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Christopher J.

New Braunfels, TX (5 locations)

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  • USPTA Certified
  • Years Teaching: 25
  • Years Playing: 35
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
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About Me

 Gday! Excited to meet You! I am Chris Jacques from Sydney, Australia. I grew up playing all levels of junior tournaments, college, representative, and Futures tennis. I was lucky enough to work with some of the greatest coaches in Australia. I asked a lot of questions, and gained a lot of knowledge of the game.

I got the opportunity to come to the USA and played Division 1 college tennis.  Then got the honor of an internship at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch.  I became the Adult tennis director in 2005. This job; in addition to teaching adult tennis vacations, includes directing summer camp, Quickstart programs, community Education in schools, and travelling interstate & internationally to promote the game of tennis. Two months of the year we get to work with John Newcombe, Roy Emerson, Rod Laver, and a list of other legends. This experience helps myself and my team of coaches learn from literally the best coaches in the world!

Teaching Style

This will depend on the student. I will focus on making the learning experience fun & entertaining. Once a student is comfortable they will be more trusting of the new skills. I will talk you through it, and ask you questions. I will give plenty of instruction, but not over load the student.

Kids generally will want to make all things competitive and fun, and in that frame work I can teach them many skills because they are having fun & want to win!

Adults come for many different reasons. I can talk to you and assess your game to pin point what is needed. We can progress your stroke through feeding, rallying, to point and match play. Or we can work on many different strokes. You will get the choice, or I can guide you.

High level players will want a high level of instruction, and to be worked hard, and rally against someone who can push their level. I can provide all of these. I have been lucky enough to teach professional players, and high level adults and academy students. As well as straight beginners. These can be so rewarding, showing people they really can get better and have fun!!

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • New Braunfels High School
  • 2551 Loop 337
  • New Braunfels, TX 78130
  • John Newcombe Tennis Courts
  • 325 Mission Valley Rd.
  • New Braunfels, TX 78132
  • John Newcombe Tennis Ranch
  • 325 Mission Valley Road
  • New Braunfels , TX 78132
  • John Newcombe Tennis Ranch
  • 325 Mission Valley Rd
  • New Braunfels, TX 78132
  • John Newcombe Tennis Ranch
  • 325 Mission Valley Rd
  • New Braunfels, TX 78132
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Latest Reviews


Pamela K. (Verified Review)

I signed up with Christopher for six sessions. I’m on my third right now. He’s awesome!!! I haven’t played in over 15-20 years and his direction has been extremely helpful. I feel super comfortable with him. He’s very in-tune with not going to hard on a 50(ish) year old dude. Looking forward to many more lessons.

Dean F. (Verified Review)

Coach Chris is great with my son and helps keep him motivated to play throughout the year. Even when my son gets to where he’s burned out with the school practices, he truly values and looks forward to his one-on-one sessions with Coach Chris. It went so well the first set of sessions, and the results totally support this (made his stretch goal of varsity by the start of his sophomore year), that we’ve renewed for 20 more sessions twice now.

Coach Chris alternates between fundamentals and specifics skills. Also arranges for group play to get them some live competition when needed.

Coach Chris really listens to what my son has to say about issues he struggles with during his high school matches and then will set up a series just to work on those issues. We really like that he treats the player with respect even though he just turned 16.

Also, Coach Chris has a lot of real experience (we had absolutely zero... we were not a tennis family at all) and that helped us with things like getting into the right racket and shoes. Also, he talks with the player about pre-warm ups and the mental side of the game too. All of this made a big improvement over our previous trial and error methods.

What else can we say? Great job coach!

Brian S. (Verified Review)

Just my 15yr old son’s 2nd lesson with Chris, but WOW does he have him motivated (and exhausted)!!! Already improved his serve significantly (we noticed when we watched for improvements at the end of the lessons). We really look forward to his help long term. Great job Chris!

Brian S. (Verified Review)

Chris has been a great coach to my son over the years, improving his game immensely. The first time I watched him coach I knew immediately he had a depth and volume of knowledge that was unmatched by any previous coaches my son has had. He knows what he’s talking about and it is very clear after only a few minutes of watching you coach. He’s a super nice guy obviously loves what he does and my son responded as I’ve seen other players to him immediately

Daniel D. (Verified Review)

Coach Chris was great! Our daughter who had never played before decided to try out for her HS team. Chris went out of his way to accommodate a quick timeline & in a few lessons had her serving, volleying & knowing the rules of play. She enjoyed the experience with Coach as he made it fun & taught in a very understanding way. And she made the Team! Thanks Coach!

