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Darnell C.

Tuckahoe, NY (1 location)

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43 Reviews
  • PTR Certified
  • Years Teaching: 5
  • Years Playing: 30
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches:
  • Adults, Seniors
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About Me

While I played tennis as a kid, it wasn't until my 20's that I dedicated myself to getting better at tennis. I competed in the 3.5's and worked my way up to the 4.5's where I currently compete. I learned tennis the hard way, trial and error (eg. I spent a year changing a forehand grip because I learned it the wrong way). I've made the mistakes so you don't have to. Let me share with you the progressions I made from 3.0 - 3.5 - 4.0 - 4.5, and let me help you make those leaps faster! I even taught myself to play lefty, just to make sure I could teach you!

Teaching Style

In a typical lesson, I'll review your groundstrokes, volleys, serve and general strategy/tactics. I'll discuss with you the changes I'd like you to make, and why they will help, then ingrain the new technique strategy through repetition. At the end of the lesson, I provide notes of all the items we discussed, and give you "homework" you'll be required to do before our next lesson :)

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= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Leewood Park
  • 61 Leewood Drive
  • Eastchester, NY 10707

Latest Reviews

10* Highly Recommended! Darnell is very professional, personable and inspiring! He is a gem coach - teaches from the heart with passion and diligence. My daughter has just picked up tennis but with just one lesson, she improved tremendously and wants to do more classes! Hands down the BEST!!!

Lucy L. (Verified Review)

A+. Darnell very quickly assessed my playing skill, gave focused tips, and balance between improving my footwork and swing. Lots of great feedback, and I feel like I'm improving quickly.

Jared M. (Verified Review)

Darnell is awesome. I am always embarrassed that at my age, my basics are still off but I have noted tremendous improvement in just four lessons. I suspect I will come back for more because lessons with Darnell actually make me appreciate the game more and enjoy playing for fun and fitness.

Od (Verified Review)

Amazing coach. Fountain of knowledge, great communicator and always patient positive and encouraging. I enjoyed and learned a ton from Darnell.

Ezra C. (Verified Review)

Darnell is a great coach - always positive, patient and a fountain of knowledge.

Ezra C. (Verified Review)

We had 12 lessons with Darnell. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed meeting with him and learning from him. His coaching style is patient, yet determined and hard working. I am sure he is the same way with adults. I would recommend him as a coach without reservations.

Mp (Verified Review)

My 11 year-old-daughter took 6 lessons so far. Darnell is a passionate and great instructor. He is punctual, and flexible in terms of schedule trying to do the lesson in good condition. He did lessons exceeding the time. He motivated her and taught her all the basics in detail, and my daughter improved a lot. I would highly recommend him.

Maho F. (Verified Review)

I’m really happy with my skills improvement since I start to work with Darnell.

Danillo F. (Verified Review)

Darnell is a passionate, patient, and kind coach. My daughter showed improvements in the first 6 lessons. He is also flexible in terms of schedule, which was helpful, too. He always explains what he has covered at the lessons to me. He noticed when my daughter was not feeling well, and adjusted the schedule for us. I highly recommend him if you need a coach you can trust.

Maho F. (Verified Review)

Darnell identified my weaknesses and helped me work on specific drills to improve in my weak areas. He varied the drills to help me develop by closely monitoring my progress throughout the lesson! I also practiced in between the first and second lessons which helped me see good improvement.

Mark F. (Verified Review)

Darnell has been an excellent teacher. I've had three individual lessons so far. He is excellent with communication and keeping track of our lesson schedule. He very kindly often goes over and hour per lesson, but only charges for an hour. Best of all, Darnell is an experienced tennis player and a good teacher. He explains technique well, often referencing similarities to sports that are more familiar to me. He's patient, good at personalizing lessons to the student, he has extensive understanding of the sport, and he even texts homework to me after our lessons. I would definitely recommend him to others!

Michael P. (Verified Review)

Very lovely experience. Gives you honest feedback.

Miriam K. (Verified Review)

Excellent coach. Firstly, he is very prompt in responding and scheduling lessons. He is very patient on the court and really focuses on your technique. He was able to identify my weak points and immediately provide advise on rectifying them. I was able to see a vast improvement after just two sessions!

Anand (Verified Review)

He is an excellent teacher. I purchased a 6-lesson package and by the end of the 6th session, my tennis had improved drastically!! I will be taking more lessons with Darnell, and I look forward to learning more and having a great time.

Elie H. (Verified Review)

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