia R. (Verified Review)

David was incredible. I’m an adult and was looking to learn proper technique to improve my game and David was the best! He taught me everything I needed to know to make my game better, be more competitive and have more fun! He’s a great guy and would highly recommend him!

Joe A. (Verified Review)

Coach David is a great coach especially for kids. He is really good at teaching various techniques to my sons! He is extremely patient, always on time and is flexible with schedules. Both of my sons love their lessons with Coach David, they want to continue playing tennis. He is just great!

Tara N. (Verified Review)

David is a great coach. His lessons are well structured, progressive, and filled with interesting drills. He is very friendly and easy to communicate with, too. My tennis skills improved a lot with David's coaching, I think I will get more lessons from him in the future. Highly recommended.

Buwei H. (Verified Review)

David is very jovial person and I really liked his coaching techniques. Being a beginner I took longer time to master the shots and David was very cool about it .

Ajith J. (Verified Review)

Very good patient teaching skills

Mike (Verified Review)

David is a very good coach that observes his students and adjusts his style based on their needs. He is knowledgeable, communicates well and is fun to train with.

Cristian M. (Verified Review)

David is very knowledgeable. He is already making improvements to my game. He makes the lesson very enjoyable. I highly recommend him to the beginner and intermediate player. Also, he is very patient.

Harry D. (Verified Review)

Very patient, knowledgeable, skilled enjoyed the first lesson. I am looking forward to the next one

Harry D. (Verified Review)

David is an excellent coach who pays very close attention to minute details and provides timely instruction to improve my technique and gameplay in a friendly and easy to understand manner. Definitely enjoyed my lessons and would definitely recommend David if you are a beginner or look to improve your game.

Ahmed S. (Verified Review)

David has a wonderful way to teach you. He has helped me improve my game from beginning novice to at least moderate. I continue to take lessons w him hoping to improve further. He is everything an ideal teacher should be: patient, positive, and all around a real pleasant personality.
Thank you David and looking forward to continued tennis excellence!

Gagan B. (Verified Review)

If you are a total beginner and thinking about picking up tennis as a new hobby, David is the perfect instructor for you. He's very easy to work with, kind, and encouraging. I learned the basics from how to hold the tennis racket to how to perform a proper serve, forehand, backhand, etc.. The drills he had me practice really improved my swing and serve. What I appreciated the most was David's keen attention to detail and how he set the drills specifically to address the areas that I needed improvement on. After just 10 lessons with him, I noticed a significant improvement in my game. Overall, I could say that having David as an instructor will give you a great start to playing tennis, and make you a more confident, wellrounded player. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Nick Z. (Verified Review)

I've had about 4-5 lessons with David and enjoyed the lessons so far. He tries to help fix what I am not good at and make his student get the most out of the lesson. David is a great coach and a nice man. He knows tennis well and is very patient and generous. I surely recommend him.

Jamie K. (Verified Review)

David is a highly knowledgeable instructor and his love of the sport is contagious. The highest compliment, my glowing reviews of David’s kind demeanor and patience convinced my girlfriend to grab a racket and learn with him as well. Every session was fun as was as informative. I may not be ready for Wimbledon yet, but with David’s instruction, I’m on my way, LOL!

Margarita S. (Verified Review)

David is an amazing coach. He really takes the student's level into account and adjusts his teaching style accordingly. He focuses on the basics of footwork, follow through and making appropriate contact, and drills that into you. He will keep you on your toes and always encourage you to go on when you feel like giving up. I highly recommend David.

Arun K. (Verified Review)

Excellent instructor with sincere desire to share his expertise. I highly recommend David as your next tennis coach!

Jorge R. (Verified Review)

David is a master tennis instructor, and I am happy to learn from the best. He is extremely patient, sympathetic and knowledgeable. He actually does not rush you, and he guarantees that you get the most out of your lessons. Now I have the confidence to move at my own pace all because of his patience. Thanks David!

Lue (Verified Review)

David is knowledgeable and personable. Every lesson is informative and fun. He utilizes the time well, and I am having a blast as my love for the sport and my skill level grows.

Margarita S. (Verified Review)

I had my first lesson on Saturday. David is an awesome teacher, and his patience is beyond measure! I'm looking forward to my next lesson.

Genevieve W. (Verified Review)

David is an excellent coach. He's very patient with beginners like me.

Priyanka G. (Verified Review)

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