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Julius G.

Norfolk, VA (10 locations)

  • Years Teaching: 6
  • Years Playing: 15
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate
  • Teaches:
  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
Lessons Starting at $74/hr
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About Me


Private lessons for players of any level, whether beginner, just termediate, or advanced. Guaranteed development of any player from 0 up to 6-10 UTR regardless of background


- 120 hour program
- All lessons recorded and edited
- Extremely detailed and structured 104 page curriculum
- PDF plans for every lesson
- 300+ balls to eliminate time spent picking up
- Perfect first-time instruction
- YouTube channel with free additional instruction
- Explicit list of instructions for every stroke and footwork
- Free video analysis for sent-in footage
- Free t-shirt and hoodie
- Free racquet


You can expect to see immediate and rapid progress. All of my students become immediately enthusiastic for the sport after the first lesson alone.

The program is structured in two halves; 1) technique and 2) strategy.
Technique consists of stroke and footwork instruction and takes up the majority of the program. Strategy instruction is simple.

Players tend to master groundstrokes in the first 3 lessons and master volleys in the first 4 lessons. The difficult aspect technique resides in an extreme variety of footwork that must be practiced and mastered.

Technique is 80 hours, strategy is 40 hours. Complete tennis competence of every stroke and footwork is guaranteed. Player will go from beginner to college eligible level in 120 hours. UTR equivalent of 6-10.


I offer 1 hour and 2 hour lessons. Different hours will be dedicated to different strokes. For maximum progress, 3-4 lessons per week of either length is suggested.

Regular Pricing:
$180/2hr (save $20)

10 Lessons 10% off:
$900 10 x 1 hour lessons (save $100)
$1,620 10 x 2 hour lessons (save $180)

Full 120 Hour Program 15% off:

$10,200 or $5,100/mo (save $1,800)

Negotiable down payment

- Cheaper than the price of a college semester
- 13% of the price of annual tennis academy tuition
- You will be able to teach tennis yourself
- You will be #1 on your high school team
- Many players will want to be your student or hitting partner
- Never take a tennis lesson again for the rest of your life
- Be able to teach your friends, parents, and siblings

Deadline for program completion 5 months (150 days). Beyond the deadline, no lessons or partial refund will be issued.


Other instructors, clubs, and tennis academies

- No clear progress expectations
- No available instructional resources
- No raw video footage
- No online videos
- 3-5 years in order to achieve competency
- No production of players capable of teaching trnnis
- Up to $80,000 annual academy tuition
- Up to $2,000 annual club tuition


Contact me for my website link to view video testimonials of past students

Teaching Style

There is no "teaching style" here, and there should never actually be a "teaching style" for tennis. What we've got here is something so extraordinarily basic that should've always been there for the game of tennis: actual instruction that perfectly and explicitly instructs each and every stroke and footwork in tennis down to the fundamental level like you would learn in any other actual subject of study.

The instruction makes complete sense unanimously to everyone I've taught, and you see immediate results in the first lesson, whether you are a beginner, getting back into the game, or fixing your strokes and footwork.

The only reason we don't have an actual structured system like this and assume that tennis is just like any other skill or talent where you just mindlessly show up on a weekly basis where you "sort of" get better, is because nobody actually believes it's possible to teach tennis perfectly without "zigzagging" all over the place with a mess of tips. The problem is that the sport of tennis has never had an actual standardized explanation and model for literally everything. Everyone legitimately only teaches in tips, tidbits, analogies, and metaphors. When you take lessons here you actually learn exactly everything. Not just "what is the forehand" or "what is the backhand", but the fundamental mechanisms in the forehand that are also in every other stroke.

The instructions you receive for each stroke legitimately EXPAND your ability to understand every OTHER stroke in tennis, as well as footwork, completely UNLIKE any other instructional program, that treats every stroke as a separate set of instructions, and fails to identify the connections and patterns between them that paint the big picture of what tennis is.

Besides that, every other lesson from the average coach is JUST a lesson. Here, not only do you get a lesson with immaculate instruction, but (1) every lesson is planned based on a FULL CURRICULUM you can find at, (2) every lesson is recorded on video, and (3) every lesson has a SECOND additional instructional video specific to the instruction given in that lesson.

In addition to joining the program, you get a free t-shirt, hoodie, free racquet customization (VERY IMPORTANT!!!) and free restringing every month (ALSO VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

Having been a student and a coach, the vast majority, if not all tennis coaching programs are content with, as I've mentioned, teaching you with tips, tidbits, analogies, and metaphors, with random footwork drills, and nothing short of a relative understanding of how strokes work.

Basically, nobody can actually teach or explain tennis at a deep fundamental level, and the players that do become talented is due to years and years of grinding, and then eventually "getting it". Yeah, we're not about that here. After your first lesson, you'll literally have the forehand and backhand down. Don't believe me? Check out our YouTube channel at where we've got live lesson that take complete beginners and teach them how to hit basic strokes while everyone else going to feeding clinics have no idea what they're doing and are working way too hard on their forehand, backhand, and serve, and have absolutely no idea how to slice or volley properly.

I wanted to start coaching tennis because I wanted to have more tennis players to play with myself. I had the crazy idea that if I couldn't find tennis players, that I would build them. While everyone else believes it just takes "time and practice" to build the coordination necessary for each stroke, we're out here building tennis players in the snap of a finger.

I'm not trying to be your tennis coach for the next 5 years like everyone else. Once you learn everything, you're DONE, and not only do you have tons of videos of seeing your own evolution, but also tons of videos of my instruction, and in addition to that, all of the extra instruction on our YouTube channel.

Looking forwards to working with you!

Teaching Locations = Travel Radius = Preferred Court

= Travel Radius = Preferred Court
  • Northside Park
  • 8400 Tidewater Dr
  • Norfolk, VA 23505
  • Granby High School
  • 7101 Granby St
  • Norfolk, VA 23505
  • Lakewood Park
  • 1612 Willow Wood Dr
  • Norfolk, VA 23509
  • Fergus Reid Tennis Courts
  • 911 Orapax St
  • Norfolk, VA 23507
  • Greenbrier Sports Park
  • 1009 Greenbrier Pkwy
  • Chesapeake, VA 23320
  • Salem High School
  • Sundevil Dr
  • Virginia Beach, VA 23464
  • Red Wing Park
  • 1398 General Booth Blvd
  • Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Virginia Beach Middle School
  • 600 25th St
  • Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Bayville Farms Park
  • 4132 First Ct Rd
  • Virginia Beach, VA 23455
  • First Colonial High School
  • 1272 Mill Dam Rd
  • Virginia Beach, VA 23454
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