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Amir R.

Houston, TX (4 locations)

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  • Years Teaching: 11
  • Years Playing: 23
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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  • Seniors, Adults, Juniors, Kids
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About Me

CURRENT STATUS: I have been coaching for 10 years. Currently, I am the only self-taught professional in the world.

I PLAYED COLLEGE ALL 4 YEARS: I was recruited to play on a full scholarship at Xavier University of Louisiana. I also played for Bethany College in Kansas. I qualified for nationals all three years and made it to the quarterfinals twice. I know what it takes to be a successful tennis player and I have connections for those students that are looking to play college tennis on a scholarship. I give special attention to detail during my private lessons to help my clients improve faster. I guarantee improvement within just the first tennis lesson. I have coached all levels, ages and genders. I am fun and very social and enjoy when my clients are improving and having fun.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: won more than 100 championships in my junior career; was ranked top 30 in the nation NAIA in college; finished third at nationals twice (both in 16s and 18s divisions); was ranked in the top 15 men's division in the state of Texas within two months of playing tournaments; received full scholarship to play for Xavier University of Louisiana; qualified into the NAIA National Championship three times; made it as far as the quarterfinals at the NAIA National Championship twice, top 3 in the world GLTA WORLD TOUR, 1 in the nation GLTA WORLD TOUR

Teaching Style

Session Plan: Step 1) Evaluate the level of the player. Step 2) Determine the comfort level with different strokes (forehand, backhand, volley, serve, slice). Step 3) Help the player to set goals and guide him or her to achieve them. Step 4) Break down each ground stroke in detail. Step 5) Teach student tips and help him or her recognize what they are doing incorrectly. Step 6) Show them tennis from a scientific point of view, meaning for example: Why does the ball react differently to certain strokes and styles? Step 7) Develop a program that integrates improvement in tennis and physical fitness.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Tanglewood Park
  • 5801 Woodway
  • Houston, TX 77057
  • Memorial High School
  • 935 Echo Lane
  • H Ouston, TX 77024
  • Memorial Spring Branch
  • 1000 Piney Point
  • Houston, TX 77024
  • Hudson Forest Tennis Courts
  • 136 Sugarberry Circle
  • Houston, TX 77024
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Student Feedback

Amir is extremely patient and knowledgeable! He has helped me improve my entire game in a short period of time. I would definitely recommend him!

Kirsten C. - May 9, 2015

It was fun and he taught me important tennis stuff.

Audrey J. - May 9, 2015

Amir is one of the best instructors I have ever had. He can easily spot points of weakness in your game and will then works on that weakness. His training sessions are excellent and fun as well. You will feel the improvement in your game and technique instantly. I can say I have never felt so confident in my game as I am now and in such a short period of time.

Bassem A. - March 14, 2015

Excellent match of a coach and a client in terms of age, status, activeness, and physical capability.

Khadim - May 7, 2015

I took 3 lessons. We went over basic strokes then zeroed in on my weaknesses and worked on them. Good tips. I did achieve my goal of finding flaws in my game to work on. I couldn't necessary recommend Amir to people I play with since his style of play (Western grip, 2-handed backhand, etc.) is so different than ours. But for juniors using this style he would be great

Jim B. - May 7, 2015

We have had the most tremendous experience with Amir. Not only is he a phenomenal tennis player with state ranking, he is the best coach my teenage son has ever had. He saw in my son an ability and helped him develop his style of playing based on his body type and strength. Amir teaches to the student, keeping in mind their personal goal, personality and strengths. I was shocked at the growth, both on and off the court, that my son experienced with Amir as his tennis coach. He does this with all of his students. By far the BEST money ever spent on tennis. He is a great deal for the price!! You will not find a better instructor/coach anywhere.

Kerry S. - May 8, 2015

Amir is wonderful and since beginning with him only a few weeks ago, I have already noticed a difference in my game. He is very patient and gives you attention whether he is working or not. I've been with many coaches and none have been as flexible and supportive as Amir.

Mariam K. - June 23, 2015

My daughter gave me a gift certificate for tennis lessons as a Mother's Day gift. We took the lesson together. We are both beginners. Amir was very patient and explained the basics of the game from rules to grips for forehands, backhands and serves in just one lesson. We are excited to continue lessons with him and develop a love for the game of tennis. We would both highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their tennis game!

Tina G. - June 22, 2015

Amir is very personable, knowledgeable and works with you to meet your goals. He listens to what you need improvement on and has provided me with great tips via drills and situational plays. His depth of coaching experience and the fact that he himself is a very accomplished player really helps. He is not someone who can coach but cannot play what he teaches (there are some out there). He was patient when I repeated the same mistakes (while I was taking time to build the necessary muscle memory). The fact that he can hone in so quickly on what exactly I was doing wrong told me the amount of thought he puts into the game and coaching. He was very responsive to re-scheduling, always was on time, and it felt like I was practicing with a friend rather than a coach. I would recommend him for anyone who wants to improve their game, be it a 4.5+ player or a beginner into tennis.

Monesh C. - August 18, 2015

First and foremost, I want to describe my experience In detail.
I took my first lesson with coach Amir a couple of months ago. As a beginner, (had never played tennis before) I was pretty much clueless. Coach Amir made me feel very comfortable- he has so much patience and explained everything in detail. We had an hour long session and i learned more than i initially expected- and continue to learn new material with every lesson. A lot of coaches out there are knowledgeable, true, but lack passion for the sport. Coach Amir is super passionate about teaching all that he knows.. there is a reason why he has won so many championships at his young age. if you are in search for a tennis coach, i highly recommend coach amir, you will not be disappointed! :)

Angelica R. - March 30, 2017

I know Amir for over a year now. His passion and movitation for tennis are deniable. He coached my 6 yrs old son Zachary and I saw big improvement in his game. I also have a pleasure to play doubles with Amir in several tournaments. He always delivered and very professional and personal on and off the court. If you are looking to improve your tennis game at any levels, I would highly recommend coach Amir at The Coaching Vault.

Danny V. - March 31, 2017

From the very beginning, Amir has challenged me to "UP MY GAME!" and "BE A BETTER PLAYER!". He immediately identified weaknesses in my mechanics as well as pointed out my strengths. We are currently working to minimize those weaknesses and maximize the strengths. Specifically, he is teaching me ways to increase the RPM's in both my forehand and backhand, He is also showing me a better form to use while serving which ultimately increases my serve percentages. Finally, he has created a work out regimen for me that, in my opinion, is exactly what I need to help me achieve my goals and become a more competitive, fit and smart tennis player. Amir is very easy to talk to, is complimentary when I do things well and provides constructive advice when I'm not doing things correctly. Overall, working with Amir has been a GREAT experience!

Brandon A. - April 18, 2017

Coach Amir is so far the best coach we have ever met. He is extremely capable, responsible and dedicated. My son is 12 years old and he had improved a lot after being coached by Amir in the last year. My son loves him.

Laura W. - April 26, 2017

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