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  • USPTA Certified
  • PTR Certified
  • Years Teaching: 11
  • Years Playing: 15
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  • Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
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  • Seniors, Adults, Juniors, Kids
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About Me

Hello students of the game! My name is Ahmed. I love tennis! I enjoy the individuality of performing solo and sometimes working with a partner to succeed on a united purpose! I been playing tennis since I was 11 years old. I played all four years in high school on the varsity team. My coach who helped me get to where I am is Coach Jay F Royal. I been coaching for five years strong. I am experienced at teaching QuickStart at Cottonwood Heights and USTA and recreational players in Salt Lake County parks and rec. I worked on a personal level with troubled kids who struggled with self esteem and boosted their self confidence, helping them make a 180 degree turn to evolve them in to potential leaders and competitors. I worked with senior folks who wanted to focus on Cardio Tennis. I also love to do hitting and rallying with any age or skill level for analyzing critic. I often break down my teaching into three easy steps that are easy for beginners to do and fun to memorize for respective age.

Teaching Style

I initiate a four-day challenge in which we'll go over the most important strokes in tennis in just four days: forehand, backhand, volleys and serves. I explain scoring and always play fun games in the last bit of lessons or do some hitting depending on group size.

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • River View Park
  • 5840 South 700 West
  • Salt Lake City, UT 84123
  • Taylorsville High School
  • 5400 South Redwood Road
  • Taylorsville City, UT 84123
  • Greek Row
  • 1300 East 100 South
  • Salt Lake City , UT 84123
  • Sports Mall
  • 5445 900 E
  • Salt Lake City, UT 84117
  • Buttercup Park
  • 1501 Buttercup Drive
  • Sandy, UT 84092
  • Riverton High School
  • 12476 S 2700 W
  • Riverton , UT 84065
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Latest Reviews

Amazing coach! My wife and I took lessons from Ahmed and he was so great teaching to our skill levels and keeping it instructional and fun. He was flexible with us and helped us get the right equipment and has made tennis something that my wife and I love doing even more. Highly recommend! Can’t wait to take more lessons.

Scott T. (Verified Review)

Scheduling lessons with this instructor has been a nightmare. First of all, it's not the coach you're paying for who gives the lessons. It's mostly outsourced.

Secondly, you can't get a proper weekly time slot for lessons. He says that he's currently employed by a big center. Then why sell packages on this platform?

Bottom line: If you're running a business, act like a business—not a tardy employee. Be honest and upfront that you're not going to be the instructor.

Vik S. (Verified Review)

Mohammed was very professional and showed a lot of interest in my learning style and adapted his lessons accordingly. Mohammed was able to key in on my strengths and find my opportunities very quickly and developed a short term program that yielded inprovement in just a few lessons. I highly recommend Mohammed as your tennis instructor.

Truman A. (Verified Review)

Mohammed is an awesome instructor. I feel like in just one lesson with him I improved a lot.

Bennett H. (Verified Review)

My 13 year old son has been taking lessons from Ahmed for just over a year now. Ahmed has done an excellent job of articulating the technical aspects of the tennis game.  What is most remarkable is that Ahmed has a passion and deep love for tennis that reflects on his coaching.  He clearly wants to communicate the enjoyment of the game to his students. Every practice Ahmed brings different and unique lessons for my son to learn each week. Ahmed has even taught me a few things about being a parent of a tennis player. For the past year It has truly been pleasant to watch my son learn and grow from our friend Ahmed ~Josh & Jayden~ Dad and son.

Josh J. (Verified Review)

I have hopped around with many different coaches over the past couple years, and Ahmed is a coach that I certainly would recommend. Distance has kept me from continuing lessons, however he is one of the few coaches that I can say matches, if not surpasses my passion for the game. A good way to describe him as a coach is adaptive. I watched him coach other student in a completely different manner than when he would coach me. He adapts to the player and what will help them grow the most. I cannot say enough about how much he has helped my game and helped me love the game even more.

Rhett L. (Verified Review)

Very friendly coach with excellent skills. I had 12 lessons with him and he teaches very specifically things that I need to work on more. During 12 lessons, he taught me not only tennis but also how to control my self mentally. I would definitely recommend take lessons with him!

Ghunoong Y. (Verified Review)

I have had fantastic lessons with Mohammed. He is professional, knowledgeable, and committed to teaching techniques correctly and accurately. He is never tired of describing and showing the techniques again and again to make sure I am playing correctly. Also, he is an awesome person. I am so happy that I took tennis lessons with him!

Ali S. (Verified Review)

Excellent teacher. Immediately identifies your strengths and weaknesses. Teaches at your level. Highly recommend Mohammed for all levels and styles.

Jennwood C. (Verified Review)

Ahmed does a great job with whatever skill level you are at. He explains the game and helps you get where you want to go. I just started playing tennis about 2 months ago and I have already seen drastic improvement. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher.

