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Corey S.

Jacksonville, FL (3 locations)

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  • Years Teaching: 2
  • Years Playing: 16
  • Levels Taught:
  • Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
  • Teaches:
  • Seniors, Adults, Juniors, Kids
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About Me

Hey! My name is Corey Stumne and I live in Jacksonville, FL. I am 26 and have been playing tennis since I was 10.

I feel like I have a unique tennis story. I don't come from a tennis family— I picked it up all on my own. Of course, I wasn't any good when I began, but that didn't bother me because I loved the sport. I never really had a coach until high school. As I continued to play more and more in high school, my passion for the game grew. Even though I wasn't even good enough to start on the junior varsity team my freshman year in high school, I set a goal that I was going to play on scholarship for a team in college. I put all my efforts into practice and becoming all I could be. I went from not being able to start JV my freshman year to being named 1st team all state (Illinois) my senior year. I went on to receive a scholarship at Harding University.

Tennis continues to be one of my favorite hobbies. I still love the game and enjoy passing the game on to other people. My coaching experience began with my younger brother (I was really the only coach he had)— he also went on to receive a scholarship and play at the college level. I have plenty of experience working and coaching tennis camps. Two years ago I became the boys and girls coach of a private high school. Today, I continue to look for excuses to get out on the court and help people improve their game.

Teaching Style

I teach with a competitive flair, so I always try to make a game out of whatever we are doing— volleys, footwork, sequence shots, etc. I teach with high energy and make it FUN!

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Burnett Park
  • 3740 Burnett Park Rd
  • Jacksonville, FL 32257
  • Mandarin Park
  • 14780 Mandarin Rd
  • Jacksonville , FL 32223
  • Sugar Mill Neighborhood Tennis
  • 3801 1 Paddlewheel Ap
  • Jacksonville, FL 32257

Latest Reviews

Improved my ground strokes and timing. Solid coach!

Chris D. (Verified Review)

I have had 3 lessons with Corey so far and he is a really great coach. He has immense patience and is extremely punctual and sincere. I plan on taking many more lessons with him in the fall.

Sandy L. (Verified Review)

Corey is knowledgeable, patient and pleasant!

June S. (Verified Review)

Having never taken any lessons, my first experience with Corey as my coach was excellent! He was always on time and prepared for our lessons. I've gotten a better understanding of the game along with noticeable improvements in our targeted areas. I would definitely recommend Corey b/c of his knowledge, experience, and friendly approach to the lessons.

Matt G. (Verified Review)

Corey has been a great fit for my often persnickety daughter. She really enjoys her lessons. Scheduling with Corey has been easy. Highly recommended.

Lisa M. (Verified Review)

Excellent job.

Jennifer F. (Verified Review)

Our son loved his first lesson with Corey and so did we. He was very thorough and patient and explained everything in simple terms to make our son feel comfortable. He is definitely very knowledgeable and skilled. Looking forward to the next lesson already!

Elina L. (Verified Review)

It was an incredibly great first lesson - Corey fully explained and taught me the proper techniques to get my topspin shots down pat! I'll have to work on it a bit to perfect, but the way he explained it had me hitting them correctly and consistently that same day! What a workout too!

Matt W. (Verified Review)

Best and first coach I’ve had! Simple to understand, efficient time management, and fast to get the hang of it. Very easy to socialize with and patient with teaching. I highly recommend Coach Corey to students looking for a tennis coach!

Tracy L. (Verified Review)

Corey did a great job! I will work with him more to improve my tennis game. He listened to what I needed to help me improve.

Bill M. (Verified Review)

My daughter just completed her 3rd lesson with Coach Cory, I must say I am very very pleased with what I have seen so far!

Anthony H. (Verified Review)

Great instructor. Very patient and easy to get along with. Highly skilled as well and knows what he’s doing. Would highly recommend.

Brendan E. (Verified Review)

Corey is great with young people and an excellent teacher!

Peyton B. (Verified Review)

Corey is really great with young people (especially teens) and knows how to speak to them in a way they understand. He loves tennis so much, it’s hard not to catch his enthusiasm!

Michelle A. (Verified Review)

Corey was the best at teaching me the mechanics of tennis! I also enjoyed working with Corey! He is very easy going and patient. Thanks Corey!

Mary W. (Verified Review)

Corey was very patient with my daughter who had barely played tennis. He worked on all areas with her and we were very impressed him!

Becky W. (Verified Review)

I didn't really know how to hit a tennis ball correctly, but now I do. Corey was very helpful in explaining how to hit the ball and what form to use. 🎾

Hayden S. (Verified Review)

I knew absolutely nothing about tennis and Corey explained it in a easy and simple way. It was a lot of fun and I got a lot out of this lesson

Austen T. (Verified Review)

Corey has the unique ability to effectively instruct someone who plays at a high level, but can also come down to teach anyone who is looking to get into tennis. Having personal experience in playing with Corey for quite a few years, I can honestly say there is not a more patient or knowledgeable player around. He is very fundamentally sound and puts an emphasis on the basics as well as the mental side of the game, but always plays at a very high level. Playing doubles with Corey has always been a pleasure, you won't find a better teacher out there!

Ben B. (Verified Review)

Corey is an excellent teacher. He is very engaging with students and patient in helping with their progress.

Benjamin T. (Verified Review)

Corey is a amazing coach!! I would recommend him to anyone either experienced in tennis or not. He has a great background in tennis and played in college. He motivates you to do your best and helps you in places you are lacking! 10/10 coach!!

Grace W. (Verified Review)

Corey is a great tennis instructor with a wealth of experience. I enjoy his company on and off the court. I would definitely recommend Corey as your go to tennis instructor with a great passion for the game!

Bill W. (Verified Review)

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