Rick R. (Verified Review)

Chris is a great guy and excellent instructor. I learn so much from his very patient/ informative lessons.

Rachel B. (Verified Review)

My son took lessons from Coach Chris for 2 years (10 & 11yrs old) before moving back to Atlanta. Chris is an amazing coach who truly loves the game and teaching his craft. Chris is very adept at identifying the skills (mental & physical) that my son needed to work on to improve. Chris structured the lesson to discuss goals and areas of focus before they worked on drills or specific fitness needs. He then follows the lesson with a recap of things learned, focusing on what my son did well, & followed by what needed some work. Chris uses a very positive reinforcement approach to coaching. He also has a keen ability to engage his students to do better because they want to and to focus on the 2-3 skills to reach their goals. Connor became a very confident and skillful tennis player with the partnership we (student, parent, & coach) had during those two years. We would highly recommend Chris as a tennis coach.

Donna D. (Verified Review)

Chris is an excellent coach and teacher. I am a beginner and he has taught me so much in just a few lessons. He is very knowledge and patient and is good at showing and describing techniques to allow improvement very quickly. I would recommend Chris to all levels of play from beginner to pro. He is just that good with years of experience!

Trish R (Verified Review)

Excellent coach!!

Y M. (Verified Review)

My 8 year old granddaughter has taken 5 lessons with Coach Chris. She was 7 for the first two lessons and she was a little apprehensive , but Chris immediately connected with her and consequently, she has been excited to have each lesson. His lessons were designed to be positive as well as instructive which worked very well with young Camille. She is a Dallas resident, but she hopes to return for more instruction with Coach Chris.

Pat M. (Verified Review)

Chris does everything with a smile and is always ready to answer questions from the group. He is very knowledgeable about all the proper techniques to hit the ball properly and move around the court.

Roger M. (Verified Review)

My wife and I met Chris about 4 years ago on our first visit to Newcombe’s Tennis Ranch. We hit if off right away, a great personality with a vast knowledge of tennis and the ability to communication and demonstrate the game. He is one of the main reasons we have been back 10 times, and planning to go again in Jan 2018.

Joe M. (Verified Review)

Having had lessons with Chris Jacques on several occasions, I can confidently recommend him for any club-level player in the 3.0 to 4.5 range. Chris combines in-depth knowledge of stroke production techniques and on-court tactics to provide a reliable basis for steady improvement. Most importantly, he has the ability to understand which of a player's possible changes will have the biggest impact. To me that's the difference between a good instructor and a great one. Chris Jacques is a great one.

Franz R. (Verified Review)

Chris is excellent. A great teacher who breaks down the game and can relate and teach players of all levels. Highly recommend for sure!!!!!!!

Carlos L. (Verified Review)

Chris is a top-notch instructor he care so much about you he is knowledgeable and highly qualified he has raise my game to a level that is just unbelievable .He has taught me strategy technique ,tactics , how to build the point how to do topspin how to do slice how to do anything in the game and shots of tennis and most of all confidence in myself I would say Chris is an A+ tennis instructor so grateful for all he has done for my game

Peggy B. (Verified Review)

Christopher did an excellent job at evaluating my weaknesses and providing the appropriate instruction and drills to improve my game. His demeanor was friendly and courteous and a pleasure to take instructions from.

Cynthia Z. (Verified Review)

If you are looking for a professional tennis coach that will instantly improve your game look no further than Chris Jacques. Chris does an excellent job communicating what you are doing well and what you can do to improve. Chris's lessons have helped me recognize my mistakes and know how to correct them. Having that knowledge helps me continue to improve long after the lesson is over. Try a lesson with Chris. You will learn a lot and have a blast in the process.

Ryan (Verified Review)

Chris is an absolute professional, and gives world class instruction on the tennis court. Without a doubt one the best coaches I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, I would recommend Chris to anyone looking to improve their game!

Ammon D. (Verified Review)

Excellent Coach, excellent Director, great motivator, wonderful speaker.

Ama O. (Verified Review)

I play tennis regularly at a 4.5 level. I also have children who play tennis. I have had many lessons through junior tennis and all over the country as an adult. I have also had various coaches for my children. Chris is one of the few pros who is a student of the game but is also an excellent tennis player. Thus, he is able to coach at all levels and does not make ridiculous suggestions about strokes he just watched on Youtube that morning. He remembers his experiences in junior tennis and regularly coaches juniors at his academy. He also coaches adult clinics . I have found his pointers useful, his strategies particularly useful and he does not try to remake my entire game. On top of it all he is a good guy who my kids and I all like. There is definitely a reason that he is the Tennis Director at Newcombe's Tennis Ranch.

Aaron B. (Verified Review)

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