Stephen M. (Verified Review)

Mohammed is an excellent instructor. He spends a lot of time ensuring that the proper techniques are learned from the beginning. He continually reinforces the proper form and techniques and works to ensure that consistency is achieved. As a beginner to tennis, this is important as the habits put in place early are carried forward. I would recommend Mohammed to anyone looking to start learning tennis, or to refine some skills if you are a current player.

Jonathon R. (Verified Review)

Where do I begin? Especially when I can't even remember a life without Ahmed's lessons. Let me explain:

Me, my wife, and our friend simply wanted to get better at tennis. You know, learn some moves, hit the ball, master the grunt--what you would normally expect from getting some private tennis lessons. But Ahmed saw more in us. He took his coaching scalpel as it were and dissected us down to the core of our tennis spirits. Was it painful? Yes. Were their tears? of course. Would I trade it for anything in the world? Never.

Ahmed has been with us from forehand to backhand guiding us like a tennis wizard through our proverbial middle earth. When we've given up on ourselves he's been there with pep talks. When asking ourselves "Why am I doing this?!" he's been there with an answer.

Simply put--if ye are bold enough to go with Ahmed then be ready to burst forth from your cocoon of inadequacy and leave behind your bad form-ism BECAUSE he will expect nothing else. And soon, neither will you.

Amen and Ahmed.

Matt M. (Verified Review)

Ahmed was a fantastic teacher for my three kids. My kids are beginners, for most of the lessons he would divide them up and give them detailed instruction improving their technique. The one on one specific attention was gold. My kids felt encouraged and cared for. It was amazing to see them improve from week to week.

I would absolutely recommend Ahmed. He is the kind of teacher who knows how to make them feel special, and capable, and able to achieve - and clearly has the skills not only at tennis but at teaching to make it possible.

Emily G. (Verified Review)

Ahmed is an excellent, personable, and skilled professional who is committed to raising your tennis game and performance. He is focused on helping students reach goals and achieving their best tennis game. He has great drive and positive energy and truly cares. He has been coaching my high school daughter and has been a great support and help to her tennis abilities.

Jennifer R. (Verified Review)

I started with zero tennis experience, but with Ahmed's adaptable teaching style I was able to reach my goals. He is an all-around great coach so I recommended him to anyone!

Arvind (Verified Review)

Ahmed is very knowledgeable and makes each lesson worth your time. My tennis game has improved a lot since working with him.

Cheryl A. (Verified Review)

He's great! He works well with adults (or atleast those of us who pretend to be adults). You get a good workout every time, and he keeps you engaged.

Max H. (Verified Review)

I have two girls ages 15 and 12 and was looking for someone who could teach both despite different ability levels. Group lessons at a city rec program had given them some basics, but without individualized instruction, they lacked technique, some basic understanding and just not enough ball hits to be consistent. Private lessons with Mohammed were awesome because we saw huge progress after every lesson. My daughters gained a lot of confidence because they hit hundreds of balls and everything about tennis was explained to them in great detail. After 12 lessons, I feel like they have a great base to build on. Mohammed has been great to work with. We have been able to get lessons at a convenient location and he has made himself available to get in as many lessons as we needed each week. We feel like Mohammed will be a great resource to our family's tennis journey for years to come!

Geraldine M. (Verified Review)

Mohammed has been motivating, firm and fun with our two teen boys. They really look up to him and respond well to his style of coaching. Their skills improved in just a short time.

Trish V. (Verified Review)

Mohammed is an outstanding tennis instructor, whom I highly recommend. He breaks tennis skills down into small, digestible bits that are easy to remember and that allow me to experience progress. Mohammed is very encouraging, and makes lessons fun. After only 6 lessons (and starting as a complete beginner) we have already volleyed, and I have already learned how to direct the ball cross court or down the line, I am very excited at this progress, and all credit goes to Mohammed.

Jessica B. (Verified Review)

Mohammed is an awesome coach! I found him online through the website and decided to sign up for some lessons. The next day he gave me a call and we had a little chat about my playing ability, what my goals are, and a few other things to help him plan for the lesson. I’ve had about 8 lessons with him since and they’ve been informative and fun. He strikes a great balance of teaching while helping you enjoy the lesson. He helps accommodate my schedule as well. I’ve been able to watch him with students of different abilities when I arrive for my lessons early and he is great at adapting his lessons to any level of tennis player, beginner or advanced. Something which not all coaches can do. Growing up playing Tennis I was exposed to quite a few coaching styles and I find Mohammed’s great. I give him 5/5 stars and recommend taking a lesson from him!

Sam W. (Verified Review)

Ahmed was great. He has a lot of experience and is great with kids. He is an excellent tennis instructor and my daughter has really enjoyed learning this sport. Thanks so much Ahmed!

Amanda (Verified Review)

Loved my sessions with Ahmed. His a patience, flexibility and knowledge really helped my a great deal.

Ricard H. (Verified Review)

Mohammed is very friendly and professional. We just had one lesson, but he seems very good coach. We look forward to work with him more.

Cathy (Verified Review)

Great with kids and is very patient as he teaches them how to play the game. Highly recommend for anyone with kids that wants them to really learn how to hit their ground strokes.

