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Peter K.

Portland, OR (0 locations)

26 Completed Lessons |
4 Reviews
  • USPTA Certified
  • PTR Certified
  • Years Teaching: 2
  • Years Playing: 20
  • Levels Taught:
  • Beginner, Intermediate
  • Teaches:
  • Kids, Juniors, Adults, Seniors
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About Me

I'm one of the few local teaching professionals with both USPTA and PTR Teaching certifications. I teach at a local club and work with children ages 4 and up, adults and seniors. In 2019, as assistant boys high school tennis coach, I enjoyed assisting a team that won the State championship! I especially enjoy helping beginning through intermediate players of all ages develop to their full potential.

Teaching Style

My lessons focus on learning, discovery and enjoyment of this lifelong sport! I love working on-on-one with adults and kids or parents and kids together on court. Parents that learn together with their children, role model life-long learning, play and fitness! In a lesson, we'll first review your learning objectives. Next we'll do a couple fun warm up activities that relate to the skills we'll be working on that day. Following warm up, we'll work on a skill or tactic to help you gain confidence and mastery. We'll finish the lesson with games, a quick review and practice assignment!

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Student Feedback

Let me start by telling you that I’m a 65 year old guy who had not been playing tennis for a long time.

I had the pleasure of taking lessons with Peter. At lesson #1 Peter asked me many questions on what my goals were in regards to tennis. He listened and came up with a game plan so I could achieve my goals. Each week I learned new things and the way Peter taught them, I retained all his instruction. My forehand & backhand improved way beyond my expectations. Finally, he taught me to serve again. He observed me and his suggestions really made a difference.

One final and very important thing. Peter made the lessons fun!!! That is something I really appreciated.

John C. - June 5, 2019

I took several semi-private lessons with Peter this past winter. My friend and I shared the lessons. Peter is an excellent instructor. He was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and give me succinct advice to overcome them. Peter was open to working on whatever elements of the game my friend and I wanted to address. His analysis was always constructive and the drills were challenging but entertaining. I highly recommend Peter as a tennis instructor.

Robert N. - June 5, 2019

Peter is a very good private tennis coach. He talks you through your different strokes in an understandable way, and is very flexible when it comes to what you want to practice. 5/5 stars, I would recommend him to novices as well as experienced players.

[Sam, 13 year old tennis player]

Sam E. - June 28, 2019

My daughter had her first lesson ever with Peter yesterday and she loved it! Peter is a great coach - he focused on drills and skill building to get her started in the right direction. She felt really comfortable and confident and learned a lot. She is excited to continue with Peter as her coach! Thanks Peter!

Rachel G. - June 26, 2019

Peter’s thoughtful style of instruction is rooted in tried and true teaching practices stemming from sports sociology and communication science.
As a communication researcher myself, I have been wholeheartedly impressed with Peter’s willingness to share his academic resources with me without my asking upfront.
As such, Peter’s intuition of realizing what motivates me to power through the anxiety of “not getting it” was that I needed a communication framework to understand how to retool my internal self talk to be more positive and productive. Ultimately, Peter’s approach to coaching has helped me to be calm my mind and avoid unnecessary moments of anxiety when playing or running drills with others. This alone has improved my form and made playing tennis more enjoyable overall.

If you are a late blooming athlete like me, who has sporadically played throughout their adulthood — know that you are in capable hands should you choose to train with Peter in group or solo sessions because of his calm and positive approach to coaching tennis.

Tj R. - June 7, 2019

Peter made me feel comfortable right away. His demeanor was incredibly calm, composed, patient, professional and very approachable. At first, I was intimidated by my lack of experience but with Peter's help and positive encouragement, I felt like I was progressing rapidly - it certainly helped that he could place the ball exactly where he wanted every time! Peter worked with me for the next two months in private lessons, patiently explaining hand grips, all the various strokes, the rules of the game, scoring, positioning on the court, serving and all the various subtleties of the sport. Peter seemed to understand when I was ready for more and when I needed to slow down to work on a skill a bit longer. I really appreciated these private lessons and looked forward to them every week. Peter was great at answering my questions and would send following up emails providing lists of drill classes, mixers and ball machine classes that I could attend to further improve my skills and understanding of the game. I could tell that he really cared that I enjoy my new sport and he was able to help me get to the next skill level. I still have a long way to go, but after two months of private lessons, I enrolled in an advanced beginner class, that Peter taught. It was my first time playing with other beginners and I was able to hold my own! I met a variety of new players, had a great time and learned a ton. I continue to play tennis 1-2 times a week with a group of women that I met at Peter class. I constantly think of the skills that Peter so expertly taught me in those first months.

Rosie P. - June 11, 2019

Peter is a terrific tennis coach. My teenage daughter and I take semi private lessons from him, and we look forward to our lesson all week. We’re both about 2.0-2.5 level players, and in each lesson, I feel vast improvement with Peter’s tips about racquet position, stance, and approach. He works strategy into each lesson as well as tennis etiquette and rules of play. I like that he asks what our preferences are for what we want to work on, while at the same time keeps us moving us forward in our overall skills and development. I’ve taken many clinics and group lessons before, and think the time and money for private lessons with Peter is an excellent investment.

Kirsten M. - June 5, 2019

My 9 year old son met Peter through a tennis camp. My son was very new to tennis but immediately took to the sport, thanks to Peter's clear direction and calm demeanor. After a satisfying tennis camp experience, my son continued with Peter as his teacher, in both group and private lessons. Peter has a pleasant, relaxed style of teaching that works for my son. Oftentimes, instructors will try to tell kids how to do something, but Peter gives kids many opportunities to actually play tennis, so they learn while they're playing. My son has really benefited from rallying one-on-one with Peter, as, like most kids, he wants to be out there hitting the ball. As they rally, Peter offers encouragement and gentle suggestions, which my son then incorporates into his play.

Thanks to Peter, my son has gained confidence in his tennis abilities and looks forward to learning more!

Lailah L. - May 30, 2019

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