Jared B. (Verified Review)

Ahmed is a great coach and is adept at explaining and teaching the game. In just a few lessons he has improved my daughters understanding and skill level.

Tyler F. (Verified Review)

Ahmed is a great coach. He analyzes your game and technique and then creates drills to work both on your strengths and weaknesses. I saw immediate improvements in my back hand, serve, volleys, and game strategy after just working a couple of days with Ahmed. I highly recommend him as a teacher and trainer.

Patrick (Verified Review)

If you are looking to improve your tennis game fast while learning how to play with precision and great technique, this is the man for you. Although I have only had 5 or so lessons, my mental, physical and technical game have improved. Mohammed can analyze how you play and break down and create a plan; for you, to make you better. He finds you strengths and weaknesses, makes you work hard and although it may not be fun in the moment, you end up happier than when you started, because at the end of it all you know you are better and stronger. I would recommend, for anyone looking for a great coach that knows how to have fun.

Carlos G. (Verified Review)

I signed up with Ahmed and immediately I heard from him to schedule lessons. (My first instructor took days/a week to get back to me) Also worth mentioning is that Ahmed had several options per week to coach me and for my busy schedule, I needed that!! He is very thorough on teaching the mechanics and brings new ideas or drills every lesson to keep it fun but educational! I would DEFINITELY recommend Ahmed, without hesitation, to anyone at any level. I am a TRUE beginner and my daughter that took lessons with me was one step above that. Ahmed was able to tailor each lesson to help us both improve! Besides his tennis knowlege, Ahmed is a personable and outgoing guy and I had a ton of fun besides learning tennis! Highly recommend him without hesitation!

Sandy M. (Verified Review)

Ahmed has been teaching my 10 and 13 year-old beginning tennis players and I couldn't be happier. I love how he wants them to first and foremost develop a love for tennis. He makes all their drills fun and keeps them entertained with his fun personality. He also has them set small, attainable goals for themselves during every practice, which gives them a sense of accomplishment. My kids absolutely love him!

Emily H. (Verified Review)

Mohammad has been a great coach, he is very flexible at working around your schedule and location and is very knowledgeable. He was able to point out very quickly areas of improvement in my strokes and from just a few lessons I have seen improvement

Laura H. (Verified Review)

Coach Ahmed has been instructing our 16 year old son this summer and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. Coach challenges our son in a way that inspires him to do better, to practice, and reach for goals he didn't think were possible. His game has improved tremendously. His endurance, serve, back hand...everything! Coach is flexible with our schedule and is great with communication. I can't recommend him enough.

Tamari D. (Verified Review)

Ahmed is excellent---a real "class act". He has a great approach and is very personable. My son learned a lot in just a few lessons and Ahmed helped him develop a love for the game. I especially appreciated the extra attention the coach took to customize the teaching experience to my son's particular situation. Highly recommend Ahmed as a coach for any level of player.

Thor L. (Verified Review)

Very patient and knows lots of excellent drills. He has excellent strokes himself and and is great at teaching how one can learn such nice strokes. I'm a 4.0 player and he was perfect for my skill level.

Cliff (Verified Review)

Ahmed has been a fantastic instructor. He explains concepts well both on their own and how they fit into an overall strategy for playing. He pushes me beyond my comfort zone leading me to quick improvement and a great workout. Ahmed is easy to work with in coordinating schedules and follows up with me between lessons to see how I am doing on my goals. He is a great guy and exceptional teacher. Highly recommended.

David B. (Verified Review)

Mohammed is an excellent coach. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to tennis and I like how his lessons go. He gives emphasis on the mechanics of the sport which is really helpful for me. I also like the pace of how he teaches; he adjusts to my comfort and understanding of the previous topic before moving forward. During the drills, he points out where I could improve on which I believe will help me to develop the right form and avoid bad habits. Overall, I am really impressed with him.

Michael P. (Verified Review)

Ahmed is a great coach. Once he assessed our teenage son's skill level, he created custom lessons to help him improve his game. He came to each lesson prepared with specific things to work on. After each lesson he spends time speaking with us as parents and letting us know what went well and areas for improvement. He also gave our son suggestions for exercises and nutrition. Ahmed truly loves the game of tennis and has invested time and energy into helping our son become a better tennis player. I would highly recommend him.

Brooke C. (Verified Review)

My daughter has had a few tennis coaches and Ahmed is the best. His tennis skill and his knowledge of the game is excellent. I would highly recommend him for a beginner or a HS player like my daughter.
He is awesome

Russ (Verified Review)

My daughter is a HS player and Mohammed really helped her with footwork,shot selection and mechanics

Russ H. (Verified Review)

He knows the game, easy and great to work with! I definitely recommend him. Can't wait for my next session!

Rory (Verified Review)

Mohammed has been a professional and knowledgeable coach. It was easy to schedule a lesson with him and he has made me feel very comfortable. He quickly determined my skill level and jumped into some drills to start improving my tennis game. He is very organized and has a talent for coaching all different age and skill levels. I can't wait for my next lesson, and I would recommend Mohammed to everyone!

Amber N. (Verified Review)

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